10 Things Women Like to Splurge on

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Women are spenders, as opposed to what many might think. Yeah, we can be misers but when it comes to it, we are big spenders. Of course this doesn’t apply to all women. To each their own but on a general scale, there are some common things on which all women like to spend and spend big. Presenting some of the few things women like to spend on. If you as woman don’t relate to at least a couple of them, you’re doing something wrong, no offence!

10. Presents


Be it the boyfriend or husband or friends, a woman loves buying presents. Any special occasion calls for a special present. So once her dress up is taken care of, she’ll proceed to select the choicest of gifts for the loved one. Women take pride in giving the best of the gifts without worrying how much space they make in their purse. It’s gift giving time and the person who deserves the present, deserves the best.

9. Food and drinks


It’s not a top of the list thing but when required, women like to splurge on exotic dishes and dessert. Yeah, they can be gung-ho about dieting but an irresistible dessert cannot be missed. On a fun day out with best friends, food and drinks is the most important thing after clothes. You know you want to have fun, might as well do it in a grand style! Two passes for the midnight club, please!

8. Diets


A diet is most likely a fad in everyone’s life unless it really yields some results, which does not happen often. Even the numerous articles on the insanity and uselessness of size zero and perfect figures haven’t been able to deter most women. These diets have fashionable foods and exotic veggies. Some may even want a dietician and an online help. Well of course, all of this isn’t going to come for free and women don’t seem to be bothered by that. Splurge, splurge and splurge all that you can, it’s about the figure!

7. Gym equipment/gym


At least exercise yields results! Having a personal trainer or exercise equipment at home is the latest fad. Of course it ultimately becomes a hanger for clothes but what the heck, it’s exercise equipment. These huge, bulky and insanely expensive things are bought with great enthusiasm, thousands being showered on them. Sometimes, the nearby gym membership is taken with much gusto [the gym membership could also be the result of the nearby cutie going to the same gym, said a little birdie]. More or less, once the half-hearted purpose dies out, there is nothing much to explore in the relationship between us and the gym. Nevertheless, the money keeps coming…

6. Home décor


This is not limited to housewives or girlfriends. Every woman has a penchant for decoration of the place where she’s living in. From the colours on the wall to the decorated corner of the storeroom, the woman does it all. Fancy pots, wall hangings, lamps, posters, wallpaper and so on are some of the things that come under this category. Fixation leads to splurging. Somehow, some corner of our room is always in need of decoration and if we do not buy that piece of décor, that corner will hate us forever. The process is simple. When you’re roaming around in a mall or a market just like that and you see stuff, you are stunned beyond belief. Artificial plant? The window sill longs for it. The exquisite Van Gogh painting? My living room is dying to have it. And bam! Just like that, the purchase is made.

5. Accessories


If I start naming the accessories, exactly what all us women like to splurge on, it will become a list that possibly never ends. It’s easier to classify them under one seemingly small heading – accessories. Neckpieces (read owl chains), rings – small and big, wallets, anklets, bracelets, earrings and the list goes on. It’s marvellous actually the kind of stuff we can have. At times we surprise ourselves with the stuff we have accumulated over the years. Somehow, it becomes an absolute necessity to buy the extremely pretty looking earrings, no matter what the price. At times, a necessity becomes a want as we set our eyes on that stunning wallet. We convince ourselves that we need the wallet and it doesn’t matter if it exceeds the budget slightly. A random trip to the mall means you’ll step into that highly inviting store and once you’re in, you know there’s no looking back. “Just this one and then I am done…”, you know that is never going to stop.

4. Bags


This is that one accessory that can’t be clubbed under ‘accessories’. Bags are that one thing that can fascinate a woman regardless of their need. We do not consider the price. From expensive branded bags to cheap Janpath carry bags, we have it all. It is imperative to have a bag for every occasion. Spending on bags doesn’t count as splurging because somehow, a bag is always a necessity. A woman’s wardrobe is full of different coloured bags, used once a month or so. Yours truly can be accused of this. One bag in two weeks – it is like your monthly ration. Post the accumulation, women believe in the saying ‘every bag has its day’ or so it seems.

3. Shoes


It’s impossible to keep women from shoes. Any pair of awesome Jimmy Choos they find, they get fascinated and are tempted to buy it. Most often, they give in to this temptation. In any girl’s shoe rack you can find all varieties. Flip-flops to pumps to stilettos to wedges, they want it and they have it. Of course they have colours and blacks and beiges, every pair reserved for a special occasion. Did you say special occasions are rare? Well, your bad. Every day there is a special occasion. Friend’s birth day, relative’s engagement, after hours party – you name it! Don’t be surprised if you find a label with every shoe. The ladies are pretty cool at organizing stuff exactly according to how they want. Jokes apart, shoes are the one thing (apart from clothes) which a girl always falls short of. It’s thereby natural to spend a fortune on shoes.

2. Beauty products


There’s no reason why anyone should question or be surprised at this. Women are naturally inclined to buy beauty products. Whether they are simply buying a moisturizer or fancy products displayed in a fashion magazine or anti-ageing creams, the coins gurgle with joy. It’s probably because of this intense, blind belief of women on these skeptical products that producers have begun to promote them more enthusiastically and priced them more wildly. Hair, skin, nails, hands and feet – you name it, they have it. Not an inch of their body should go unspotted. It all needs to have the full attention. Some women attempt to dissuade their comrades from falling into the trap and being who they are but most women can’t be convinced. Blame it on the advertising industry or the celebrities, doing make-up is equivalent to breathing. And well, you wouldn’t mind paying the price for breathing, would you?

1. Clothes


Well, well, this should be no surprise. Clothes form a pretty huge part of our lives, judge if you will. We absolutely love to dress up and will pick up anything that we like whether it is the local market or whether it is Versace. Women feel the constant lack of clothes in their lives, buy however much they will. Somehow, clothes are always few and occasions many. A trip to the mall is incomplete without a few tops or shorts. Did you say expensive? Hell, no! We make sure that most of the purchases happen during sale periods. It doesn’t matter if the bill exceeds our budget even during a sale – it’s a sale! Clothes are the privileged ones, they get the most love and not to forget – the most money. Question this and you’re done from a woman’s life!



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