10 Traits of a Sagittarius Person

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Many cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Mayans believe in astrological prediction which is the study of the influence of cosmic bodies like planets and stars, on human lives. Many believe that it is possible to predict terrestrial happenings on the basis of cosmic movements.There are 12 sun signs according to astrology, corresponding to the 12 constellations of the zodiac and it is said that all individuals belonging to the same sun signs have some basic personality traits common to them. I will tell you in this article about people who are born during the period from November 22 to Dec 21 belonging to the zodiac sign called Sagittarius. The sign of Sagittarius is “the Archer”, a centaur having a rear half of a horse and the front half of a human. It symbolizes the conflict between the philosophical mind and the carnal instinct of human nature. Some of the famous Sagittarius are Walt Disney, Woody Allen, Bruce Lee, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spears, Mark Twain, John F. Kennedy Jr., Brad Pitt, etc. Sagittarius are said to be adventurous who like risk taking and are always hungry for knowledge owing to the nature of their ruling planet which is the largest planet in the solar system, the Jupiter. Here are some of the traits usually associated with Sagittarius.

10. Generous


Generosity is a character trait present in abundance in the Sagittarians. Sagittarius make up the last of the period when the nights are longer so a greater part of the Sagittarians mind is more concerned with universal principles rather than his own personal benefits, hence are known to be big-hearted. Deceit and dishonesty are not in the character of a Sagittarian and in general are willing to help anyone who is lonely or destitute and never cringe away from fulfilling their social responsibilities. A Sagittarian when giving you a loan will most probably forget to ask you for repayment. Their generous nature is not just for humans but are also great animal lovers and take care of their pets with great affection. They most probably won’t be able to see even a stray pup in distress.

9. Restless


One of thenegative traits of a Sagittarian is his or her restlessness. A Sagittarius person cannot stay still for a long time and get bored very easily. They believe in getting fast results. If a task is taking more time to finish than usual then are more likely to leave it and move on for a new task. But Sagittarians are more inclined to work in a crisis situation. A pressure situation brings out the best in them. The mundane day to day routine bores them and are more likely to leave them on others. They are so keen on the future outcome that they usually don’t pay attention to the present.

8. Excellent Friends

excellent friends

Sagittarians possess a positive and kind heart, thus making them excellent friends. Sagittarians have a selfless nature and don’t expect anything in return of their help. You will not find a Sagittarian who is jealous of a friend’s achievements or success, rather will be encouraging and cheerful. They are sociable in nature and don’t keep any emotional baggage with them. They are fun loving people with natural talent to cheer others with their entertaining acts. They do have a habit of speaking the painful truth and though they might hurt you with their words, it was never their intention to do so. They always want to see their friends happy and will do anything to make them. Sagittarians make best companions for a travel owing to their adventurous nature and intellect of mostly knowing all about the journey. They can be sometimes perceived as rude or boastful but it is never in their minds to actually behave in that manner; this is just who they are.

7. Sincere in relationships

sincere in relationships

A Sagittarian is a sincere lover and falls in love easily. But deep commitment and marriage doesn’t work well for him. They usually commit to a relationship very early and then regret the decision later. Even though they are a bit scared of commitment but when they do they stick to it and even if they have problems they will try with all their might to save the relationship. Sagittarius women are usually much better than Sagittarius men in the matters of love and relationship. They have immense love for their partners and sacrifice everything for a successful relationship. Both Sagittarius men and women try to have a fulfilling relationship and it is just their fear of losing a special relationship that they try to put off making commitment. They are best compatible with people born under Aries and Leo sun signs.

6. Too talkative

too talkative

Sagittarians are quite extroverted people and are usually very talkative and don’t know when to keep quiet and when to talk. They are people when giving a compliment might go like this “Wow Lisa! You look totally stunning in this dress. Especially, since it can totally hide your belly fat!” Trust me they don’t know how to give a compliment and they won’t even realize that they might have offended you in any way as it was not what they wanted to do. Their tactless nature usually hurts people and if you have a Sagittarian friend, then do not get annoyed when the next time he or she tries to “compliment” you. They are frank and innocent like a child and will speak the things exactly as they feel and won’t hold a grudge against you. Also they are good story-tellers and know how to start a conversation. Sometimes they can be perceived as too blunt because of their frankness which knows no bounds.

5. Overconfident


People who are born under this sign are overconfident by nature. This is one of their negative traits and usually makes people around them annoyed. They believe that no one can do a job better than them. They do have an instinct of recognizing the right opportunities and won’t think twice to grab them. Their robust personality does help them in achieving all their goals and hence get overly confident sometimes and end up making a lot of mistakes and wrong decisions.

4. Philosophical


Sagittarians are supposed to be philosophical in nature. As is evident from the symbol Archer they have earthly needs but have an understanding that there are far greater things to explore. The arrow of the archer faces the heaven showing its philosophical vision. They like to immerse themselves in a new culture, history and strive for knowledge. They are generally teachers, journalists, philosophers, travellers, etc. by profession. They gain their wisdom and knowledge from their love of adventure and travel. They would love any opportunity to share their knowledge with others. They have strong spiritual beliefs and give importance to values and ethics and stick by them. They also have a far-sighted nature and thus can see the bigger picture.

3. Optimistic


Optimism defines a Sagittarian. Its ruling planet Jupiter is a planet symbolizing positivism. You can trust on them to see the silver lining behind the darkest of clouds. Their enthusiasm and zeal is contagious and no one can stay aloof of their optimistic nature. Their “half-full glass” thinking helps them carry on even in the worst of situations. Sagittarians are the luckiest people. They themselves believe in their luck a lot and the more they believe the more the luck seems to favour them.

2. Intellectual


Sagittarians are intelligent and wise and not just blind optimists. They know how to work situations in their way because of their knowledge and tend to have interest in all sorts of fields and subjects. They have an intuitive nature and like to get themselves immersed in books and mentally travelling in the realms of the books if they can’t do so physically.

1. Adventurous


With Jupiter in the ninth house people who are born under this sign love to travel and are adventurous and love their freedom, as is expected from a fire sign like Sagittarius. If their freedom is taken away from them, they definitely are not going to like it. They love travelling to new and exotic places and would never miss an opportunity to visit a new place. They love risk-taking and it is their idea of fun. They like to keep their lives exciting. They are curious about everything around them. Sagittarians are known to excel in sports. They are more Sagittarian Olympic champions than any other sign.


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