Top 10 Things that are Extremely Important in a Relationship

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Being in a relationship with someone you love and admire is really the most wonderful feeling. To start a relationship the first thing will obviously be LOVE. It is just a four letter word but it has a very deep feeling may be deeper than the ocean. Falling in love and start a relationship is easy but to be in a relationship for a long time is difficult for some. There may be any too many reasons for this. A new relationship is always the sweetest part of life. Being in love, thinking about the person all day, texting, calls at night, and the butterflies in your stomach when you meet the person alone. But gradually, as time passes and you get to know each other things become normal and sometimes fights start and distance increases. So, hereby mentioned are some key points that are extremely important in a relationship. These might help you to strengthen your bond and deepen your love. But these are feeling that has to come naturally in your heart for the other person.
10. Do not try to change your partner

Do not change your partner

Everyone has their unique qualities, these you might get to know in your first meet or gradually. Whether you like it or not, never tell the person to change him/ her. Just accept the person as he/ she is. Love is “unconditional”, always admire the qualities and cover up the faults. If there are some bad habits like chain smoking or drinking kind of habits which really is a threat to other person’s life, you should and try to help him overcome that problem. But not in a demanding way.
9. Small loving gestures

they love you

These need not to be significant ones, just small little loving gestures like leaving a note on the fridge saying “You are the one for me” or bringing her favorite chocolate or flower whenever you meet. These might not be big ones, but you will automatically see the sweet smile and blush on her face. It is the most amazing feeling to see the person you love smile and knowing that the reason for that smile is you. These gestures do not necessarily have to show that you are romantic, but these definitely show that you care for her and to see her smile.
8. Humor


If you can make each other laugh, you have the key to a successful relationship. Humor is the best way to lighten up the mood after a long tiring day. We always have heard that laughter is the best medicine, it actually is. There has to something common that make both of smiles, laugh and cuddle together. It seems simple, but it can do miracles because being able to laugh together after a fight can so easily lighten up things.
7. Giving your partner their personal space

respect each others space

Time you spend together become much more rewarding after you have spent some time apart. Everyone needs their own space. Each one has their own circle of people before that special person stepped into your life. You have to spend time with friends and your partner should not feel jealous or ignored while you are doing so. You just need to give your partner the space they require. In short you don’t have to live in each other’s pocket. You can’t keep people on a leash; you have to have some trust.
6. Ability to communicate with each other freely


You learn to communicate better

Always in a relationship you should be able to communicate your feelings and thoughts to your partner. It keeps the bond stronger. Keeping secrets from your partner is a big NO. Your partner is the closest to you. Hiding things that you think might upset him/her will even be more upsetting if the person comes to know later and also from some other source. It is one of the major causes of breakups. You should be able to trust the person completely and be able to discuss with him everything. Distances can be created which cannot be crossed if you are not communicating with your partner.
5. Sensitivity

loving and caring nature

One has to be sensible enough to understand what makes the other person happy or sad. You yourself have to feel and share the happiness or pain. Even if you have made her cry or hurt the other person you should be able feel sorry. You should be able to feel what is upsetting her. Is it something you have done or something else? If you are the reason, you should not be ashamed of saying sorry. Sometimes people become so careless that they don’t even realize that they are hurting someone. You should be able to understand the emotions, the unsaid things.
My friend had a fight with her boyfriend; he said something rude and upsetting to her. She got up and went to the bathroom and started crying. But her boyfriend didn’t even realized what he said and when she came back he didn’t even noticed that she was crying. These small things count and matter in a relationship.
4. Respect for each other


You have to respect what the other person is, his family and background should not worry you. You must respect your partner’s thought no matter you agree or not. If you are from different caste or cultures you should respect their traditions. Most important is fact that your partner has to be the one you look upon to and not the one you look down to. Respect his thoughts, beliefs, the person he is, the abilities he has, respect the fact that your partner is in love with you. You are two different personalities with different upbringing, the common bond is the BOND OF LOVE, respect it. Respect the fact that someone is there beside you whenever you need. Sometimes the ego comes in between; don’t allow any space for it. Ego always comes when there is a feeling of superior or inferior. It is most destructive one.
3. Understanding


Any relationship demands understanding. You should be able to understand the circumstances or situations your partner is in. Rather than imposing what you want and understanding their grounds of saying no to what you are asking them to do make your bond stronger and long lasting. Sometimes situations are unfavorable to you and if you don’t have an understanding the situation might worsen. And the same situation can be overcome easily if you are able to understand each other’s point of view. We all are different and our way of perceiving each situations are different, this may become a gap in a relationship. But once we are able to understand the other person’s perspective and respect his/her point of view, the gap is filled and the path becomes extremely smooth.


Master key to a successful relation is trust on each other. Strongest relations fail if they don’t have trust. Trust is the cement in your castle of love. If trust is absent the castle has to fall one day or other. Relations last forever on the basis of trust that the person will remain honest and love them forever. One has to be honest to maintain the trust. You fall in love but trust makes you fly. You should not trust blindly in love but still not doubt the other person unnecessarily. There are many obstructions in life but if you don’t trust your partner anyone can easily come in between and destroy your relationship.

love songs

The cornerstone obviously of any relationship is the feeling of LOVE. People say that you fall in love, but actually love makes you fly higher. Knowing that there is a person who loves you unconditionally and will remain by your side no matter what happens in itself is the most amazing feeling. The word “LOVE” itself describes all the above mentioned feelings. Love along with it brings happiness. Love is the brick of every relation and trust is the cement. For a strong building you require both of these, likewise for a successful relation you require both love and trust.
Love has its own words, silent meanings, endless faith. Have it all!! Don’t allow any barrier to stop you. Love has power to overcome.


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