10 Ways to Keep your Eyes Problem Free

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Eyes help us to see the world around us. Without these windows to the world we will not be able to appreciate the beauty around us. It will become a difficult task to do our daily work if we won’t be able to see. Many of us just do not take any effort to take care of our eyes. Not only they help us to see the world around us but they also helps us to communicate with people. So if you are not taking care of them already you should start now. Here are the tips which will help you keep your eyes problem free.

10. Visit an optician

It is necessary to get your eyes checked in every 3 months. If you are feeling any problem in your eyes do not wait for it to become alright on its own it and visit an optician. If you have vision problems stop ignoring the fact that you need to visit an optician to get your problem checked. If you wear wrong spectacles it will further increase headache and deteriorate your eyes vision. Get your number checked regularly id you have spectacles or you wear lenses.

9. Don’t step out without sunglasses

Just as our skin needs protection against the harmful UV rays, in the similar way even your eyes need protection against them. Do not forget to wear your sunglasses while stepping out. Sunglasses will protect you from the sun rays and also protect your eyes from dirt. Wear category number 3 or 4 sunglasses as they provide maximum protection against the sun rays.

8. Eat right

It is important that we provide the necessary nutrients to keep our eyes healthy. Without any doubts, carrots improve your vision but then you cannot doubt the power of other veggies and foods. Green leafy vegetables, berries and cold water fishes are good for our eyes. These foods are rich in lutein which helps to protect our eyes from macular degeneration. One should also consume food rich in omega- 3 fat as they helps to reduce any inflammation in the vessels of our eyes.

7. Replace your lenses

People who wear lenses should be cautious with their lens cases and their lenses. Do not keep your lens case in humid environment or just don’t pop it in your pockets as humid environment gives rise to bacteria. Also change your lenses every 2-3 months.

6. Improve air quality at home and at office

If u are in a habit to stay in air condition room then think again because it may harm your eyes. Cool air is dry and hence it causes irritation in the eyes. Even in winters the air tends to be dryer and hence and u should keep a humidifier to protect your eyes from irritation. If you own a pet, make sure that you keep its hair off the places you sit or sleep. Keep your rooms clean as dirt may cause irritation and inflammation in eyes.

5. Take a break

If you love to play video game or chat sitting for long hours in front of the computer screen then take a break from this habit. Even if u have to work in front of computer whole day, then protect your vision by using the 20-20-20 rule. After looking at the screen for 20 minutes look away for 20 seconds at something 20 feet away which will prevent your eyes from straining. Do not sit too close to the computer screen maintain an arm’s length from the screen.

4. Caffeine is important-but not too much

If you have a habit of drinking tea or coffee then it’s a good news for you. if you will have caffeinated beverages daily twice a day will protect your eyes from getting dry as this helps to bring tears in your eyes which will keep them warm. But make sure you drink it just twice a day because drinking it more than that can cause further problem by depleting tear film which will make your eyes drier.

3. The idiot box is harmful

Yes! Television is just not depriving you from being imaginative, but long hours in front of it can affect your eyes heath. Who does not love to spend time sitting in front of TV and watching their favorite program? But it is important that we should not sit too close to the television. Sit at least 3 meters away from the television screen and do not spend too much time sitting in front of it. It is also important to blink your eyes frequently when we are watching TV.

2. Proper light is necessary

Excessive as well as poor light in the working environment can cause vision problems. We all know that if we work in an environment with poor light it can be harmful for our eyes, it just the same e case for too bright light. Use blinds when the sunlight is too bright and never use bright overhead lights.

1. Exercises for eyes

There are many exercises which help your eyes relax and keep our vision strong. Sit on a chair and rub your palms together until they get warm and cover your eyes with them. Ensure that light do not penetrate through your palm and now open your eyes while keeping them cover with your palm. Another exercise which you can do to improve your vision is to rotate your eye balls clockwise and anticlockwise for five times. Massage your eyes with your fingers daily for 2-3 minutes to avoid eye problems.



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