10 Tips to avoid Falling in Love with your Ex again

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All love stories are not really that mushy and a prince riding on a white horse types. Sometimes, you have to bear with the fact that he was not meant to be your Mr. Right. You just had a break up and you are sunk down in despair trying to combat the unknown void within you. Let the sun rise and you miss the morning alarm with his wakeup call. Attending the classes with him, you find it tough not to stare and adore him. There is feeling harping in your mind to stay away from him but the heart says otherwise. To save yourself from the tedious task to ignore him, there are many ways you can find the old you and relive your life:

10. Cut down communication with him:

A single message won’t harm. Would it?

Sorry to say but as long as he is omnipresent in all your routine, you never can move on. You might simply ignore this heed but cutting down all communication with him is the best solution. He might be missing you and messaging you loads. But never return the favor. You might find yourself in the puddle trying to detach yourself from the emotions.

9. Prioritize things:

Priorities first! You need to sort out what is the most important reality of your life. He cannot take away all your attention from your actual responsibilities. You might have ignored your friends for him long time since. You might have avoided spending time with your siblings since you were always glued to the phone. But now is the time to rectify them all.

8. Friends with him? A big no!!

He was the secret keeper of yours and a best adviser. He would pull you out from any messy situations. You reckon calling him every time good news cropped up. But now you just miss not talking with him, sharing every details of your life. He said you can be good friends but never mind, dump his suggestion. Exes are meant to be the past not ruin the future. So keep yourself away from him else you might be indirectly rekindling your emotions for him.

7. Tear that page off your life:

Life is a book full of many chapters and phases. He was just a sad chapter in your life. Of course, you won’t forget them completely. You wouldn’t be human if you did. But if you cling onto the past, you cannot read the awesome next chapter awaiting you. Better leave that page and move on with the next phase.

6. Add friends, subtract desolation and endless thoughts:

Finding yourself in a room with a thousand questions as to why all these happened to you. Your mind might be bombarded with umpteen thoughts and memoirs of you two being blissfully happy. As long as you are alone, the same thoughts will play in a repeat mode. Stop them and throw a party for getting back your life. Rewind your life and go on a road trip with your besties and laugh out till your wits drop dead.

5. Jot down all his negative aspects in your life:

In every relationship, there are bad and good phases. You just have to erase all the good ones and vest your anger on the bad ones. You abhorred him for his drinking habits or the nuisance he created every time he saw you with other boys. Jot down them and say how irritant he was at times and your commitments with him played spoilsport endless times. All because of him, you missed your quality time with friends and some serious thoughts about career.

4. Shut him down from your heart and social networking sites:

There was once a time, he was the center of all your thoughts and you could ping him anytime. But now you have to resist the urge to stalking him every time you see his profile cropping up in your timeline. No longer, you have to bear him with his stupid picture with his latest girlfriend. No longer, you have to yearn for his reply to your last comment.

3. Perks of being single:

Single, ready to mingle! Although you might not be ready so quick to hand over your heart once again, but you can at least enjoy, bask in the glory for the time being. There are thousand guys waiting to have a mere glance at you, hang out with you. Give them a second thought and enjoy the moments which he eroded you of.

2. Remind yourself of the reasons it didn’t work:

Of course, there was a strong motive and thoughts that led to the breakup. Your mind was strong enough to accept it but save your naive heart from crafting his thoughts. Tell yourself that a relation can never thrive without the two being selflessly involved into it. Better wrap up your emotions and blow them with the wind.

1.Stay busy and live life:

You find him everywhere, in the class, in the canteen, in the library and even in the hoarding with his name in the advertisement. Every other thing seems blurred and hazy. But trust me these all are the side effects of being idle and mind playing games with you. Your mind churns out this and you find his name and face everywhere easily. The minute you are busy or doing some serious business, there lays the stop button for all these plays and you can live your life as before.


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