10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

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Pets are the most wonderful companions. They are loving, extremely adorable and can instantly lighten your mood. Dogs are the most playful and loving pets, but they also are the most work. They need to be walked, fed and loved. It may feel like no big deal, but dogs are like babies that never grow up. You’re always going to have to do things for them and be able to take care of them. So before you get yourself a cute little pup, think about whether you truly are prepared.

10. Live in a dog friendly environment

Dogs have extremely sensitive ears, if you live in a neighbourhood that’s loud and noisy, it’s not going to be the best for your pet. A puppy especially will be very sacred if it had to deal with constant noise. Also the area should be clean and rodent free. Rats and other vermin carry rabies that could be transmitted to your pet if they get bitten. Also if you live or walk your dog in an unclean environment you increase the chances of them getting ticks or fleas which could lead to further allergies and other health problems.

9. The presence of other pets

Do you have other pets? What are they like? Are they friendly or ferocious? Are they very territorial? Will they get along with your new pet. If you already have existing pets, consider these questions. Your pets may injure or even kill each other, especially if one is considerably larger than the other. Squirrels, mice and other small pets do not get along with dogs. The dog may either playfully or aggressively bite the small animal, severely hurting it. If you do have a small pet make sure they have a cage or something where they can be safe from your dog.

8. Your characteristics

Dogs need a certain type of person. They need someone who is patient, loving and a good teacher. Badly behaved dogs are not good for anyone. You need to be able to teach your dog how to behave properly, and train it to do its business outside, not chew on your furniture, not bark at guests, and things like that. If your dog is badly behaved it will not only reflect badly on you, but will create a lot of stress.

7. You can’t be a clean freak

If you are the type of person that loves everything in order and cannot deal with mess, don’t get a dog. They aren’t instantly potty trained and are bound to urinate and defecate all over the place. Dogs also shed a lot of fur, so even after you train your dog, you’re still going to have a mess. Dogs also drool a lot and get dirty very fast. They have no particular regard for your glass antiques and may occasionally knock some down.

6. Space for them to run around

Dogs in general are very playful animals. They like to run around and need room to do so. The bigger your home the better. You should also preferably have a big yard. It isn’t fair to the dog to have to be cramped up in a small home.

5. Be financially stable

Like I’ve said before, dogs are like little babies. They have needs that have to be taken care of. They need to be fed food of a decent grade. Their shampoos and other accessories cost quite a bit, and then there are their medical expenses. They need to be vaccinated frequently and if they get ill there are the vets charges. Having a dog can be expensive and you need to be able to incur these expenditures.

4. Be responsible

Are you a responsible person? Can you stick to schedules and remember to do tasks? Dogs are loving things. You cannot forget to feed them, change their water, walk them, bathe them, or vaccinate them. If you are someone who cannot remember to look after themselves don’t get a dog right away. Get a plant or a fish. And practice being responsible on them first.

3. Be aware of animal needs

Before you decide to get a certain dog, consider how prepared you are to get it. How much do you really know about the dog? Some plants can be poisonous for dogs, they could have allergies or other needs that need to considered. Your house will need to be puppy proofed if you want to protect all your furniture.

2. Have free time

All your dog really wants is to be able to spend time with you. If you are a very busy person, who is always on the go, getting a dog may not be the best idea. Walking the dog, bathing it and spending time with it are time consuming activities. If you don’t have time to spend with it you will be leaving at home a very sad and lonely dog.

1. Change

Getting a dog is going to turn your life upside down. Its a big commitment. So you need to consider whether you really are ready for such a big change. Not only will you have to create a schedule for your dog and stick to it, you will have to train your dog on the schedule as well! Getting a dog will definitely bring about change. All you need to make sure is that it changes for the better.


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