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Religion plays a very vital role in a person’s individual life as well as in the collective lives of people. Religion first of all brings discipline in a person’s life; religion offers a complete code of life which a person has to follow. Secondly if something unpleasant happens to him, his faith in God gives him hope that everything would be alright. If justice is not given to him, he knows God will give him justice.  The biggest hope which a person has in his life is the heaven, you do the good things you will go to heaven and if you do the bad things you go to hell. The heaven urges him to do the right things.

The question which arises here is what is the right thing, who told us about a phenomenon being right or wrong; it is the religion, the teachings which the religion provides. If it would not have been the religion then what would have told us that killing someone is a sin, or that if you lie you will go to hell, that cheating is not a good thing, and that is if justice is not given to you then it will be definitely be given to you in the end. So the religion is not merely a code of life but it is form on hope, faith and inspiration.

We have uncountable religions; every religion has its own values, ritual, customs and history. Every religion has its own book, its own prophet, and its own nature of God. Some are the minor religions because the followers of that religion have decreased in number as the decades passed and there are some major religions which has a very vast number of followers. Then we have some religions which itself is divided into different components. People belonging to one religion have completely different faiths from each other yet they follow the same religion. For examples we have Mormons here who address themselves as Christian, but there faiths are very much different from the many other Christians living. Generally they are the followers of Jesus Christ but there are a number of places where their ideas are completely different from Christians. The top 10 things which we know about Mormonism religion are:

10. History:

Their history is dotted back to the time when the later day saint movement was initiated by Joseph smith Jr. the main focus of this movement was that the values of Christianity should remain as they were at the time of apostolic early church, which is the period of the 12 apostles. After Jesus the people who manipulated the teaching of Christianity as per their own wishes are today known as the ordinary Christians but those chose to stick to the original values as much as possible are known as the Mormons.

9. Family oriented religion:

The Mormons are very much family oriented, they have a very strong bond within the family, and for them the family comes above everything and anything. They prefer to live together, eat together and take care of each other. Their family trees are often much expanded for they believe in staying in contact with all the relatives. In mesmerism the families are put together in a box and are sealed with a label plate and then nothing can tear them apart.

8. Forbids addictive substances:

Normally vines and hard drinks are very common when it comes to Christianity, they prefer to drink at every occasion but Mormons unlike other Christians have a very strict health code. They not only avoid alcohol but also stay away from coffee, tobacco, beverages, hard drinks, tea, etc. Mormonism forbids them from all those substances which can either causes them addiction or makes them loses their senses.

7. Their book:

Generally bible is the holy book of Christians, but Mormons have many other books which they follow. Another special book which is titled as “book of Mormon”, this book is very dear to the Mormons. This book contains the sacred text of the latter day saint movement. The book of Mormon is also said to have contain the writing of the ancient prophets of the years spanning over 2200 BC to 421 AD.

6. Live as normal Christians:

Mormons refer to themselves as Christians but they are not. The beliefs of Mormons are very different from those of the Christians, their life styles, cultures, code of life are poles apart yet they call themselves Christian. Most of the time it becomes very hard to differentiate between Mormons and Christians.

5. Law of Chastity:

Law of chastity explains that you are forbidden to some in physical contact with a person of opposite sex rather than your own spouse. Mormonism completely forbids sexual relationship outside marriage; it also forbids fidelity within marriage. Phenomenon such as adultery is strictly not allowed among Mormons. Either a woman or a man, both are supposed to remain pure till their matrimony.

4. Plural Marriage:

Plural marriage means that a man is allowed to have more than one lawfully wedded wife, the man is allowed to have numbers of women at the same time as his wives. Plural marriage is a very old phenomenon which came into being during the 19th century, the leaders of Mormons preached plural marriage yet most of the other religions are against it. Even today many religions completely opposed it, the debate on this subject has been going on for a very long time yet no fruit full result has arrived because the Mormons utterly refuse to step back from plural marriage.

3. Similar to Judaism:

The faith of Mormonism is very similar to Judaism because many conceptions and beliefs found in the Old Testament incorporate with those of the Jews. In Judaism we read about the 12 tribes of Israel, According to what we hear of Joseph smith’s teaching, he taught that many Mormons were the members of the those tribes of Israel. Also if a Mormon succeed in linking himself with those tribes either it be by blood or by adoption, he however manages to prove it then the receives Jacob’s blessing. Jacob’s blessing refers to the blessing which Jacob gave to each of his son at the time of his departure from world. Mormons have a very deep respect for the Jews.

2.  Similar to Islam:

Although the beliefs of Mormonism and Islam are poles apart from each other but the basic principles are similar to each other. Tithing is a very important factor in Mormonism as well as in Islam, in both religions you have to give away a portion of your income. Similarly Islam also forbids alcohol like Mormonism. Adultery, fidelity and sexual relationship out of marriage are strictly prohibited. Both the religions support plural marriage. Apart from all these things an argument has long been going on about who is the real prophet, Joseph smith Jr. or the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), because both existed at nearly same times.

1. Their God:

In Mormonism the form of God is divided into 3 parts, first is the son who is Jesus, and then the father and then the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is in the spiritual form while the father and Jesus both exist in materialistic physical form. When these three combine they complete the idea of God of Mormonism. Also they call themselves the children of God and believe that they are the equal heirs as Jesus is, they say that their father would forgiven them for all their sins. They also believe that if they do enough good deeds, they can rise in rank and they become God.


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  1. Kelly Q

    January 9, 2014 4:10 am

    Hi there,

    I just had to say something about #s 6 and 4 as I grew up Mormon. Though I am no longer part of the faith, I still think it’s important to correct misleading facts. About 6, a definition of a Christian is that they believe in Christ, that he came to earth and died for our sins and was resurrected yatta yatta, so for someone to say they are not Christian is misleading, as they do in fact believe in Christ and that he was the son of God. The name “Jesus Christ” is even in the very name of the church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (Or LDS is a quick acronym for it. “Mormon” is actually just a “nickname” of sorts (based after the guy who collected the works that would later be named – The Book of Mormon) And so, by that very definition, yes, they are indeed Christians. This also makes 3, saying they are “similar to Judaism” very inaccurate as the very definition that separates the Judaism and Christianity is the Jews do not believe that Jesus was the son of God and that we are still waiting for the Savior to come.

    On to 4 about Polygamy, and I am so surprised this is still misunderstood because of all TV shows and media attention it gets and the church has tried to put out clarification about this all the time. There is the mainstream Mormon church, more correctly The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they follow the current prophet (Thomas S. Monson) and within the mainstream church, the one with 15,000,000 members worldwide DO NOT practice polygamy. Polygamy is found being practiced in the “reformed” church, the people who broke away from the faith because they did not wish to stop practicing polygamy when the prophet said so. The history there is when the Mormons were driven out of Missouri and into the west (facing grievous persecution they had to flee) they lost many many many people along the way.

    The trail they took no one had ever taken before, I believe 80 West has be built on the foundation of it. However, because they lost so many people, they needed to re-build, not just buildings, but their community and posterity. A lot of women were left husbandless after the journey and the prophet received “revelation” that in order to sustain strong families and for the widows to be taken care of and their children provided for etc. polygamy was allowed. Now, at a certain point polygamy was ceased. It wasn’t needed any more after the people grew enough in strength and numbers and the prophet said, no more. Some people did not agree with this and so they broke away. And these people are not considered members of the mainstream church any longer. You cannot practice polygamy and be part of the mainstream mormon church.

    Anyhow, just thought I would shed some light on it all and I hope that was helpful. I just can’t stand to see misconceptions out there and I felt strongly the need to say something.


  2. Leanne G

    February 4, 2014 1:15 pm

    It has nothing to do with what WE do. The Grace of God is what saves us, nothing else, not good deeds or anything!

    The description of Christianity at the start is completely flawed (sorry to the OP but this is the absolute crux that makes Christianity like no other religion that has ever been. So it must be corrected!).

    You are not “saved”, or going to heaven based on your own merits or efforts. It does not matter if you do 10 good deeds or 10,000 good deeds in a lifetime. That is the beautiful simplicity of it. No bragging, no boasting, no competition. WE ALL WIN!!

    All you need to do is love Jesus. Believe in him and you will naturally try to emulate his character. Our inherent sin separates us from God but Jesus was crucified, died & resurrected, enabling us to be reunited with Him.

    Some of the mormon points are true and some are incorrect, but I’m not posting to defend the Latter Day Saints/Mormons. Mormons may well believe that they can tally up good deeds to get themselves to heaven but it won’t get them anywhere. Their “church” is a lie and draws people away from Jesus. As a child I was told that anti Mormon doctrine was wicked and to be avoided, I was told a lot of things that I see so differently now. Their whole doctrine is incompatible with the bible which is why they have other books.

    Sorry for the harsh words but my family are still duped by the LDS/Mormon church and it is very hard. Praise the Lord for saving me and bringing me out!

  3. Katie O.

    March 2, 2016 9:55 pm

    I think that people need to do their research before they write false things about a church.
    1.) MORMONS ARE CHRISTIANS. People seem to think that we are not but we believe in Christ and that is what Christianity is.
    2.) Mormons do not believe in plural marriage. Period.
    3.) Families do not get sealed up into boxes by label tape, we are sealed together in our temples around the world. A sealing means that we will stay with our families after this life.

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