10 Sweet Ways to Break Up

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Breakups aren’t easy, after all you are parting with a person who was and hopefully still is very important to you. But when things aren’t working out, it is in everyone’s best interest to put an end to the failing relationship. The best way to do this is nicely. Believe it or not, it’s a small world. You might end up bumping into them maybe a month or even a year from now and you’ll want things to be as less awkward as possible. Your feelings too are never constant, maybe you’ll change your mind, and then you’ll be happy it didn’t end in bad blood.

10. Drop hints

If things aren’t working out in your relationship, the cracks will show long before he actual wreck. From the moment you decide that you want to end the relationship, leave subtle hints. Your significant other needs to know what’s heading their way. If you take them by surprise it will be a lot more painful. But at the same time don’t drag it out. A day or two of hints should be good enough. Also, when you get around to doing it, don’t do it on a special occasion because every time that even comes around you don’t want your ex to remember it as the day you broke up with them.

9. Be positive and reassuring

Though relationships are a big part of our lives they aren’t everything. Remind your significant other of that. Tell them about all the good time you both have had and that everything will be fine and more importantly, they will be fine.

8. Do it privately

Never, and I repeat never break up with someone at a public venue. That is just terrible on your part. You’re ending a relationship, it has to be private. By doing it publicly you are not only embarrassing the person you are also not giving them room to show emotion, after all not all they won’t want to make a scene. And in my opinion that’s why people do it in public. They are to coward to deal with the consequences of their actions. Man up a little.

7. Offer a friendship

If you want to severe all contact with he person than don’t make false promises, but if you want to maintain some sort of relationship with your soon to be ex then offer a friendship. Don’t say things like we could still be friends. To someone who has just been dumped, that could easily be interpreted as an insult. They might feel like you’re feeling sorry for them or that you don’t mean it at all. If you really wish that y’all can still be friends, then make it sound like it.

6. Make it personal and honest

Hopefully, prior to the break up, you and your significant other had a deep meaningful relationship. Relationships like those should not be ended by rehearsed lines like ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, stolen from crappy tv shows. Think about what you want to say, and make it personal. Try not to make it sad and depressing, the occasion has got that covered. Like I said before, be positive. Also be honest with them about your reasons and how you feel. If you’ve lost interest in them and the relationship, be sensitive about it.

5. Don’t rush it

Some people just want to get it over with. Don’t be one of them. This is hard for them, and for you too. Take your time with it. Don’t be too eager to erase them from your life. Let a few days pass before you give them back their stuff. However don’t drag it forever either.

4. Don’t leave them alone

I would consider it very rude if you broke up with someone and left immediately. Breaking up with someone is a conversation not a statement. You were not the only one in the relationship. This will be hard for them too so if things get teary, don’t run away. You probably still care about that person, so be there with them when they get emotional, at the same time don’t stay there for too long. After all it is you who is making them emotional.

3. Don’t bring gifts

Apparently it is a real thing where people bring their soon to be ex significant other gifts, probably as a peace offering. Peace offerings don’t work int his situation, even if it’s ice cream or chocolates. I cannot imagine what sane individual would do that, but if you are one of those that clearly do not understand the working of social situations please refrain from applying your own logic.

2. Physical contact

Physical contact is the simplest way to connect with someone in my opinion. When having ‘the talk’ you can hold their hand or sit close to them, look in their eyes, that kinda stuff. Also if and when they get upset you can offer a comforting hug or a rub on the back, whatever works. Also while helping them with their emotions, don’t lose check of your own. If you are glad you are getting out of the relationship, don’t show it. If you are broken about it as well, try not to get emotional as that will cause your ex to get even more upset then they already are.

1. Be comforting yet final

Say that you’ll be there for them when need be and if however you do not want to be a part of their lives any more, remind them of all the other people they have in their lives who will. If you are sure that you do not want to be in a relationship with is person any longer you need to be final about it. If you lead the, on to believe that somehow they can make you change your mind, it will the process all the more painful. When the conversation ends make sure your ex is made completely certain that the relationship is over. Don’t be harsh or rude, yet be final.


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