10 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

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Life is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, it is a cake walk. Sometimes, you are deep in trouble. You must remember that come what may, life goes on. Those three words hold the key to everything in life. When our lives are troubled and tough, we feel like this is the end of the world and don’t wish to do anything but die. But stop right there! Dying is not a solution; it is only an aggravate your problems. You will leave behind a burden of problems for others to handle as you easily walk to your place of peace. There are a million other way to get through tough times. We bring you a few things you can do in order to get through tough times and live life more fully.

10. Eat


A lot of people say that eating during tough times is a habit of women. The fact is that food does in fact, help you de-stress. If you have favorite foods, desserts, appetizers and dishes or anything that not just fills your stomach but gives joy too, you must eat them right away. A happy and satisfied stomach will help you clear your mind and make sure you’re calmed down in some way. At times, people choose to eat the dry and stale and some give up on food altogether! Tough times affect your mind involuntarily but you can stop the effect on your stomach by making some efforts yourself.

9. Talk


Remember that time when you were really happy about something and you couldn’t help announcing it to the world or telling it to every person? The same things work when you are troubled. When you talk to people, discuss your issues and problems, you may not get solutions but you will feel that the burden on your shoulders is lighter. There is relief and a soothing sensation to have someone partake in your grief. Then who knows which one of your friends give you a brilliant to get out of tough times. All you need to do is speak out and you are already on your way to recovery.

8. Write


This is for the shy ones mostly but also for those who love to write. At times, the deepest of your fears and the most troublesome of times need a release in the form of poignant prose or poetry. Sometimes, just writing a paragraph about how you feel and what you feel can bring you closer to yourself. When you put these journals away and read them after a long long time, you realize your mistakes and understand the situation of that particular time even better, assessing yourself and eventually knowing and understanding yourself better in that process. If your journals are made public, you can help others from doing the same mistakes as you.

7. Meet people


Going outside or socializing may seem like the worst idea right now but there are few that can give you some peace. Meeting new people or even reconnecting with old ones can help you. Here, you don’t necessarily have to share your problems. Sometimes, a random conversation with a stranger can give you beautiful insights into life. A wonderful example of this is in the film English Vinglish (2012) where the Indian protagonist has a conversation with her French friend. Both speak in their own language, neither being able to understand the other but both feel unburdened after sharing their sorrows and even joys. Meeting a completely different and new person gives you a different perspective.

6. Play sports


Sometimes, being fixated with someone or something can lead to a sort of madness. It is important to distract yourself from the problem and be attracted towards something else. Do activities that will distract you. Play sports and give in to winning only. It will boost your confidence and for a while you will forget about everything and just focus on winning the game. When you have a couple of games and have mastered a particular sport, you will become more determined in life itself. This will enable you to make better decisions for yourself.

5. Read and/or watch


Since you’re so pre-occupied in your own troubled life, use reading or watching as a distraction. It’s not just a form of entertainment – good books, films and TV shows allow you to delve into other people’s lives. You know that these people are fictional and aren’t supposed to mean anything but for those hours when you’re watching them live on screen, you are transported in a different world altogether. You get to eavesdrop on personal conversations and form your judgments. You begin to like such characters and even relate to them. There is nothing like a good story to distract you from your own tough times. When you become involved and immersed in fiction, you get distracted and feel light.

4. Help/support groups


If you think your problems are getting out of hand and your near and dear ones aren’t able to cope up, get professional help. Often people are wary of seeking medical or legal help. In any case, if the professionals are the only ones who can help you, you must not delay. But if your problem can be solved with the help of a support group or anonymous help, you can go there too. It’s similar to meting meeting new people, albeit with similar problems. No better an opportunity of finding solutions!

3. Walk


A simple walk all by yourself can be more beneficial than you can think. Just listening to random sounds on the street, whistling leaves in a garden or just the sound of footsteps on an empty road can give your mind an energy boost. It is amazing how alone time or time spent with your inner voice can help you sort things out. You do hold the power to get out of tough times all on your own. All you need to do is find that inner peace. Once you go deep inside your own heart and give it a firm shake, you will have all the answers. Nothing is better than taking a walk in order to shake up that inner voice and peace.

2. Spend time with family


Family gives you that unconditional support that no one else will give. There is a list of everything your family can give you. Your mother will shower you with affection, care and love. Your father will pool in all his practical resources to help you wade through tough times. Your siblings will try everything to lighten up your mood. Your partner will provide you with a patient ear. Your children will teach you positivity and joy. These things will be there at different stages of life. If you are lucky, you will have all of it together. But family support, in any and every way, is crucial to have in tough times. You shouldn’t ignore it.

1. Take it head on


Your problem will come unannounced; the tough times that you’re facing make themselves comfortable very easily, making your life uncomfortable and cluttered. It is almost as if it is their duty to make life a bumpy ride for you. The catch lies here: it is your duty too to keep the discomfort at bay. Whatever the situation is, take it head on. Running away from the problem will not reduce the impact of the tough times but make it difficult to fight. It is best to take it face to face, strongly. You must keep a check of all your strengths and keep yourself close to those things or people which or who give you strength. Instead of letting your problems make your miserable, make your problems tremble with the powerful force of your will and inner peace. Remember, there are no tough times if you don’t recognize them or ignore them.


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