10 Ways How one can Spend Spare Time

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Spending spare time effectively is as much as an art as is a habit. Most of us spend our spare time wasting our resources and doing stuff that leads to more tension (the thing that we wish to avoid in our spare time). Simple things, when practiced over a long time can give many fruitful results and can lead to a happier life. This list aims to note down some of the things that we do and some of the things we should do in our spare time. This list is by no means an exhaustive one and one may feel free to add or subtract stuff from this to suit ones needs.

 10. Watching Television


This is perhaps the most sought after resort of spending free time.  Everybody has done it and everybody continues to do it. Even after reading and studying and knowing a plethora of reports about the cons of Television watching (rather casual TV watching), one never seems to get enough of it. In this context it should be noted that I am not talking about the informative channels that are available on the TV like the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, and The History Channel etc.  But watching programs that neither adds to the value of an individual nor do they have any information content. Heck! Most of them aren’t real even. So even though the act of watching TV to spend spare time may be a sought after way, it is definitely not the most useful one. In this list we will see some of the other ways of spending spare time which have some inherent benefits and for which the cons weigh out the pros.


9. Listening to Music


This is the favorite of all, especially to teenagers. Now-a-days, it is very difficult to locate a young one without his or her headphones deeply parked in his or her ears. I mean it is always there. Whether they are working, playing, talking to a friend they have their music playing 24 X 7. Music soothes the soul and refreshes the mind. To a tired person, a tired mind, it has a calming effect and makes one feel better. Obviously one must be careful about the type of music he or she chooses. Wrong choice may again lead to agony.


 8. Thinking


Well most of us have had the experience of worrying too much during work. Well one thing that we can do is to write down our worrying points and reflect on them in our spare time.


7. Sleeping


Well this one needs no further explanation. If it does to you then well you have to ask yourself whether you were sleeping while growing up! (See what I did there!). In this weary world there is hardly any time for rest. Even the spare hours are spent at value addition by various people. Value addition by tasks as mentioned in this article like reading, writing, browsing the internet (fruitfully of course). In this context one must remember that proper rest and the right hours of sleep is paramount for success. So time has come that (and I thought no one would have to ever say this) we invest time in sleeping. If you think I sound crazy, well then you are just like me, but to big honchos and corporate magnates, the term “investing time” surely does catch their attention and make them listen.


6. Playing


As Swami Vivekananda once rightly said “It is better to play football than to read the Bhagwad Gita”. Playing outdoor games makes the blood circulate throughout the body. It keeps the body fit and healthy. It wards away all the diseases and it also serves as replenishment for the mind. It is fun too! Contrary to what all may believe, it is not meant only for kid. It is the perfect way of doing exercise. It is the perfect way to socialize. It is the perfect way to keep your mood right up to the mark. We may all think that we have left our playing days far behind. Well we could not be more wrong! It is never too late to start again. With the benefits it offers, it should be on everyone’s to-do list.


5. Browsing the internet


This can be both a friend and a foe. You see, that whenever a lot of information, mostly uncensored is made public, momentous things may happen. One can learn an art that one always wished to learn; one can learn a language, know about the world news and improve one’s technical skills. On the other hand it may also lead to several disasters: One can get into the trap of internet poachers, the problem of phishing is also prevalent, heck! One can even learn how to make a bomb! It is solely up to an individual to make fruitful use of this information highway. You know as they say: “Information is power”, well it is truer today in the age of internet.


4. Calling a friend


We all do this. We all call our near and dear ones over the telephone or over video call to get to know what is up with them. I am not referring to that. I am talking about the friends from school and college days! Those people with whom we haven’t kept contact for years. Try to find out their contact numbers through social networks and other media and call them up. Well most of them (not all), I can guarantee, will be pleasantly surprised. Even you yourself will be fascinated by and will begin to reflect on the path you have so seamlessly travelled in life till now. It will give you a break from your mundane life and also it will show you (sometimes rather rudely) what you have done with your life.

 3. Writing


We all have, one time or the other thought of writing. I mean to say we all have aspired that we would write: a blog, or an article, a report or a book. But this is one thing that most of us tend to procrastinate for one reason or the other. Somewhere between our mundane lives we get that spark of genius that hint of brilliance, that idea that we want to share with the whole wide world. Then we decide to write down that idea: well not now but sometime later. And then more or less it gets lost in the dark alleys of the memory or sometimes we deliberately push it aside because of our laziness or some other reason. Well time has come that we finally materialize those thoughts.


2. Reading


Ok this may seem dull at first but in my honest opinion the act of reading is perhaps the single most important way to spend ones spare time. It is important in the sense that it add to the value of the individual. But then again on second thoughts “important” might have been too massive a word. You can say that reading is perhaps the most useful way of spending ones spare time. Not only it acts an exercise for the brain (Hey, exercise is important) but also it takes the reader to all the realms of knowledge that in one way or the other will help later. There are really some very good books out there just waiting to be read. So why waste your time doing something meaningless? 


1. Walking and Cycling


You might think of things such as walking and cycling as work. And probably as a result you’ll argue that hey, if I’m walking and cycling, how come it is my spare time! Well let’s be honest, most of us (mainly who happen to live amidst the comforts of a city life) have not used a bi-cycle for long time. To be true to ourselves we have to admit that most of us have to ask this question: Come on, really, how many of us really put an effort in exercising? Well not much. SO here is an opportunity to make up on the scarce time you devote to exercising and loose some of that much hated fats from our lazy bodies.



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