10 Things you can Talk about on your First Date

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A first date can be the first stepping stone to a meaningful relationship with your sweetheart. It is with hope and butterflies in the stomach, one goes out to a first date. However after all those hours spent in front of the mirror trying to look absolutely perfect  and numerous ideas to impress your sweetheart  flashing through your mind, one often becomes awkward and nervous in front of the person we have waited so long to meet. We suddenly have no idea what to talk about or how to start a conversation. The important thing to remember is that it is also a first date for the other person and he/she may be as nervous as you are. Therefore keep calm, relax and try to enjoy the date. Here are 10 things that can break the ice between you two and help you to get to know each other.

10. Start with a Compliment

Compliments are an age old and fail-safe way to make a person feel comfortable and agreeable. Everyone likes to be praised and a simple ‘You look good’ or ‘That dress suits you well’ can go a long way in making your date cheerful and happy after a long and tiring day. But one should steer clear of cheesy compliments and going overboard as your date could be turned off by those awkward one-liners. Keep it simple and clean and that first compliment could very well be remembered for a long time.

9. Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and interests define a person in many ways. They are unique to every individual and will offer a lucid glimpse of your date’s personality. And some of them might even be common to yours and therefore will open up further topics of conversation between the two of you which you will both enjoy. Also the fun and carefree side of an individual is often expressed through hobbies and the things they love doing whether its gardening, painting or even sky-diving. Thus talking about a common hobby or interest helps you bond with your date and understand the person better.

8. Music and Books

The soulful strains of a song bond two people in ways that mere words never can. Therefore discussing about your favorite bands, songs and lyrics can be a great way to connect. Also a person’s choice about music and melody can tell a lot about the personality. Common melodies will make your date remember you with fondness even after the meeting and might even be ‘the’ song in case of a future relationship.  Chatting about your favorite books and characters can also be engaging. It will provide hints about your date’s views and perspectives and will help you to get to know each other in a charming and delightful way.

7. Movies

Chatting about movies can be a great way to connect with your date. Hours will go by discussing about movies, favourite actors and actresses and movie trivia. Girls, especially just love to chatter away about chick-flicks and romantic movies. It might even morph into a promise of a movie date in the future. Talking about cult movies and franchises might evoke childhood memories and open up further ‘safe topics’ of conversation. Talking about superhero movies or cartoons can help you bond with your date in no time. For example ‘Tom and Jerry’, ’Scooby Doo’ and ‘Superman’ are a part of most of our childhoods and chatting about them will evoke a sense of nostalgia and fellowship reminiscing about those good ol’ days of childhood.

6. Family, Friends and Pets 

Talking about childhood memories, families and pets is a good way to get to know your date. It is endearing and agreeable to most and shows that you have a caring and soft side and truly interested to know more about your date. It also gives an impression about the person you are, to your date. Mentioning friends and asking about them is a good idea as it gives a hint to what kind of a personality your date prefers. It reveals many details about the person and in case of meeting them in the future they are a precious source of adorable tit-bits about your date.

5. Career and Job Ambitions

Talking about career and ambitions reveals the serious persona of your date. It shows how serious and responsible a person your date is. Talking about career goals provides an insight about the will, tenacity and resoluteness of the person. It also speaks volumes about character and expectations in life. Most people like to talk about their work and discussing about jobs is a good way to get a hint of the person’s intellect and level of sophistication. But droning on about work will give the impression of being a workaholic. Therefore keep the details brief and try not to bore your date with volumes of information about your targets,achievements and awards. Keep it short and move on to other topics after some time.

4. Holidays and Trips Taken

hatting about fun and frolic in past travel destinations and stories about vacations is a jolly way of spending time. Knowing about spots your date wants to visit can be of use later in a future relationship. It also provides a glimpse about your date’s cultural background and readiness for new adventures and experiences. It is also a safe and enjoyable topic of conversation as most people love to talk about new places and travelling.

3. Food and Favorite Dishes and Cuisines

If the date is taking place at a bar or restaurant then an inevitable topic of conversation is preference of cuisines, favorite dishes and drinks. Knowing about your date’s favorite restaurants and cafes provides you with ideas for future dates and meetings. Further it can be known if your culinary preferences match with each other. It provides a safe and enjoyable topic of conversation.

2. Date Stories

Stories and funny incidents about past dates can be a good topic of conversation as it will bring casual and light moments enjoyed by both. It will also give you an idea about things to avoid with your date. However, one must be careful not to talk too much about previous dates and relationships as it would take the focus away from your date and make the person feel bad. Also he/she might be just out of a relationship and thus too much chatting about previous things might hurt the person. Keep the quips and jokes light and fun and enjoy spending time with your date making him/her laugh and appreciate the date.

1. Feelings About the Date 

It is not fair to your date to leave him/her without an idea of whether you liked the date or not. Always be sure to part with a ‘Nice to meet you’ or ‘See you later’ whether or not you liked your date. Its decent manners and will improve your image as a gentleman. If you liked your date and want to meet up soon tell that to your date. End the meeting talking about something that your date will remember you for, after your meeting. Tell your date how much you liked meeting him/her and when he/she should be expecting a call from you.


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