10 Things I will do if Stranded on a Beach for one Day

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Okay! I have seen this question so many times. While filling up a friend’s slambook or while reading Celeb interviews in a magazine, this question pops up quite often. What would you do if you are marooned on a beach or on an island? What are the 5 items you would take along? One person you want to accompany you? And many similar questions. To me, being stranded on a beach sounds like a totally cool idea and it can be a lot of fun even if I get to be alone. So how am I going to spend a day at a beach? Will I get bored, will I be excited or am I going to miss a human company? Well, to find that out I’ll need to actually go and spend 24 hours around the sea. But here is a list of top 10 things that I won’t miss out on and I am definitely going to do whenever given a chance.

10 Explore the beauty

explore the beauty

The very first sight of a beach is totally magnificent and is a sight of paradise. Standing over the soft golden sand, you look around and find yourself in a fairytale setting. You look over and all you can see is water. Blue clear water is spread all across till as far as your vision takes you. With such a delightful feast for my eyes, I don’t think I can think of doing anything for the first few moments. So I’m going to stick to exploring and enjoying the fascinating and breathtaking view of the beach for a nice few minutes. I might take a walk or just keep standing at the shore seeing the waves coming and washing my feet.

9. Go for a swim

go for a swim

The vast blue water would really tempt me to go for a swim. Swimming in a pool is okay but in the sea can be once in a lifetime moment. And I’m so not going to miss that at any cost. Getting into the sea water will surely soothen up each and every nerve in my body and it is going to be so relaxing and mesmerizing. Though swimming out in a sea or an ocean can be dangerous too and I’ll have to keep an eye for sharks and other big fishes but it’s going to be an adventure swim!

8. Make a boat

make a boat

I think I am going to spend a lot of time looking around and then in swimming so now it will be time to engage in some work. So let’s make a boat! I have seen a lot of episodes from Man V/S Wild and have picked up on some useful techniques for making a boat. Thanks to Bear Grylls! So before starting the boat making process, I’ll be needing some bamboo sticks and any rope like thing to tie the bamboos together. I have got a basic structure in my mind and I’ll have to align a number of bamboo sticks together and tie them up tightly to ensure that my makeshift boat can hold me up and it does not sequester into pieces after entering the sea. I can’t really call this a boat but as long as it can take up my weight and float on water, it will work for me.

7. Go Fishing

go fishing

So, my boat would be ready by now and my body would be reminding me that I need something for my dinner. I can spend the first few hours eating fruits that I can collect from nearby trees but am on a beach, I have made a boat and I don’t go fishing, that will be so stupid! So next on my wishlist is going out fishing. But how am I supposed to fish without a fishing rod. Well, I can make mine. A bamboo stick, a rope, a net (if I get to find it at the beach) and a fruit to use as bait. Now I’ll be all set to go fishing. I’m hoping that I’ll put the rod in water and some fishes might jump to eat the fruit and get caught up. It will require some patience and skill but I will make sure that I find a good catch which I can cook up and eat for dinner.

6. Take a nap

take a nap

Phew! Fishing would tire me and when I’ll be in a desperate need of a bed to take a nap, I might just lay down at the sand at the sea shore. The amazing sound of the waves coming close and going away is just something I can only imagine right now. That will probably be the best nap of my life. And it will be a recreational activity in itself.

5. Make a tent

make a tent

By far, the day would be tremendous but I have to spend the night too. And I’ll definitely need a shelter for that. Taking a nap on the sand is a great idea but I can’t survive the whole night on the sand. Sand gets really cold at night and the winds might blow fast. So let’s build a shelter. Again my “Man V/S Wild” knowledge is going to benefit me a lot over here. I can use huge leaves, bamboo sticks, plastic bags or whatever stuff that is available to me, to make a safe shelter for the night. The shelter is going to be at a little height to save me from spiders and other crawling beings.

4. The sunset

the sunset

The sun setting into the horizon where the sky and water meets, makes a delightful sight. Whole of the sky appears red and yellow in colour and anyone would be left awestruck looking at it. I assign at least half an hour from my day at beach, for just observing this congenial view and appreciating the beauty of nature. People might think of capturing it with their DSLR Cameras but I believe in capturing it in my eyes where the beautiful memory can stay lifelong.

3. Light a fire

light a fire

A fire is essential to keep the wild animals at bay so that one can enjoy a safe and sound sleep. Also soon will be time for dinner and I’ll need a fire to cook. But how to make a fire? Maybe striking two rocks against one another. Or by directing sun rays on some dust straws using a magnifying glass. Lighting a fire can be quite a task, that’s why I think I should keep a magnifying glass in my bagpack right now only!

2. Cook food

cook a meal

Fishes, check! Fire, check! Water, check! I will collect some water from the coconuts that will already be on the ground. Don’t expect me to try climbing a tree! For dinner I’ll need to cook the fishes I caught earlier that day. Obviously one can’t cook the dish of amazing fish curry on a fire at a beach but I will have manage with some basic cooked fish.

1. Find peace and solace

find peace and solace

All of us spend whole our lives running and working hard for stuff that can make our life comfortable or more pleasurable. Money, fame, facilities make our bait and while we are in this unstoppable run we tend to forget the small little things. How much happiness a simple gesture can give. How it feels to be reunited with one’s own soul. Forgetting about all the life’s atrocities, just for a while, you sit there and you think who you actually are, who you want to become and how far you have reached till now. And the whole amiable backdrop helps you in believing in the goodness, in finding peace and solace. And I am going to find it in that day, in that very moment.


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