10 Ways How Reading Books is Good for You

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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” George. R. R. Martin in his ‘Dance of Dragons’ gave us food for thought. Reading is a priceless experience. It is an adventure. A journey. Even in today’s techno savvy world reading remains one of the favourite hobbies of children and adults alike. Why? Here, let us discuss 10 ways of how reading is good for you. Happy reading, friends!

10. The perfect hobby you had been searching for!

Hobbies are not something that can sail you through an interview, but also something that is part of your life. You love spending time on your hobby; you love to pursue your hobby. Be it collecting stamps, tending a garden or writing stories, a person without a hobby would be rare to find. Reading is one of the most popular hobbies. Books allow us to forget ourselves and get lost in the world that it provides us. Why is reading accepted as a good hobby? This is because it has multiple advantages. First, reading is not an exercise that drains you off your energy; so even if you are too old to play cricket out in the field, enjoy reading a book! In fact reading fills you with energy! Again, reading makes long otherwise boring train journeys interesting and the metro rides quick. Go gift yourselves a book today, you deserve this hobby!

9. Free trips!

Next time your dad rejects your idea of making a vacation plan of going to Kerala, don’t sulk as you did the last May. Take a book, read through the pages, get lost in the beauty of it and enjoy free trips to lands you have never known or heard of. Reading takes you to those beautiful lands on the wings of imagination. Read Harry Potter and no person can make you stop believing that a place named Hogwarts does not exist! Read Life of Pi and lose yourselves in waves not only of the ocean but belief and happiness. Read Eat Pray Love and pay a visit to Rome and Bali, have mouth watering pizzas and gain a few kilos! Reading takes us away to travel miles across the world when you are actually lying down in your bed under covers with only a book in your hand.

8. Improve your language

Reading is the best possible way to improve our language skills. Once you start enjoy reading, you will come across new words, phrases and usages. Then you will begin your companionship with dictionaries, the best friend for a person who wishes to improve his vocabulary. As you grow familiar to all kinds of sentence structures and usages, the language will start coming to you at ease. Slowly words will be incorporated into your language and writing will become much easier and enjoyable. Have you noticed how children start learning new words after they start reading story books and comics? They are encouraged to read from early ages so that they develop a taste for reading and thereby enhance their language skills.

7. Concentration and memory

Yes. I’m not joking when I say reading a lot enhances your memory and concentration powers. Studies and reports support this claim! Reading is an activity that demands our complete attention. Since it is an active mental process, reading involves our brain unlike when we watch a movie in the T.V. Scientists have lately expressed grave concern over the low and even pathetic attention span that people have in today’s world. After all who can expect them to concentrate wholly on anything when they have thousands of things to worry about, if not at the office then at home? Hence the recent upsurge of meditation and yoga enthusiasts!  But listen all worrisome lots, reading is your medicine. Grab a book, start reading. Slowly, but steadily. You will win the race, take my word.

6. Best friends

Books are the best friends for life. They will be there with us when most of our so called friends leave our sides at times of despair. They stay with us, offering solace and showing us manifold ways of escaping this bleak world. They show us the lives of people who have gone through the same thorny paths and emerged successful. Books help us to strike acquaintance with other selves who think, act and react like us. Stories teach us alternatives and history demonstrates real incidents that have actually changed the course of events. They help us hang on to the end and induce strength that no other friend can possibly impart. So, make friends with a book today and start appreciating yours as well as other’s lives.

5. No Money worries!

With the advent of e-books and e-libraries, reading has become ever easier. No more long queues in front of the bookstore on the day the book you had been waiting for releases to grab that priceless copy-on-first-day. No need to spend thousands of rupees on two novels that you can’t stop yourselves buying from. There are local libraries and reading groups in almost every other locality today. They exchange books and discuss interesting works. Downloading books in pdf format or ePub format would make things easier. So unlike many other hobbies, reading has grown more popular with books becoming accessible and cheaper.

4. Stressed? Tensed?

Escape. This is something that most of us yearn for in this world where we are constantly being stared and surveilled upon. Stressed out, tired and fed up with ourselves and everyone around today’s youth will give up everything for an Escape. Attention fellow Angry Young Men and Women, let me give you the best time machine – books. Telegraph, in its issue of March 29, 2009 states thus – “it works better and faster than other methods to calm frazzled nerves such as listening to music, going for a walk or settling down with a cup of tea, research found”. What reading offers us is more than just a distraction. It allows us to forget every single worry that looms into oblivion and thus takes us into its fold. Reading has that magical power to reduce stress levels. So throw away those stress relieving pills that lie on your desk and buy a book instead. Say goodbye to your tensions and vexations.

3. Catch some Zs

Have troubles sleeping? Do you often bribe your pharmacist for those sleeping pills that you can’t live without? Here is something that might be of interest to you. Latest studies have shown that reading can actually help you have better and sounder sleep. A better sleep aid is rare to find. People often read themselves to sleep. Reading a book relieves you of all worries and tensions and induces sleep. Obviously, this does not apply to those books which deal with solving mysteries and Holmes or Agatha Christie novels that might make you sit up all night comfortably blanking out the fact that you were trying to sleep before you took up that book! People often find themselves lie awake till midnight trying hard to sleep and end up calling back the memories that you really hate to even think about. Take that book you have always loved, read it and slowly fall asleep. Goodnight, folks!

2. The Bounty of Knowledge

Keep all those talk about worries and tensions apart. Let’s talk about the most significant advantage of reading. It is the only way to acquire knowledge. When I say ‘the only way’, people might disagree. But I can vouch on the fact that no technology has managed to replace the knowledge that books provide one with. Books provide us with information and awareness which make us more intelligent. Examine the lives of all great leaders and successful personalities who have made a mark of their own in the globe. Reading and an unending passion for books might be a common element in all their lives. Mahatma Gandhi considered reading to be a part and parcel of his very existence. Pandit Nehru was a voracious reader. Knowledge, “the food for the soul”, is of great import and is invaluable. Reading which helps us gather knowledge is hence all the more important. R(ead)ock on people!

1. Creativity beckons you!

Not all people are creative. All those who are, owes it to reading a lot of books. Books give us that unparalleled and irreplaceable space of imagination to let loose our tied up mind and let our wildest thoughts and ideas bloom and reign free. Thus it enhances our creativity and helps us to think out of the box, which makes you different from others. You learn to be brave enough to experiment and taste reality. You have seen many lives and heard many stories. You know what life has to offer though you are not experienced enough in the conventional sense because you are still young! This new spirit helps you to stand apart not only in your job, career and friend circle, but in your very life itself. In short you grow as you read.


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