10 Ways how your Pets are Destructive

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Who doesn’t like having a pet? I, for instance, have pet many dogs, have got a fish tank of my own and even tried getting some white pigeons and I personally consider them to be a part of my family. Pets make excellent companions, are extremely cute and you can cuddle up with them whenever you feel down or sad. But pets can sometimes be a menace. Those who have pets know the pangs of having one. I mean you are lucky if your cuddly canine, favourite feline or precious parrot displays the most disciplined of all mannerisms. The furry cuteness is accompanied with loads of unmanaged excretion and urination along with a certain problem for your neighbours, a threat to your favourite party wear. Handling a pet requires a lot of patience and hard work and the animal has to be trained well otherwise it would end up being downright ferocious or extremely undisciplined. Here’s a light hearted look at the problems of having a furry buddy as a family member.

10. Fur Issues

Fur Issues

All pets shed fur. On the couch, on the bed, on the curtains; these are everywhere. And it’s especially a problem if you are allergic to furs. A friend of mine was fed up of his cat who constantly use to shed fur on his car’s foot mat. Cleaning these furs can be a serious head ache. They stick to the surface like a Velcro. And even if you manage to get them out with some vacuum cleaner or brush, they jam the machine. Furs are definitely on this list.

09. Biting


Now if you own a dog, you might be familiar with this one. Anyone who’s new to the house is definitely attacked by the intimidating teeth of your barking buddy. You need to chain the dog, sometimes even beat it just to prevent it from biting someone. This is not just the case with dogs. Cats, hamster and parrots show this behaviour too. Take the chain off and the dragon is unleashed.

08. Clawing

Doggie Paws

Animals have claws and they know how to use them. And while the furniture suffers generally, it is the flesh that is also often subjected to the skinning process. Pets get excited when they see you and leap out of corners on you. Though this is not intentional but the pain at times is excruciating and often annoying. So you need to learn the animal’s behaviour and train him properly so that his claws are not agonizing for you. Treat him with love and affection and give him lots of attention and games to prevent the damage to both, the furniture as well as the user.

07. Newspaper Pieces

Newspaper Pieces

The process for growing is generally similar for both humans and animals. Pets, while growing teeth and claws often tend to take the irritation out on the first thing they find. And what is the first thing find? Newspapers and magazines! These are torn apart, into pieces and flung all over the house creating a complete mess often very irritating to clean up. I once lent a pen drive to a friend of mine who also owned a dog. My friend, being a careless fellow, left the pen drive on the table in the open which was then the subject of teething, biting, breaking and ultimately it stopped working.


06. Salivation


Imagine this; you are home after a long, hard day and you are welcomed by your dog who licks your face, your feet, pretty much your whole body. This seems cute, right? Of course it is but your dog’s or any of your pets’ saliva anywhere apart from your body would definitely seem gross. “Spitting is prohibited”. You find this sign in streets and parks often. Of course, saliva wouldn’t be very welcome even if it is a sign of affection. So salivating pets is a really big menace.

05. Mud and Other Dirty Things They Bring In

Mud and Other Dirty Things They Bring In

Animals like to play out in the rain, in puddles, roll about in the mud, jump across hedges, and all those things that seem cute. Cute only when kept outside. But mud and soil are something you wouldn’t welcome in your house. Cleaning up this mess is another tiresome job. A friend of mine left his very young dog alone in his house. When he returned, he found his lying in his bed, all drenched in mud and for the very reason that my friend did not take his dog out with him. So animals and dirt, bad combination.

04. Spilled Food

Spilled Food

Animals like to play with everything. Frisbees, balls, toys and sometimes even their food. Yes, food. They toss around their food bowls, spilling their food all around the house. Cats often bring in dead rats, pigeons or anything that they catch. You wouldn’t welcome dead animals in your house, would you? And sometimes if the food is not of their liking, they can hide it in places, unknown, which later manifests itself as a very strong stench. My cousin’s cat brought in a dead rat that it might have possibly killed and two days later, the whole house was in a total chaos.

03. Excreta Everywhere

Excreta Everywhere

Like small babies, pets too tend to leave their droppings anywhere and everywhere. And if left unattended, people may step on them as well, creating a bigger mess. My dog Romeo, a German shepherd, either excretes and urinates on the terrace or in the house. The smell of it is not very aesthetic and something that you wouldn’t like your house to smell of. The whole house stinks and you can smell from a considerable distance. Thus the pet, be it any animal, should be attended very properly when it comes to his leavings and droppings.

02. Lost Items

Lost Items

Imagine you are leaving for your college, school or work and you are trying to find something very important but even after spending joules of energy ferreting it out you aren’t able to find it. It is lying, somewhere underneath the bed or probably outside in the balcony out of the poor animal’s playful spirit. This is something you wouldn’t like. This is the act that would be least appreciated. His exuberance of life can only be matched by his ability to obtain human attention – hiding, stealing; these are some of the favourite past times. So instead of ignoring this habit of your animal, you must learn to channel it into other activities like bringing in the newspaper or letters and you must reward his quiet behaviour if you need time out. Otherwise lost items would be a pretty common in your house.

01. Torn Clothes


Who doesn’t love a well maintained wardrobe? Top brands as per priority and all expensive clothes lined up as to give a feeling of awe the very moment you open the door to your wardrobe. But our furry friends have a tendency to be playful, show their affection in the most lively manner and unknowingly spoiling your favourite clothes. Handbags, briefcase, clothes and shoes are often scent marked with “eau du chat” otherwise called  cat’s urine. The humans of the house go out and return only to find the bed sheets torn, towel worn off and clothes in the most degraded condition. Foot wears are often subjected to such destructive behaviour. Your favourite shoes are flung around in the house. So if you plan to pet an animal then either train him to behave well with clothes or precious items or get a pet which is not the skunk of the pet world.


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    August 13, 2013 5:48 am

    i once had a cat, not a pet one but some cat who’d come to me for food and stuff.. she once brought her newly born kitten to my place…:)))).. nice article..

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