10 Things to Take with you if you are Planning to Run Away

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There are endless reasons youngsters give to themselves to get away from home – some can be justified and some reasons are so pathetic that you don’t understand how to react. No matter what reason you give to yourself and how hard you think your life is, running away is not a solution to any problem. The most important thing you have to absorb in your mind is that running away is a serious and life-changing decision; its consequences are lot less glamorous than you may think. There comes a point in everybody’s life when they realise what’s best for them and take a stand for it but end up fighting with their loved ones. It’s totally normal, it happens umpteen times with me and with so many people I know, but breaking ties with the people who raised you and running way from them is not a legitimate and smart decision. Never forget – running away is giving up, staying back is growing up. Albeit, if you have decided to quit then you have to make sure that you manage to survive in the real world outside till the time there is an inner realisation which tells you to GO BACK. Now would be the time to tell you what you have to pack in your bags for a new start and for knowing that read on

10. Memories –


Sometimes you don’t understand what you are loosing till the time you lose it and when you realise, it gets real hard to win it back. Memories last forever and it is that one thing that gives you the strength to carry on when you feel that everything is coming to an end. When you have finally decided to get away from everything, then do get away and take a break to give yourself some space but don’t forget to take with you the wonderful moments you shared with your family and the things that brings smile on your face when you are sad or unsure. Memories may not be able to comfort you forever but it will definitely remind you that you have a family to get back to whenever you are in a state of melancholy.

9. Vehicle –


I hope you are not planning to “run” away literally and if you are then you wouldn’t be able to go too far. Ofcourse, there is a thing called public transportation but it cannot help you reach at whatever place you want to go just in time. If you drive your own vehicle then you can go wherever you want to on your own and the risk associated with girls hitchhiking and getting in trouble is eliminated. Make sure that you keep your vehicle’s original papers with you so that you can present them whenever necessary. I am very much sure that no guy can ever run away from home without his bike and for girls there is a suggestion that if you are taking your conveyance with you then don’t drive in dark and drive safe.

8. Cell Phone –


Okay, I am aware that there is a risk of getting tracked down when you carry your smartphone with your SIM card and don’t worry we are not telling you to do that. But, you would need a cell phone to communicate freely with the people you want to and just in case you land yourself up in trouble then to call cops. There is no need for you to carry a smartphone but you can keep a normal phone with a new SIM card for using it at the time of emergency. The world outside is not atall safe for inexperienced childish youth and when you run away, there will be no family to save you. With new number in conventional handset nobody will ever be able to reach you. Therefore, it would be better for you to keep a cell phone without thinking much about getting stalked.

7. Blanket –


Whether you are travelling, living on the street, under a tree or at a rented house, you cannot sleep without a blanket esp. when its winters. Mattress is something you cannot carry with you when you are running away and therefore it would make complete sense for you to carry two blankets and a mat so that till the time you make arrangement for your bedding you can sleep on that mat with a blanket on. Again, I would like to say that there is risk of you loosing everything in the dark so you’d better be careful because there is no place in the world where you can sleep as satisfactorily as you can sleep at your bed in your home.

6. Basic Amenities –

Basic - Amenities

Without the use of basic amenities like toothbrush, sanitiser, soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, hair brush, perfume, etc. we cannot feel alive, can we? We have become so habituated of using these things from the start of the day till the end that it has now become an addiction and we cannot even think of living a life without it. Although, you cannot take everything with you when you run away from home but at least you can keep the most essential amenities which according to you is a must have element in your life. It is highly recommended for girls to keep pepper spray and knife with them all the time so that they can protect themselves when in danger.

5. Food –


Stock as much food as you can to make sure that you don’t have to starve till the time you find a job and a place to live in. Keep fruits, dry-fruits, biscuits, chips, snacks, glucose and whatever meal that is cooked so that you can at least live for two days without spending much on food. Moreover, keep some quick meal ingredients so that if you have already rented a place then you can float for sometime. If you fail to carry food then you will have to buy it which will make you loose your money when it can completely be avoided and if you keep food then you can easily regain your strength when you are travelling at a distance.

4. Clothes –


The very first thing anybody will put in their bags when leaving home are clothes. It’s needless to say that clothes are an integral part of our well-being and is a very basic necessity of life. Regardless of what the season is pack your bags with clothes that will keep you warm in winters and will get you going in summers. Do not just take all your best apparels with you but also keep some comfortable and light clothes in which you can relax. Dress yourself up in an ensemble which you don’t wear too often so that when you run away it’s hard for people in search for you to figure out what you’d possibly be wearing.

3. Documents –


The most important and essential thing to keep with you when you are running away from home is your documents like mark sheets, degrees, accomplishments, pass book, resume, school and college leaving certificates etc. If you are leaving everything behind then you must be having a plan for yourself like a place where you would be working or applying for a job and for that you would certainly need your documents to prove your credentials. You cannot afford to forget such a significant thing behind without which you are a clean slate and stand nowhere. When you take all your documents with you make sure to leave a photocopy behind and as soon as you run away from home do generate one more copy and keep it separately to avoid the risk of loosing your original documents.

2. Identity Proof –


Your identity card is more than just a piece of plastic or a paper; it’s a proof of your individuality. You can forget your clothes, cell phone and vehicle or for that matter even food, but you can’t forget to loose your identity. It’s something that defines you, gives you the right to freedom and makes you a part of a system in which you live. From passport to election card, from driving license to PAN card and from domicile to birth certificate, each and every identity proof is equally important. If you don’t have your identity proof then it’s almost impossible for you to travel anywhere or to live at any place. Identity proof is a fundamental and the most powerful document of all and that’s why I have mentioned it separately so that you keep all of it with you before leaving.

1. Cash –


I don’t think there exists a single person who would commit a huge mistake of running away from home without money. If your plans as in what you have to do with your life after escaping doesn’t fall in place then you most definitely would need sufficient amount of cash to keep yourself floating. Stealing your parent’s money is not at all recommended unless you want them to run some criminal charges on you to track you down when you are aloof. Running away is not an overnight decision; ergo you have to try and save up plenty of money and stash it somewhere safe. Never keep all the cash you have got at a single place, in this way you can reduce the chances of getting completely ripped off by a thief.


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    September 22, 2015 2:15 pm

    Umm… Hi Sakshi its D H here, I wanted to ask youa simple question did You also run away and if yes where did you stay, are you happy with your decision of running??

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