10 Ways a Dad Wants His Daughter to Grow up

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A father is his daughter’s first super hero and her best ever friend for life. He is a man who is demanding yet too caring, harsh at times yet incredibly  sweet and of course to his daughter he is the best ever person existing on earth. These maybe a few feelings a daughter has for her dad but, what is running in a father’s mind when it comes to his daughter? The answer to this question is what every daughter must know. These answers are not so easily available when you ask your father but when you just try observing him in taking decisions that is related to his daughter and her life, he is one angry, arrogant man who wants to give the best to ‘his life’!

It’s not an easy task growing up a child ,especially a girl child in this cruel world filled with what I would term as ‘Nonsense’. A daughter, as she grows up day by day increases the responsibility upon her parents step by step. This responsibility is definitely more on the father because he has a higher exposure to the society and  the surroundings. And if you are a girl child and reading this, you would have had this observation we  so commonly see that if there is something that your father doesn’t like in you, it first goes to your mum and she tells it to you. This meaning,  your father makes sure that even the most sensitive issues that maybe the dressing sense, mistakes you do in a crowd, your hair style etc etc are well communicated to you through your mother to make sure you are perfect in all aspects. These are few things which every girl child must know is definitely running in her dad’s mind!

10. Independent.


The best and the most’ in need’ aspect a father teaches his daughter is to stand independent. He makes it sure that we stop comparing ourselves to others and live our lives with what we want and what we have. He feels it so great when he sees his daughter correcting herself on her mistakes and taking her decisions when it’s time from her to actually be independent. As parents grow older, they automatically become more dependent but a dad never wants this to happen, especially not on his daughter because he never wants her life being troubled!

9.As a responsible mother.

responsible mother

She should be a role model for her children for their growth and success. When it’s the time for her to stand by herself, all he can see in her is what she can give her children. It is definitely what we get from our parents is what we give our children. When dad corrects us comparing us to our mum on our mistakes it’s so obvious that we tend to get angry but we somewhere fail to realize that he is seeing our future when we have our own family to live with. Of course he is right!

8.Accept the failure.


When you walk up to your father  asking for suggestions for your next step he will definitely ask what happened to your previous one. He does not want you to leave anything undone. He wants you to accept your previous failure first, work on it and improve yourself and then move on to the next because that is where he feels you can correct yourself. He guides you when he tells making a mistake is easy but accepting it is difficult for which you need courage.

7. Act strongly to overcome failure.

overcome failure

Failure is a small part of all our lives that teaches us lessons to proceed to next. When there is this failure in our path the first person we would feel like going to is our father. You know that he can guide you because no one else can understand you better than your father. He is very sure that you would walk up to him and he keeps himself prepared for it. Don’t let him down for any sake!

6. To see success in all her endeavors.


Dedicated efforts in achieving desired success is what a father feels is the most important thing his daughter has to inculcate in herself. She has to stand ahead of others and choose for herself the right path. This is not an in built character but is what a father stands by his daughter in her hard times and shows her how to grab opportunities and lead to success.

5. To possess a strong all around growth.


 Growth of personality, education, social responsibility, behavior, attitude, kindness, being together and liked by all is what is meant by all around growth. Growth is not enough just being physical increase in size but it has to be a growth of mind what a father expects. Not fighting for silly things, making a fuss out of silly issues, cribbing for unnecessary stuffs and acting according to our mind set are the few things that a father would want to eradicate from his child to make her feel strong to face this crooked world around her.


4. To achieve academic success .


Academics is a part and parcel of our life. When this is a part of our life it is true that the person who is so very much concerned about our life has a major portion to deal with it. The moment a baby is born, the second thing that the parents think about after naming the child being the first is; which school to put the child into for her good educational development. As a father, he would preferably think of putting his daughter into a girl’s school or a school that has all facilities for his daughter’s over all development and that caters the way in which he wants his child to come up. Growing older, he would want her to bring a good name to the family and most of all name in the society for herself.


3.Not hurt anyone!

not hurt anyone

A father wants to see his daughter as a grown up (not just physically though), most matured human who can understand fellow human beings and behave in a society in such a way not to hurt anyone. Maturity, here not speaking in medical aspects, is what every parents wants to see developing in their kids as they grow older. A father would want to see his daughter most matured and understanding because he is most worried about her future in taking decisions when he is no longer there standing next to her(maybe he feels she has a new life without him after she gets married which is definitely not in her point of view!). He wants to see her just too perfect being happy and making people all around her happy.

2. Attempt by support.


A father being so protective about his daughter wants her to keep him informed . He wants her to share all joys and sorrows(mainly reason for sadness). He doesn’t himself feel secure when his daughter hides anything from him. So every step she decides to take he would want her to attempt them by his support or if not his support at least to have him informed on what she is doing. Actually this is good for both the father and his daughter and growing up his daughter with this principle would make him feel secure.

1.Being happy throughout her life!


Contentment ,temperament, acceptance, positive approach are the four great thoughts of strong , long, healthy life. And this is the basis of leading a happy life. As a father, he wants  his daughter’s life to be content (getting every good thing his daughter wants), to have temperament (to just accept others talks and digest the unwanted), the art of acceptance (to accept happily everything that comes in life maybe good or bad) and the most important being positive approach to life. These bunch of things inculcated in his daughter is what a father feels makes his daughter’s life complete!

Be the best daughter to this man who lives his life, only for you!


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