10 Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

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The 90s was the decade of epics. From TV shows to cartoon characters to self-made outdoor games, there is so much that 90s born enjoyed that will not be available to the kids who came into this world after that. It’s all about gizmos now. New phones, a new software, a better camera. Nothing is so simple as it was back then. The new generation kids are born with technology in their blood. The charm of playing hide and seek with buddies is lost. The excitement to throw our bags on bed right after coming home from school, and going out to play has diminished. When two 90s born meet, it’s like, “Ah! So you know how it felt playing Dave Dangerous on a black and white computer!” No doubt life is easier today with advent of all kinds of machinery. But nothing can ever match the joy of holding a joystick in your hand and striving to pin the blue bubble underneath another one of same color.

As a tribute to the era of 90s, here’s a list of those top 10 things that 90s born will never forget!

10. Hand Clapping Games

It was all about rhythm and beat, and laughing and giggling as you did it. Start chanting a rhyme, clap your hands, clap your partner’s hands. The directions changed, the pace changed, according to the tone of the rhyme being chanted. It was the best way to pass time during lunch breaks in schools. Also, we were all afraid of jinxing the continuity of claps. As the count increased, the seriousness grew as even a single word could break the awesome chain! It was a fun time, no doubt. All that crossed your mind was to keep going, make a record or something. Now, now. Nostalgic? Go ahead and live those games once again. I bet they still have the ability to give you those laughs!

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Nothing was ever too difficult to decide. Stuck at a siblings’ fight for remote? Or not sure whether to watch television or go out to play? No worries. The solution was just two fingers away. Rock breaks scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper covers rock. Rock’s represented by a closed fist, scissors with a closed fist and two fingers extended, and paper with an open hand. It was a psychological experiment too, like how well you know the other person. It was the best way to reach a decision, a fair one too!

8. Spice Girls

Their popularity spread like an epidemic when they launched in 1994. ‘Spice Girls’ were an English pop band of girls, with members like Victoria Beckham. A band of five girls , ‘Spice Girls’ became the symbol of girl power. They were the famous icon in the 90s, every teenage girl dreamed of joining such a band or make one of her own. They were involved in a lot of controversies, including the rumors of being lesbians, but nothing stopped them from owning every young heart. Their image was most sought after. ‘Spice Girls’ has disintegrated now, but we wish they were still out there, claiming their vivacious pop music!

7. Best Friend Bracelets

This was probably the most important thing to remember back in school. This was the proof that you gave your best friends that you love them with all your heart and soul. These were typical plastic wrist bands, and a million hands could be seen donning them on the first Sunday of every August. Available in all colors, we would carry a whole bunch of them to distribute. We had a big circle of friends, after all. But, to think of it, it was better than the pretentious gifts we give today.

6. Slam Books

‘Who was your first crush?’ ‘What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?’ ‘What are your thoughts about me?’ Such were the questions a ‘slam book’ comprised of. Even then, this was probably the most prized possession of kids back then. It was the thing to be kept in hide from parents. On the last day of a class, all slam books would fly across the classroom in a furtive attempt to fill all before dispersing for the break. Glitter pens and stickers were bought to make it more attractive. Most of the time, it was a way to know other person. And yes, it was not just girls’ territory. Guys had slam books too. Only, they were too manly to admit it in open!

5. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys

They were every kid’s role models. They traveled the world, fought all kinds of evil, solved the hardest of mysteries, and came out unscathed from every battle. Every 90s born child has passed his teens admiring them and wishing to be like them. ‘Nancy Drew’ was the icon of girl power. She was the favorite of the feminists, and taught us that girls would remain girls even when they knew how to change tires of a car! ‘Hardy Boys’ was a book about two brothers- handsome, rich, clever and brave. Every boy dreamed to be Frank and Joe Hardy. They were amateur detectives, but always right on cue for every case that was handed to them. We have spent our childhood reading their mystery books, exploring their world when ours seemed too dull. This 90s babe is never to be forgotten!

4. Recess

The word ‘recess’ itself means freedom. It was a comic television series by Walt Disney Production, which was a revolution among the kids. It was then that parents found out that cartoons influence kids more than people. The fight of the six kids, led by T.J, for their independence against bullies and higher authorities, was the basic theme of the show. Naturally, it was everything that a kid would want to see. Defying the superiors and making your own rules was all we wanted to do as kids. ‘Recess’, as a cartoon show, gave us that. Probably it had the largest following of young teens, considering that it was one of the longest running show of Disney!

3. VCR/Cassettes

Our parents’ marriage is a hard task to watch. It was recorded, no doubt. But it was recorded with the basic camera, and is available in a video cassette which can only be played in a VCR. It was not the era of CDs. VCRs were those big gazettes, that took up entire space and had plethora of buttons. Then there was ‘walk-man’, wherein you inserted a cassette and listened to music, or played radio. Good old days of simple technology, that served the purpose and didn’t exhaust our minds. Today’s kids might never even see the face of these legends. There may come a time when such stuff will be stored as antiques and sold at exorbitant prices!

2. Goosebumps

You were never a kid if you didn’t read these epic horror books by R.L Stine. He was the god of horror stories. No matter how much they scared you, nights were not complete until you read just one story. And then the sleep vanished in fear of monsters under the bed or the demon climbing in from the window! ‘Goosebumps’, very truly, gave you the goosebumps. No childhood would have been without its presence. It was horror at its peak. Surprisingly, they were devoid of violence and abuses. It was horror for children in its purest form. Maybe that’s why it was able to leave such a mark on our minds and souls. Even today, every 90s born person would bow his head to the legend that was R.L Stine!

1. Life in Cartoons

Powerpuff Girls, Johny Bravo, Pokemon, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Adventures of Tintin, and the list of the legendary cartoons goes on. The cartoons shown today on television are no match to those shown a decade earlier. We used to live for these shows. Getting up on a holiday wasn’t an uphill task if it were to watch the latest episode of Tom & Jerry. They were hilarious, they were a part of us. They taught us dimensions of friendships. ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ was probably one of the neatest cartoon show ever. ‘Tintin’ took us to such places in the world we never even would have fantasized about. What was there not to like about these superb creations? We could spend hours in front of the television and not bat an eyelid. What they show today is neither half as good nor comparatively on the same scale . All hail 90s for some of the most awesomeST cartoon characters that became part of our lives so dearly that we continue to live with them




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