10 things Banned in Islam Religion for Women

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Islam is one of the world’s leading religions and it has followers from all over the world. Founded by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) nearly 14 centuries ago, Islam is the world’s most sensible and sophisticated religion. The main postulate of this religion is that it provides liberty to not only men & women but to all other creatures, it accommodates rights of men, women, children, adults, even animals. Islam provides a complete code of life regarding how we should lead our lives, it has knowledge related to the basic as well as technical problem of life, and it gives solution for the scientific as well economical problems.

Islam is the first religion to give so many rights to women, though there are many other religions but none of them facilitates women the way Islam does. Rights provided to the women by the western society were given after the arrival of Islam, Islam is the religion which utterly respects women and always stands up for them. The main problem with women rights begin men made them realize again and again that they are some unique creature, the women were treated in such a way that they were forced to think of themselves as something  other than normal human and this is the point where a need of the women rights was felt.

Women are different from men in physical ways therefore they much more vulnerable than men and they require extra care. Women have been created to make the life a bit easier for men because a man remains incomplete without a woman but it is the responsibility of a man to protect a woman. Women are equal to men in brain, capabilities and talents. The only difference between a man and a woman is the way of their physical conducts. So when it comes to rights, Islam has given equal rights to woman as a man, yet there are few restrictions for Women in Islam but they are for their own benefits. So the top 10 banned things in Islam Religion for women are:

10. Lesbianism:

Lesbianism refers to the physical or sexual relationship between two women, a woman is cannot have any sexual relation with another woman. This phenomenon is strictly forbidden in Islam. All the teachings of Islam and the holy Quran are completely against it. The sexual relationship is only valid between a man and a woman provided that they are both married to each other. Lesbianism does not only violate the law of Islam but also manipulates the law of nature.

9.  Marrying non believer of Allah:

A Muslim lady cannot marry a man outside her religion, she can only marry a Muslim man because the woman has to follow the religion of her husband, and the children would of course follow the religion of their father. So if the Muslim woman marries a non Muslim she would no longer remain a Muslim. But technically in Islam, marriage between a Muslim woman and a non Muslim man is not valid. A Muslim man can however marry a non Muslim lady but after marriage the women would then follow the religion Islam

8. Threading:

Islam is a very simple religion and it presents simplicity in all its aspect, Islam also believes in the originality of everything. Threading on face enhances the beauty but it also changes the actual look of the person, and Islam is completely against it. A person is created by Allah and the person owes his/her body to Allah and is not supposed to bring any change in it. Islam completely forbids threading of face, eyebrows

7. Makeup and perfumes:

Women have been forbidden from using make up and perfumes, or any other substance which could make a man to look at them. The woman is like a jewel and is supposed to remain hidden; she is not an object which should be put for advertisement. Naturally when she wears makeup or perfume she would attract the attention of other men and those men would automatically have ridiculous thoughts about that woman.

6. Going for holy pilgrimage alone:

The holy pilgrimage in Islam is called HAJJ and is one of the basic fundamental of Islam. It is compulsory for very Muslim to perform hajj at least once in his life provided that he or she is financially capable of the pilgrimage and is in the perfect health. Hajj is basically performed in the city of Makah which is in the country Saudi Arabia. Muslim from all over the country travel to Makah, in order to perform the holy ritual Hajj. It is a very hard and fast rule in Islam that a woman cannot go for the holy pilgrimage alone, no matter what happens. A man such as her father, husband or brother must accompany her.

5. Traveling alone:

Muslim women have been asked not to travel alone, a male family member such asher father, brother or husband must accompany her in a journey. In the earlier days, travelling was not an easy task; it took days, even months to travel from one place to another. Anything can happen during such a long time, and as the women are quite venerable therefore a man must accompany her to protect her. Even today it is not completely safe for the woman to travel alone.

4. Non decent clothes:

A woman must pay special heed to the kind of clothes she wears, her clothes must be sophisticated, must not be too fitted. Islam asks the women to wear loose clothes so that the curves of her body do not remain prominent. Her clothes must not be cleavage from any point and should not be see through. They must cover all the body parts properly. Normally the Muslim women prefer to wear an abaya because it is much easier and convenient; the abaya helps them camouflage the cleavage points of their body and is so great assistance.

3. Disobedience of husband:

The Husband enjoys a very important position in the life on a Muslim woman, she is supposed to obey every command of her husband, and she must looks after her husband’s daily chores such as providing him lunch, breakfast and dinner, taking care of his clothes and stuff. If the husband is in pain she must do everything in her power to lessen it. All these qualities describe a good woman and Quran says, “Good women are for good men and good men are for good women”. So a wife is supposed to fulfill her duties but provided that the husband should also take care of his responsibilities and must look after his wife

2. Adultery/ fidelity:

Adultery means having any physical relation with a man, it includes the sexual relationships. A girl is supposed to remain pure until the time of her marriage; she is to keep herself from Adultery because she belongs to her future husband and is asked to protect her virginity. Also having any relation before marriage pollutes the feelings. Fidelity means having any sexual relationship with a man other than the husband, In other words cheating on the husband is strictly not allowed

1. Not covering their heads:

Islam strictly asks the women to cover their heads whenever in the presence of any male. The hairs are the most attractive part of a woman and also play a very vital role in enhancing her beauty. Islam has to valid reasons for asking a woman to cover her head; first is that by covering her head she will be protected from malicious stares from men and secondly the evil spirits are very fond of the hairs of a woman, so to protect the woman from the spirits Islam asks the woman to keep her head covered.


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  1. Jaffer

    December 13, 2013 6:04 pm

    Half of what is said above is not close to the right understanding of Islam Religion.

    I am a Muslim, and I can assure you that things like threading, travelling alone, and perfumes and makeup are restricted with some guidelines, but not forbidden!

    Some subgroups of doctrines and ideologies have banned those things to Muslim women, however, many others allow threading, travelling alone, and perfumes and makeup for women but in some guidelines.

  2. ebrahim c. taki

    December 19, 2013 11:45 pm

    If a non-Muslim would come across this article, he would be mislead in believing it. Some items mentioned as “banned” are not actually taboo as they are not absolute but are conditional. Attached to writing for public consumption is not only accountability but also the responsibility to disseminate accurate material data on the subject sought to be written. At this juncture, I would not dip my finger into what is conditional and what is absolute in the items cited above. That is for you to know. Thank you.

  3. Saala Desi

    January 7, 2016 9:22 am

    I always have this doubt that if god meant men and women to be what the religion says, why was he/she born so naked and with passion and emotions? This either proves that god in religion is a big loser, not worth the worship, who couldn’t set things right, if not perfect, before creation or that the god in religion is not the true god and it is a waste of time and effort to follow religions’ gods, unless someone has some hidden gain from it.

    Take a break from this religion waste, people. Just live with good intentions and everything good will follow.

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