10 Ways the World Might End

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The prophecies about the world coming to an obvious end might sound surreal to some, but there is more to it than just the Mayan calendar predictions. For years it has been a topic of speculation by many that our planet earth is approaching its end. As our planet approaches its destined fate, Listed here are some of the more practical and substantial ways in which the world might probably come to an end in the near future.



Everything comes to an end and our star, the core component of our solar family is no exception. It is believed to be true in few billion years that Sun will eventually begin to expand and grow hotter, way hotter than required by the life form to flourish in Earth. Resulting in melting of ice caps over the poles and consequently severe vaporization might eventuate. However this theory looks to be far-fetched in terms of human life expectancy and there are several other factors also which may obscure the claim of our planet. Nevertheless if any such cosmic catastrophe should occur, whichever life form exists at that contemporary environment will be wiped out, leaving our earth to be a lifeless entity in the universe.



The world is constantly evolving as a global village, people all over the world are interconnected and intertwined in such a way that if any epidemic outbreaks in one corner of the world it will spread like a wildfire over the rest. In-case deadly and mutant pathogens inadvertently escape or are intentionally released in the atmosphere, it will surely result in a global pandemic with devastating effects. Call it yet another disgraceful invention of human intelligence or the predictable ill fate of our species the application of medical science evolving Engineered deadly diseases are yet another calamitous threat which can be used as a weapon for mass destruction of mankind. This can be also referred to as the making of a man-made doomsday with an unthinkable tragic end to human civilization



Aliens have always been subjected to human dilemma and scrutiny as to their existence, from the very dawn of human perception, the possibility of having a life form other than our planet has haunted and daunted human life in various walks of life. The most horrific and terrifying reality of their presence is “Human abduction”. Alien or Extraterrestrial theorists, ubiquitously belief that Aliens sightings or in some cases abduction are just not only the mere signs of their life form colliding with ours. They are on a mission and one of the theories behind this is that they want to claim our planet and our ecosystem because for some unknown reason there ecosystem has failed and if they become successful then our life as we know could be obliterated.



Zombies are perhaps the most sought out human fantasy after ghosts and aliens, or is it so? One recent evidence which makes one wonder is the infamous “Miami Incident” where an African American chewed another man’s face, the local police had to gun him down. Later as the investigation progressed, the African American was identified to be under the influence of “Bath Salts”, which is a high end drug and is believed to be the cause of this alarming and horrifying act. If drugs or pathogens of such amplitude or some biological warhead having such destructive caliber, goes viral then possibly our society will stoop down to utmost darkness, perhaps the world could not be exhumed after that.



We are indeed lucky that our strong atmospheric overcoat protects planet earth almost on a regular basis from asteroids every now and then. One cannot contemplate the ghastly annihilation that would take place in-case gigantic asteroids come calling. With predictions and estimations about suicidal asteroids coming close to our planet elevating at such pace our planet cannot be all time lucky. Even while you are reading this article a deadly comet at lightning speed might be on its way to blow our planet out of its orbits.



Robots” or machines developed to help humans have captured a lot of fantasy and numerous books and movies have been made to this ideology. Since then humans have been captivated of this idea of creating human like robots using “Artificial Intelligence”. The only major drawback which could be drawn of humanoids working among us is the backfire of their existence to humans. It is often debated that artificial intelligence shouldn’t evolve to this purest form, primarily because humans as an entity are not perfect in many ways and if such imperfections reflects on robots it could pose a serious threat to mankind if “Robots” exhorts to control the world. In future if humans have to face the “Man Vs Machine “menace, the world as we know today could be oblivious to its coeval life forms.



Earth’s magnetic field is considered to be the protective shield from the Sun’s cosmic rays which if could penetrate to earth, could wreak havoc and the existence of life form wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to Earth’s magnetic field the effect of cosmic rays containing protons and gamma radiation is very benign. It is also inferred that earth’s magnetic field shifts or resets itself from time to time and the increase in recent atmospheric calamities could be a proof of that this shift has already started and in next few thousand years this event could complete its full course. Scientist speculate that, our ecosystem will have a profound impact such as sea creatures or birds will have no sense of direction and the compass will fail, thereby creating a worldwide chaos and panic which could lead to the extermination of life forms on the face of Earth.



Extensive Studies have suggested that volcanic eruptions can cause serious impacts and can cause devastation beyond the usual limits of dolorific mishaps, Earlier it was believed that it took thousands of years for a super volcano to explode but recent discoveries articulate the fact that when these exceptionally large magma pools form, they are ephemeral and cannot exist very long without erupting. There are many theories which accredit the extinction of dinosaurs to a massive volcanic eruption thousands of years back, so if it can happen with the dinosaurs it can undeniably happen with our human race any day!



Global  Warming One of the persistent issues hovering  our survival  on earth  With the ever increasing temperature and rising sea levels one of the major concerns to the human race and the World is the depleting ozone layer and the green house gases which has eventuated in infuriating the balance between the nature and its constituent elements .The greatest threat is that with the building temperature the polarized caps all around the world  will melt as a result there will be an gargantuan increase in the water surface levels which might lead to massive floods and multifarious waterborne diseases which would be difficult to steer and cope up with and can inferentially lead to the end of humankind . With such a disastrous rapidity of climatic changes it won’t be wrong to say that the end is near. The block buster movie “2012” could become reality and we can witness yet another “Ice Age”.



A nuclear war is perhaps the most plausible theory which will destroy human life as we have known on this planet. If ever a nuclear war takes place it can surely obliterate any country on which it is aimed at or the whole world for that instance. Albert Einstein had rightly said that “if there is ever a world war three then world war four will be fought with bows and arrows”. Such is the intensity and fierceness of using a nuclear weapon. Brutal outcomes and Destruction beyond imagination can be predicted only if the weapons are put in wrong hands. There are rising speculations about how a nuclear winter and a possible nuclear holocaust which will put an end to human life, the nuclear threat is as present as ever.


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