10 Surprising Benefits of Being a Woman

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Ladies first, this is one of the global slogans which we have; the ladies would always insist that men and women are equal and they should be treated equally. The women have always wanted the rights which are equal to that of men; they would demand equal status as men. This is a true fact that men and women are equally capable but this situation applies only when it comes to the mental capabilities because when it comes to physical efforts men are more capable than women. This is the one blatant fact that no one can change, physically women are weaker and much more fragile than men.

The women are soft, vulnerable and dependant; God made them this way because it is the duty of the men to protect the women, help them out whenever they need it. The women are diplomatic at the same time, they would always demand equality but the situation come where equality would not provide benefit to them they use their women power to veto the men. There are many places and situations where the girls or women can use their veto power, be it their professional life, a market or their own house. They can always enjoy the uncountable benefits, all a girl needs to know is how to play the game. If the girl knows how to manipulate the situation in her favor, she can nourish herself with plenty of benefits, the top 10 benefits of being a girl are:

10. Bad driving works:

Everyone knows that women suck at driving, there are a few exceptions where the women are excellent driver but generally women do not drive as soundly as men. They suck at parking the cars and you can judge by the position of a car parked whether it is parked by a man or a woman. The men are also told be to very careful when a woman is driving in their vicinity because you can never blame a woman if she hits your car. Also women very easily get away accidents because they are women. If a guy hits a car you can hit the guy but if a girls hits your car you cannot hit her, also the public would be in her favor. Women usually get away with a ticket easily; all they need to do is smile and say sorry to the traffic constable.

9. No career pressure:

Girls never have to worry about their careers, because they can always marry a rich guy and spend the rest of the life spending his money. Some women are really career oriented but that is their own personal choice, no one would bad mouth about a woman if she doesn’t have a successful career because traditionally the men have the responsibility of providing to the family. So it is not necessary for women to work hard, they never have to worry about the career and jobs. Working is their own personal choice, they earn with their own happiness. Nobody would bother if a woman doesn’t earn where as the society would drive a man crazy if he doesn’t have a success full career or if he doesn’t earn much.

8. Can get anything by just being nice:

The rules of the society for men are different from the rules for women, if the men do something wrong, they have to pay for it. But the women, well they can easily come out of any mishaps by just sparking their innocent smile and saying the magic word “sorry”. Even in all the punishments in the law are lesser for women than the men. A woman can come out of any bad situation by only being nice. There is a Greek saying that “there is no such thing as free lunch” but for the women there is always a free lunch if the woman knows how to manipulate the situation.

7. No queue:

In most of the places there are separate lines for men and women, the queue for the men is longer the queue for the women, so the women never have to wait longer. If there is no separate queue for women then the most of the times men let the women go ahead. When there is security check, the women are not checked as thoroughly as men.

6. Never have to prove yourself a girl:

When it comes to men, they always act macho and daring. And then there is this really famous thing which you often hear men saying to each other, do this if you are a man. And then it always comes up to their pride and ego. But when it comes to women, there is no such thing. They never have to prove themselves as girls or women. No matter what they say, what they do, what they think, they always remain a woman and even is somebody calls them a man, it’s like a complement.

5. Gets the respect:

Women are a symbol of esteem and respect, a woman is a daughter, a wife or a sister and is her any of the three she is always respected in her house. When it comes to outside the house, she is always respect by other men because she is an incarnation of innocence. If she is in trouble, people are always there to help her, if someone tries to create trouble for her; there are plenty of other people who will be there to help her get out of the trouble.

4. Men spend money on you:

Whenever a girl goes out with a guy, the guy has to pay and he always pays. This is one general rule and if a guy does not implement it then he is a complete jerk. If a man takes you out, he has to pay for everything. If a man takes you out for shopping, he has to pay. A woman, as a young girl spends her father’s money, when she goes out & dates, she spends her boy friend’s money and when she gets married she spends her husband’s money and when her son starts earning, she starts spending his too.

3. You can cry:

Girls can easily cry their heart out, anywhere and anytime, men on the other hand cannot. Girls can easily freak out at any place by seeing a cat, dog, rat or a cockroach. They can panic at the blow of wind and can            faint if they feel a shadow behind them. Because they are women and they have every right to behave as stupid as they want to. People would burst out laughing if they see a man acting in such a way

2. Can wear men clothing:

Women can wear all kind of men clothing, they can wear suits, they can wear dress pants and can wear button up shirts. They can wear loose long shirts, they can wear short. But men on the other hand cannot wear short skirts, they cannot wear gowns, they cannot wear dresses, if they wear fitted clothes, people call them gay but if a girl dresses up like swags, she are cool. Girls look cute with short hair but guys look creep and weird with long hair.

1. They are always right:

As women are considered to be the most loyal and honest creature on earth this is another benefit for them that whatever they would say must be believed and obeyed as can’t be wrong even if they may be at the moment. This opportunity is misused by many women.  And even if it would be the woman’s fault the man would be the one being blamed the most for the cause by the society.  Women don’t need to put much efforts to prove themselves right as their gender is enough make things right


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