10 Ways to keep your House Theft Proof

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Man is a social animal and so all his life he invests in stuffs he cares for. He works whole-heatedly, earns the money, buys property, builds a house, stores his cash for his children’s education, does what is necessary and thus lives a happy life. However some men don’t choose this path and try stealing, abduction and build plunderers. It’s a shame for these men and also on your part if you can’t save your life’s heartiest possessions from these burglars. So here’s a list of the measures you can take to safeguard your home, property and loved ones. The method involved here is a 3- fold approach: Deter Detect and Delay. So do these and stay protected.




“Hey Harry can you keep a secret?” asked Ron. “Yeah sure” said his friend. “Know what Hermoine’s parents just bought her a 24- carat diamond necklace”.
Now Harry won’t go looking for Hermoine’s diamond necklace( not until it’s Voldemort’s Horcrux) but sure the evil spirits(Death Eaters) surrounding these guys and eavesdropping on them could take a chance. The lesson is don’t brag about your or someone else’s belongings to anyone else. Not only you let the information out but you also attract unwanted, malicious burglars to an awesome treat at your house. Stay cautious, keep a hush.




Ask for windows that have thin poly sheets within the glass. Not only they add to the decor and prevent the extra sunlight but also prevent the going by thieves from making an assessment, 99% of all burglars scan their target houses much before the actual burglary. Don’t keep sliding windows in bedrooms which are easy to break in. Have the stylish new ones and if you’re really into sliding windows have a proper iron barred grill system before the windows. DON’T adorn your drawing rooms with the exquisite Picassos and Davincis or a 16th century relic. Don’t be a show off, try precautions and be safe. Have a safe with multiple-locks for keeping jewelry items or cashes. Also try and keep your important exquisite possessions in a nationalized bank’s locker room. Not only it delocalizes your assets but also brings in more safety plus assurance.




Inform your security guard personnel when leaving the house/apartment even for short intervals walks or while going shopping. Inform the neighbors when leaving for a holiday. Ask your local security guard to get his license verified and attend his routine training classes. Get in touch with the guard’s agency before actually appointing one for your home. Remember a weak, inefficient or unregistered guard is as bad as a thief and may also be involved with the local hooligans which may then lead to an actual theft. Not only the neighbors shall cross-check, but would also water your plants if they are really good and thoughtful.




Always keep very firm architectural designs when making your own house. Tell the architect you need a house that is theft proof 100 %. For e.g. – keep your safe and locker stuff in a room located at the very center of a house, not accessible through any of the entrance doors.For doors in the basement and attic, verify that they are always locked and only opened when the need arises. For windows at first floor or above see that trees nearby are effectively trimmed to hide the vision inside. Also defer from having outside water/sewage pipes, which serve as excellent stairs for thieves. Let the pipes be shielded by a cemented protection which won’t provide a firm grip. For people living in flats and apartments ask for such construction features installed in your house.




Always have a single or few members stay back when going out for a party or a social gathering. Even if you can’t create the impression that someone’s always in. keep the lights/fans switch on. For the overcautious ones you can also have your TV/radios on. Tell your close family members living in the same town to drop by at frequent intervals when you’re not around. Better still ask them to drop by and sleep for the night. One can also have timers installed in the lights and TVs which shall turn off/on the TV at equal intervals. When leaving for out of station trips, check that your cars are aptly parked in the garages and thereafter closed. If you’re leaving the curtains open check what’s in sight. For e.g.- if your car keys are in plain sight all they need to do is Smash, Grab and Run with your car. Don’t be over smart, be reasonably smart.




Lights play a very important part in keeping thieves away. Its not just a coincidence that 65 % of thefts occur at night in absence of light. So check your front verandah/porch lights, your balcony lights and even your garage lights. Keep a timer system in your lights which shall have a proper utilization of electricity and won’t cause wastage. For the rich ones you can have a motion sensitive flood light at the main door. For common people living in apartments check that your emergency lights and torches are kept nearby in case a burglar comes in after cutting the mains supply. In the day time see that your front lawn bushes and trees don’t stop light from coming in. A dark, cut-off place is the least you want to have.




Around 27 % of all burglary crimes which occurred in the USA in the last year were caused by week or unlocked doors and windows. So keep your fundamentals strong and before sleeping check all your windows and main doors as well as the secondary doors or doors leading to your bedroom and safes/lockers. Have properly installed hinges; better still have metal laminated doors which are firmer and harder to break-in. Have a multiple lock system installed at the main entrance door(s). Have strong frames too and please don’t have wooden frames which can easily be sawed or cut. Peepholes are a must in every door. Also have dead bolt locks in your doors.



 disarming alarm system

Alarms are very essential for the overall safety of your house. And with latest technology at your fingertips you can really safeguard all your belongings if you are ready to shell out that extra money. With alarm system which not only raise alarm but also inform the nearest police station and sends SMS to you on your mobile phone, they provide a 100% protection to your house. Even simpler alarms are enough to deter most of the burglars, since nobody including the burglars want a scene to be created. For more protection you can also have cameras(CCTVs).




The best way of detection of a theft is to have a dog. Man’s best friend beats all odds when it comes to detecting hazards put in by a stranger at night. One doesn’t need the big, ferocious dogs for this purpose even a small dog shall meet the purpose. If you want you can get your dog trained and also let him know what and how to do the emergency tasks while having a burglary. But still be warned the good trained burglars come with the best possible ways of sedating a dog. a simple biscuit infested with drugs does the task. But still get your dog trained, it’s one of the most effective deterrent one can ever have.




Finally everything comes down to you and your activities. A small story related to man’s lethargic, pathetic nature goes this way. A thief breaks into a man’s house and starts stealing stuff. The wife realizes this and she wakes up his man who is fast asleep. The man indifferently replies-“Let him steal my TV first”, When the thief steals the TV and comes inside, he says- “Let him reach the safe first, then I shall catch him”. Apparently the thief steals everything and goes away with the loot and the man says-“Let him come the next time”. Funny as it may sound but the moral of this story is to stay alert. All these measures given here are just a waste if you don’t care for them and go on with your “I don’t give a damn” attitude. Stay protected and don’t be lazy. It’s better to stay cautious and do the needful rather than crying and procrastinating later. Wake up till it’s not too late.


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