10 Ways to Deal with a Kid who puts up Show in Public

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Are you having grave problems with your child throwing a tantrum in public and making a public spectacle of you? Does your child not let you enjoy a movie in a theatre? Or is it impossible for you to shop with your kid around without getting embarrassed? We have the answers to all your dilemmas!

Different children are born with different behavioural patterns and end up with a disposition which reflects their surroundings. However, it is generally seen that kids who are less attended to are more likely to exhibit bouts of anger and adamancy in public. But relax people; there is nothing to worry about! Child psychologists claim it is normal for a kid to attract attention towards himself/herself in public. It is, infact, a common growing-up trait. We have a compiled a list of ten methods that may come in handy in preventing your child from putting up a show in public.

10. Scold them right there.

scold them
Although, for some people, it may sound a little too extreme to undertake in public domain, it can be really effective in many cases. It is imperative that the kid is obedient to their parents and all their demands should definitely not be entertained. A good scolding in public view may ensure that the kid would not dare to behave badly the next time you go out. However, there is an equal probability that the child would develop resistance to your chiding and continue with their demands. So, know your child well before you do this, or get ready for a tougher time!

9. Buy them goodies before they start to trouble you.

buy them goodies
You can act wise and substitute your kid’s demand for something which is easier to fetch and perhaps, practically possible. At their age, almost anything you buy them from the market would fascinate them for a time period long enough for you to do the required work. Many options are available; candies and lollipops work fantastically well for sugar-craving kids but most of them would want to settle for something better. So, do not hesitate in buying your kid a new toy if you care for your peace of mind. If you are in some shopping complex, leave your kid at one of those playing arenas; he/she would not miss you for a long time. However, don’t blame us if he/she is not ready to come out from the playing arena!

8. Deferred promises.

deferred promise
This may not be fully honest on your part but kids have to be treated in a roundabout way. If your child makes a show in public, craving for something, promise him/her to buy the thing at a later date. Make sure that you show immense interest in the thing he/she desires; this should make them believe that you will fulfill the want and the next moment you will have an obedient child infront of you. Occasionally, you should fulfill their wants and make them happy or else, you will branded as a bad parent by your child.

7. Ignore them.

Some children are so adamant in their ways that it is not easy to get around them. A child will only throw tantrums till the time you entertain them. So the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Give them a deaf ear and make them believe that you are not interested in their demands at all. This would make your kid agitated beyond control and he/she would definitely make a fuss about it for sometime. However, eventually he/she will have to stop when they see that no one is going to relent to his/her wishes.

6. Don’t take them out.

dont take them out
The best way to prevent a fuss from happening is to not let it begin. If you children fuss a lot in public, don’t take them out with you. It will let you do your work uninterruptedly. Employ a nanny for your child; he/she will get attached to the nanny and would have their share of fun and frolic at home. Parents can even consider buying their children a pet which should make them stay at home to play with it. It has been seen that children who have pets turn out to be more sensible and caring individuals too.
This point, in no sense, implies grounding your child at home.

 5. Obey their wishes.

obey their wishes
If none of your tactics works in preventing your kids from behaving badly in public and you are tired of it, accept their wishes with resignation and regain your mental calm. Although, obeying their wishes perpetually would turn them into obdurate and finicky kids, obeying them once in a while is important and may help to calm them down. Try this one, when all other methods fail and when you are actually irritated and cannot thin of any other measure to prevent your kid from making a show.

4. Distract them.

distract them
Distracting a child is almost child’s play! Children have a very short attention span and can be distracted with some other thing quite easily. If you sense, that your child is about to make a scene, distract him/her with something else! For instance, set a game on your phone for your child and give it to him/her. The child will be kept busy for a long time, solving your problem and keeping him happy at the same time.

3. Give them more attention.

Parents Reading to Laughing Boy
It is a verified hypothesis that most of the kids who make a scene in public are wanting in attention at home. It is imperative that busy parents give enough time to their kids, atleast enough for their normal growth of temperament. Unattended kids often seek for attention wherever they find it possible. A little effort on the part of parents to spend more time with their kid would not only make the kid stop his histrionics in public but foster better growth.

2. Threaten to tell his/her teacher.

threaten to tell teacher
This seems to be an age-old method but is works like a magic potion. A kid, no matter how loving a teacher is, will always be mortally afraid of him/her. So try threatening your kid about complaining to his/her teacher and Kaboom! Your kid will be at the best possible behaviour. It is more than important for a kid to maintain his good image before the teacher and he would never want the teacher to learn about his/her bad behaviour in public. However, you should save this teacher-card for occasions when it is most needed, or you may render it useless by using this threat perpetually.

1. Make a Bargain.

make a bargain
Try to set a bargain with your kid. This will serve a dual purpose; it will not only get your child to behave properly in public but also make them do things you want but are unable to. It is definitely difficult to reason with your kid but if you pass that stage, you are set! The reward for them stopping their public show would serve as an incentive to follow your orders at home. So next time when your kids puts up a show in public, do fulfill their demand but make sure that they also finish their bowl of porridge!

Childhood is undoubtedly the best phase in a person’s life. A child is therefore entitled to his/her share of fussiness at that age. however, it is upto the parents to make sure that it does not get out of hand, that is, some balance has to be set. As such, it is not right to check your child every time he/she makes a scene, but just make sure it does not become a habit. It is not advisable to use radical methods to calm down your kid in public; it would agitate him/her further. On the other hand, a roundabout approach should be used, a way where you get your peace of mind but at the same time your kid remains happy.



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