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Starting your day with a cup of coffee in your hands and enjoying every sip of it, is something practiced since ages and its a beverage most prefer to drink all over the world. Coffee is the second best commodity in the world trade after oil being the first. For many, coffee is like stress booster.

Coffee is a brewed beverage with an unique taste prepared from roasted seeds. It is consumed in different ways depending on the climatic conditions and an individual taste and liking. Its consumed as dark, iced, with cream and Sugar, with whipped cream, latte, and as frappuccino. Careful when you say latte in Italy, you will end up with a glass of milk as in Italian a latte means milk. It said as ‘cafe latte’.

‘A lot can happen over a cup of coffee’ is downright true to its meaning that most prefer to talk over things in relationships, over a cup and there is a scientific reason for this too. Research have proven that caffeine improves both mood and brain functioning. Well, it sounds more promising to have a cup of coffee to talk things through isn’t it?

The coffee is cultivated in over 70 countries and ten countries with maximum coffee production are, Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, Honduras and Peru, Guatemala and Mexico.

While it is an ongoing debate on whether coffee is an actual villain to our body or if it’s got more benefits, so far there are no greater results of coffee doing any damage.

Coffee keeps you awake and alert. It stimulates the neurons of your brain making the brain more active to its surroundings. Guess that explains the reason why the directors of most famous fictional crime solvers like Kate Beckett and Eve Dallas made them never loose a single crime case as we see them drinking a cup of coffee every now and then.

Do remember to avoid coffee at least three hours before you plan on going to bed. There are many facts about coffee which many of us might not know and some of them are,

10. Caffeine affects men more than women


Dear ladies, here is a reason for many a times you might have wondered that you do drink coffee everyday, and it does not have the same effect as the male companion or a friend of yours whose alertness is more effective than you. A recent study by the researchers from the university of Barcelona proved that caffeine has greater effect on men than women and it starts only after ten minutes of its consumption. Although it varies from each individual’s sensitivity and metabolic rate, experts say that caffeine concentration needs maximum of 45 minutes to reach into the blood and men show higher alertness sooner.

9. Who discovered Coffee?


Here is a pop question to you, who discovered coffee? Well its not researchers or any famous person, but it was a mere Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi. To be precise, it was discovered by his goats. Most of us might have heard about the story of the “Coffee and the dancing Goats”. Ethiopian Legends believe that in the 9th century, a shepherd named Kaldi was tending to his goats and was shocked to see his goats was dancing after eating few shrubs and bushes with a red fruit. To make sure if the fruit caused the madness in his goats, although I’ am not sure how the dancing of goats would look like, the shepherd ate few fruits himself and started to dance along with his goats. There came an Islamic leader and upon asking Kaldi for the reason as to why he was dancing so, he too tasted the fruit. The leader was also mesmerized with the fruit’s power and energy and he shared it among all others and Ethiopia became famous for its coffee production. Since then we all started to dance along enjoying a cup of coffee.

8. Coffee seeds actually comes from a cherry


Those of us who might think that coffee seeds comes from some fruit which might be equally black and bitter, they are actually seeds from a red cherry which also tastes sweet. Other than the coffee making countries, many do not have an idea that the coffee beans actually comes from a cherry, which is red in color at the time of picking and it tastes sweeter as it matures. When trying to taste, it is advised to taste Cascara, a tea-like infusion made from dried husks. The coffee cherry is dried and roasted which is made into coffee beans for our regular drinks. Because of roasting, it tastes a bit bitter.

7. First webcam was introduced to monitor coffee


Sure we all know what is a webcam and is used widely all over the world to chat with people who are far away from us. But when the webcam was first introduced, the idea of seeing things through it had been entirely different and it was first invented at the University of Cambridge, to let people know if the coffee pot was full or not. Sounds interesting isn’t it? People actually wanted their coffee pots to never be empty and they wanted to keep a track of it. But it proved difficult and impossible, as they had work as well. Working without a cup of coffee to drink is a 0 % of work done at the end of the day, so they introduced webcam to keep track. Well, I guess the purpose of inventing webcam is not the reason it is used now, and although it is such an useful invention, it is greatly misused. Still we can say coffee brought us the webcam.

6. Turkish rule for divorce


Coffee is one of the major part among the Turkish people and their lives. People from most part of the world might say ‘death do us part’ when getting married, while Turkish people might actually add ‘coffee do us part’ probably. Although the rule does not exist now, there was a time in Turkey where the law provided a rule for women, who could divorce their husbands on the grounds of not providing enough daily coffee. Men chose women for marriage based on their efficient skills of making coffee. Sounds as bizarre, but that was the effect of coffee once in Turkey. There were many coffee houses, which was also a central place for meetings held by politicians and cultured people.

Another interesting fact about the Turkish coffee, is getting your fortune read out from the remnants at the bottom. This tradition is observed by some  old women and who are still believed to have  the power of reading future.

5. Instant coffee was introduced by George Washington


Well known as a “Cup of George” during the times of World War I by the soldiers, who found it easy to prepare and have a cup of coffee in the middle of nowhere and while everyone were busy fighting. An instant coffee is a powder form of the coffee beans and dehydrated, which has a longer shelf life and is easy to prepare by just adding hot water to the desired amount of the powder. Although it did not meet up to the satisfaction of freshly brewed coffee, it did serve its purpose. Instant coffee is a savior in today’s world which helps to save time for all those busy bees and also helps when someone drops by at our homes without any prior notice.

4. New Yorkers drink more coffee


Coffee has been the favorite drink among many countries and people of New York has proved that it is indeed a beverage for all times. The city which is said to be the one which never sleeps has probably proven right that coffee keeps you awake, as an average New Yorkers  consumes coffee seven times more than the resident of any other cities in US. They claim using clean and spring water for coffee which gives it  a slightly different taste and a rich aroma.

3. Contains nutrients and antioxidants


Coffee consists of nutrients and antioxidants, which purifies your blood and helps the heart. A decent cup of coffee can serve you several amount of vitamins and minerals. A cup of coffee consists ,

  1. 6% of RDA for vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

  2. 11 % of RDA for vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

  3. 2 % of RDA for Niacin (B3) Thiamine (B1)

  4. 3 % of RDA for Potassium and Magnesium

The contents may not seem much, but several cups of coffee in a day adds up to it. On an average in a day 3-4 cups of coffee is good enough.

2. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson


If coffee helps you to be alert and active, it also helps to remember things better in old age. Alzheimer is one of the most leading disorder in the world and the cause for dementia, making people more vulnerable as they start forgetting everything about themselves. Studies have proven that coffee drinkers have  60 % lower risks of developing Alzheimer and it also lowers the risk of Parkinson by 32-60 %, a disease causing death of dopamine -generating neurons in brain. Well, if drinking a cup of coffee can help us with so many things, than why not have a drink moderately?

1. Helps to burn fat and improve physical performance


We all know, its not an easy task to reduce weight as easily as it is gained and settled in unwanted places. Exercising along with a regular diet had been the only effective step towards good results, though research have proven that coffee, actually helps in burning the fat. Caffeine due to its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, raises metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids, like wise helping to burn those fat. Because of the same reason it also helps in mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissue improving the physical performance by 11-12 %. Guess, its worth spending on a cup of coffee rather than emptying your savings on those pills which promises to help you in burning fat and giving energy.

Note: Over consumption of coffee can also be harmful and it is psychoactive, which can also be a cause of death, although a fatal dose is about 100 cups of coffee. Moderate consumption has got its benefits.


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