10 Ways to Enjoy the Next Electricity Blackout

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Pitch dark. Good friends around you. Good food and music. The bottled child in you is waiting to jump out. WOW! A blackout can actually be fun provided you stop cribbing about your pending work, tomorrow’s business meetings, due assignments, incomplete projects and step into your fun shoes and have some fun. No apprehensions. No worries. Just plain fun with the ones you love most. So, here come ten fun ways to enjoy a black out WITHOUT complaining and sulking.

10) Peek-a-boo:

10) pecca boo

For those who are phonetically impaired, in simple words its nothing else but the game of hide and seek. The one game we all grew up playing day in and day out. It’s never too late to have some fun, no matter how old you are or how tall or short, fat or thin you are. The game by itself can be super fun, add some good friends you haven’t met in a while to the mixture and it can be a winning combination for some quality fun time with your friends and family. It can also be a pleasant occasion to make some friends and get to know your already existing friends a little more. This can definitely be a fine way of spending your time (child style) rather than sitting in some dark corner grumbling!

9) Walking around without knocking stuff over:

9) walk around without knocking stuff over

As lame as it may sound, start playing the game and you will begin to enjoy it. When I talk about childish games, I take myself rather seriously! What are childish games without some falling, banging into things or people, some screaming and the occasional scrapping of your knees?  If you don’t belong to the category of people who are fussy or mentally or physically reserved, then I assure you this game will make you laugh, panic, and most definitely cry.

To add to the fun, try finding your friends in the dark or even reaching another room while being timed or even finding objects in the dark.

P.S this may cause some collateral damage, forgive yourself and the ones playing with you. (Remember, you are kids?)

8) The fine art of “scary” story telling:

8) scary story telling

The darkness can always play games with our minds, no matter how old we are. Add some creepy or even scary stories, a few scared friends, and some made up stories (or even real) of how you had your first encounter with a “oh so not so friendly someone” from another world. Automatically, you would see fear gripping the people around you and more stories coming out in the open. Then suddenly one of your friends’ complains about seeing someone near the window. Honestly, can things get better?

7) The Ouija board experience:

7) ouija board

This can also be considered a continuation of the previous point, only upgrading the fear quotient in you! Hold on to your fears and apprehensions then pull out the Ouija board, if you don’t have one make one, its fairly simple. Gather around your friends, sit around the board with candles lit all around you, some spooky music, and have the time of your life.

P.S don’t seriously get into the conjuring of spirits, keep it light hearted. If you do end up doing the real deal of conjuring spirits, the writer cannot be held responsible.

6) Watch horror movies:

6) watch horror movies

If the previous two points are too outgoing and daring for you, fear not! Horror movies are always round the corner (and so is fear). This is also provided if you do have a horror movie on your laptop and your laptop also has full charge.

Make some yummy popcorn, find some cozy place, and gather around your friends (or you can go solo with the whole experience, if you’re the real dare devil). Again the writer is not responsible for your scratches or any other injuries that may be caused in the process or even the sleepless nights that follow.

5) Laser tag:

5) lazer tag

If the above points are too much of a deal for you, you can always go the sober way of having fun and do this instead! All you have to do is randomly aim the laser beam at passer-by’s or even at your friends. Make sure you’re hiding first! This may spook, irritate, annoy or even anger them, but play along. Also be ready to run for your life just in case your target has figured where you’re hiding.

Remember: you are really jobless (you have no worries; you are just a little kid who wants to have some fun). This will automatically transform you into a ninja on a secret mission, with your powerful weapon being your laser beam. Imagine yourself a banker, teacher, student by day and a secret ninja (may be equivalent to iron man or superman, or even better) at night!

4) Have a get together:

4) get together

Too old to have some fun the childish way? No problem!

Call your near and dear ones you haven’t seen in a while and have a get together. Add some good music, food to the combination, and you will be wishing for more blackouts! Also don’t forget to NOT talk about how your work is going, or how your boss treats you. Remember that you can take this time to enjoy the simple things in life, like the rain, or just the wonderful friends and family you are gifted with. How often we forget everybody that surrounds us, and how easily we bury ourselves in the files and racks in our workplaces. This can be one such golden opportunity to redeem ourselves, and live the simple way, the happy way!

3) Play truth or dare:

People Playing Spin the Bottle

Have an old beer bottle round the corner? Great! Use it, to play truth or dare. Here the truths could be all the hidden secrets and confessions which haven’t been told in a while and the dare need not be mentioned. Here, you are free to make your own rules, and add a whole new meaning to the game of spin the bottle!

This can be considered one such moment where, you not only catch up with your friends, get to know what’s happening in their lives, but also restore the sense of belonging and togetherness, which we so conveniently forget in the midst of our busy lives.

2) candle light dinners:

2) candle light dinners

Ever wanted to spend some quality time with your loved one? Simply enjoy the weather, no buzzing televisions, no ringing phones, and no constant reminders of all the undone work… just the ones you love around you?

Then this can be one such opportunity for you to enjoy rather than whine about the blackout. This could be an ideal manner of spending time with the ones you care for and don’t generally find the time to do so. Some food music, the best of wine (and of course, the yummiest of food) and you are good to go on your personalized romantic date or even a simple yet special get together with your family.

1) Spend some time with family and loved ones:

1) spend time with family

All the points mentioned above speak about only one thing: spending those special moments with the ones you love and making those memories that will last you a lifetime. So, get busy charging your laptops, getting your laser beams out, downloading your favorite horror movies, and start praying for the next black out to be right about the corner. Not to forget, the tasty food and your personal collection of scary music, and also don’t forget to practice your own scary laughter. For once, forget all about your incomplete work, business proposals, stop complaining and simply enjoy some wonderful moments with the “people” who matter most and not the “things” you think matter most!

Have fun this blackout! Consider it to be a God sent gift for you to realize the worth of the ones around you and also giving you a much needed break from the daily routine.


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