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Everyone in his or her life at some or other point has said to himself or herself, “I wish I could do ……….” Every now then we face certain situations where we need some expertise on something that we could easily do ourselves. Calling up the electrician to repair a minor fault in the switch board, asking someone else to cook for you your favourite dish when you could’ve easily done it yourself or looking with a blank face at people speaking some language that we listen to everyday; these are some of the situations where we find ourselves completely helpless although we aren’t. With the internet on your side, I believe that it’s only you who could be the excuse. So keeping in mind these seemingly difficult and not-so-very-helpless situations, here’s a list of 10 things that you can learn to do yourself and I believe, you should actually learn these skills.

10. Repairing


Ever faced an erratic cell phone problem or it so happened that the television stopped working, the radio didn’t catch any signal or the car broke down? These are day-to-day scenarios that we all face every now and then and yet remain much unperturbed by the amount of money that we spend on things that we could have easily repaired on our own. Not that I am proposing the idea of opening up every second electronic item or a machine that you find at your place but it is just a suggestion that sweating out a little on our inconsistent machinery can be a lot helpful and much of a money saver. My mother ended up calling the electrician or the air-conditioner mechanic for every little sound that the home appliances made at my place. And one day it so happened that I, being very bemused by the charge the mechanic took for a minor fault in the television socket, took it upon myself and repaired the socket board and the changed the plug – saving me a lot of money and gaining the confidence to repair the small things at my house. So go, grab your tool kit and bring out the mechanic in you. Repairing is one of the easiest things you could learn by yourself.

09. Photography And Painting

Photography And Painting

While going through the newspaper, I often see a lot of advertisements calling out to people who are interested in photography to join the institute and learn photography. And as per the definition of photography put forth by these institutes, it seems quite clear that these institutes teach the conventional art of photography and leave little space for experimentation and imagination. I have a friend who is a great photographer and for as long as I have known him, he doesn’t quite support the idea of learned photography. As per him, it’s something that you teach yourself by experiments and a lot of it comes with experience. And the same goes with painting. Painting is more of a poem said through words. Expression, as per me, doesn’t need any channelization. So arts such as photography, painting and poetry will come out to be as good as free are the horses of your thought.

08. Basic Self-defence Techniques

Basic Self-defence Techniques

The other day, I was watching a show on the History TV that featured the famous self-defence technique and combat art, Krav Maga. And the presenter showed some basic moves that one can easily incorporate, if caught in a dangerous situation, and save his life with little or no harm. The fact that a force of just 35 kilograms can break the larynx of a fully grown man and that we can produce this force with the tip of just our two fingers and thumb was really amusing. Self-defence is something that every one of us should know and some basic moves can be really helpful in times of sudden attack. And these basic moves are really simple to learn and are very effective.

07. Styling


My friend’s sister is 14 years old and she is a remarkable stylist. The girl can design her own flower pots, dresses and certain other material that look really beautiful as a show piece or for the purpose of home decor. Styling, just like photography and painting, is an art that comes from within and matures with experience. Turning a stack of newspaper into a beautiful vase, creating a trendy party wear from a very simple piece of cloth; these are things that you can learn by yourself and something that is fun-to-do during free time. And moreover, the fashion shows that are aired on the television now-a-days, though seemingly odd, are reasonably helpful. Styling and sense of dressing can be very easily learnt from magazines, television and of course, the omniscient internet.

06. Any Subject You Like

Any Subject You Like

I am a kind of person who’s mostly late for my lectures and someone who’s frequently absent from the class. But with a lot of free time at my dispense, it is quite easy for me to learn the subjects that I miss out on the most. With the help of the books that are very elaborative, combined with the online lectures that are easily available online, it has become very easy to learn the subjects of your interests. Some of the courses available online are interactive and you can clear your doubt instantly.

05. Hacking


Before writing on this topic, I would like to make myself clear, just so that I don’t invite any unnecessary trouble, that hacking here refers to ethical hacking. Some of my friends attended a workshop on ethical hacking and as a reward for attending the workshop, they received CDs and books that were actually manuals that one could use to learn hacking, all by himself. Hacking can be quite helpful sometimes, especially when your own account gets hacked. The various online manuals available and various magazines like CHIP and SKOAR have made it very easy to learn hacking without any teacher or supervisor.

04. Cooking

preparing food

There are moments when I’m all alone at my place with nothing but food items that have to be cooked before they can be consumed. Having been brought up in a family where both the parents are working forced me to learn cooking. Cooking is all about experimentation – how to use yogurt instead of the regular pizza topping, how to make ice creams using yogurt instead of milk; these are some of the things that you can learn yourself and that too pretty easily. Cooking is a skill that is sure to impress the most reclusive of persons. So get a cook book, tune in to a cookery show and learn to do something rather easy and delicious that erstwhile seemed a mammoth task.

03. Playing A New Instrument

Playing A New Instrument

I am not very much of musical instrument lover but still out of curiosity, I learned the basics of guitar playing all by myself from the internet. The internet is flooded with free tutorials on how to play guitar, keyboard or a drum set. Not that these instruments are very easy to play but one can definitely learn to play some of them by himself or herself if he or she pays attention to it. Tutorials, videos, cover versions of popular songs have made it relatively easy for a person to learn to playing some of without any guidance. And as far as I know, Jimi Hendrix never had a teacher.

02. A New Language

A New Language

Lately I’ve been smitten by the beauty of French. And I have learned a fair amount of the language by myself using the internet and audio cassettes. Here I am not talking about the difficult languages like Japanese or Tamil but the more simple ones like Spanish or French. Last month, I visited Kashmir and during my ten-day stay in Kashmir, I learnt enough Kashmiri language to converse with a local of the state. So some languages that we often hear can be taught to oneself with a fair amount of ease.

01. Coding


Coding is one of the coolest, most marketable and on this list, the toughest thing that one can learn by himself or herself. To get started, there are various helpful lessons available online that teach the basics of coding like how to make a website and the basics of programming. Regardless of how you decide to learn, programming skills are becoming more and more useful as time goes on. Code is not as complicated as you think, so go get started!


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