10 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

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Think of it this way: You won’t have to justify being a couch potato, detesting the outdoors and indulging in a lazy activity that would be frowned upon otherwise. If today is a rainy day and you have no idea what to do: you’re in luck.

The rainy day could be your ticket, your excuse to engage in the relaxation you’ve craved for for a long time. Do not let the gloomy weather be your weakness; let it be your opportunity to make the most of your lazy day.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy a rainy day:

10) Go on a drive 

For people that are itching to get out and experience nature at its finest, most green self without actually having to fear catching a cold, getting a puddle splashed on your face or getting your foot attached by a leech, driving a car is going to help you gather your thoughts.

You know how philosophical you get when you’re showering? There’s something therapeutic that occurs when the human body and water come in contact: it refreshes the mind.

Add-on: A steaming cup of coffee in the cup holder and slow music when you’re driving.

9) Make paper boats and race them down a puddle with your friends!

Relive your childhood with your friends and take a walk down the memory lane by making origami paper boats. For people like myself that have always been terrible at origami, come as close as you can to making a paper boat (it might come out looking like a paper blob) and race your boat-like object down.

Get ready for some serious laughs and splashing around the rain.

Add-on: Get your water guns out and have an amateur Holi game while you’re at it!

8) Bake brownies

Hot, chocolatey, gooey brownies straight out from the oven are sure to make anybody’s rainy evening better. Especially when they’re baked by somebody that has more experience than I do, anyway.

Add-on: Nothing a cup of hot cocoa couldn’t do to make that even more perfect. You, cocoas and brownies under a blanket watching the rain. Hello, the good life.

7) Take that long jacuzzi bath you’ve always wanted

Or just a regular bathtub dip. With super warm water. And bubbles. And maybe take a nap in there-you have nowhere to go.

Add-on: Get your partner in on it and rekindle that romantic flame by adding scented candles to the mix. No more tips on how the night following that goes for you.

6) Make a scrapbook

How about you get creative and reminisce all at the same time? Print out those pictures from Facebook you’ve always want framed and make a gigantic collage instead with precious moments you can caption. Sure, there’s the caption facility on Facebook but there’s just a little something to good ol’ old cutting and pasting with your own hands and not MS Word.

Add-on: Create a timeline of pictures all the way from when you were born to now. Rake out the baby pictures and feel the same emotion rushing back to you from your 7th birthday party when you were caked.

5) Get dressed up

You know if you’re the type that comes home late from work looking like a hot mess and don’t spend time dressing up every morning because you overslept that you need to remind yourself how attractive you are.

Clean out your closet and find some clothes you never really got to wear because you were skeptical of how you would look or you didn’t get the time. Get out the makeup (if you’re a girl; if you aren’t, then no judgment either) and get out your best shoes.

Add-on: Upload it to Facebook/Instagram/MySpace and enjoy the compliments flowing in. You deserve the self-esteem boost.

4) Reconnect with family 

You’ve been putting this off for what? Daily calls from your boss and partying with your friends? Don’t forget your roots, don’t forget the people that gave you the life you currently are living.

They want to hear from you and you’re picking up your phone and dialing them right now to fill them in. And no, a Facebook message does not suffice.

Add-on: Tell them you love them. For Gods sake, don’t let this be an obligation.

3) Catch up on your favorite TV show

Because lets face it, logging onto your profile on Facebook leads you on for people’s statuses serving as Game of Thrones spoilers. Catch up and contribute to the comment space. Stay in the loop, stay connected!

Add-on: And maybe even catch up to the most recent episode and text the guy that always spoils it for you. Beat him to the spoiling game this time and see how he likes it. Revenge, best served cold. And on a rainy day.

2) Do yoga

Picture you connecting with your spiritual side and mixing exercise and relaxation.

Add-on: Buy a yoga mat so your knees don’t feel wobbly and incapable of functioning after you’re done.

1) Prep for tomorrow

This is for the control freaks who can’t live and enjoy the moment. Promise yourself a day of fun after you’re one getting ready for tomorrow: setting aside your work stuff and planning your breakfast, whatever it is that you need to get out of your system that’s preventing yourself from having fun that’s making your gloomy day even gloomier.

Add-on: And then go backwards in this list and do a little of everything from 1-9 because as a control freak, you deserve to let go some more and have more fun.



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