10 Ways To Surprise a Loved One

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A father complains, his teenagers have no time for him, a wife complains her husband doesn’t pay attention to her, a mother complains, her children are too busy in their lives, a girlfriend complains, her guy is a workaholic,  grandparent complains, the grandchildren don’t visit them often. Every relationship in this world has its own share of complains and demands. It is not possible to pay heed to all of them every day, because all of us have an independent life,  things to do and  lifestyles to manage. But, relationships stand on little things. One little thing with major effects that we can do to keep a bond healthy is to devote some time thinking of, caring for and loving our dear ones. A brilliant idea to make someone’s day, whom we love with all our heart, but can’t be with always, is to surprise them. There are many ways we can surprise someone. Everyone is different, we know what will make our dears happy, so we can surprise them accordingly. Below are Ten Ways To Surprise A Loved One –

10. Stay together all day long

spend the whole day together

What can you give someone as the most special gift? It is time. Time is the most priceless thing to give. To make a person feel really special give him time. It shows you care. It shows, that person is significant in your life. Take out a day for them. Be free. Dedicate an entire day of your life to someone you love. Do things together. Spend some quality time. Talk over, go out together and get into activities that both of you can love and enjoy. And of course, do it spontaneously, without any prior hints, make it a surprise. Giving someone a whole day of your life is one of the loveliest ways to surprise.

9. Watch a movie together

watch a movie together

Movies are an amazing pass time. They entertain, and at the same time can teach a lot many lessons. To make someone’s day, a brilliant way is to watch a movie with them. Ofcourse, in this case we need to take care of the other person’s taste in movies. There are multiple benefits of watching a movie with someone; it lets you spend time together, entertainment gets better with a companion and you can always have your share of chit chats in between. Movie is a good option, if you can’t manage any outdoor surprise for whatever reason, though is not necessary to make it an indoor one. Watching a movie, with some homemade food and a bowl of popcorn is good way of surprising a family member, parents or siblings. To surprise a friend, one can go out to watch movies for some more fun. It can also be turned to a romantic date, if followed by dinner and long drive.

8.Handmade Mementos

handmade mementos

Effort is another priceless thing like time, that can be given to someone you love. Put in some efforts and make them a card, or collage, or scrapbook, or bag, stitch a dress, or make a painting or prepare any other self-made souvenir that they can keep along always. Not all of those whom we love can be with us always. But it is memories that stay and the emotions attached to them which binds us. They are invaluable. On festivals and occasions, we certainly buy gifts and make special efforts to gift our dear ones. While it becomes a lot more special to give someone, something, without any occasion. What we can buy and give is ofcourse valuable, but what we create on our own, contains our efforts, love, time and consideration for the other person, making it worthy of being cherished and loved forever.

7. Help them at work

help them at work

Another very good way is to surprise someone with lending a hand at work. Respect every work. No work is big or small. What a housewife does is as great as what a business man does. If your loved one’s work is to look after the house and kitchen, help them cook and clean the house. If a person is a busy businessman, or any professional, help them with work, type for them, help them arrange their files, prepare data with their help, or in any other way, be of use to them, in reducing their burden of work. The quantity is not essential here. If you surprise someone by trying to help them at work, it is only wonderful that you at-least attempt to understand their task, and put some efforts to assist them. What can be greater than a day when your mother wakes up in the morning and finds you in the kitchen making breakfast? Or your father wake up to see you ironing his clothes for office?

6. Go shopping together

In the shopping mall

Shopping is one of the best ways to kill boredom. It is also one of those things that make you happy. Join someone shopping. You may be a workaholic, your wife a homemaker. She goes shopping all alone, every time. Be it the groceries or her clothes, or the furniture. Try to join her someday and see how happy she will be. Help her choose what to buy?Heed her or buy a surprise gift on your spree and she will be touched. Your grandparents, who live in a small town on the outskirts of the city, and hardly go out anywhere, take them out for shopping someday. They will feel wonderful. Shopping brings smiles and this smile is stretched too big, if it comes as a surprise.

5. Plan a fun day out

plan a fun day out

Plan things, and surprise someone. Plan a picnic, hiking, swimming, boating or long drive etc. Mix fun and food, and surprise someone. Spend time together having fun, roaming around, playing, laughing, eating, and passing time. Plan everything yourself, and make another person’s day. It is a great way to make someone feel you value them, think of them and care.

4. Surprise visit

surprise visit

Visit your aging parents, who live all alone in your far- off hometown. Take a leave from work, don’t tell them, reach there early morning and ring the bell. It is the best way to surprise your parents who gave their life to you, but you are now so busy, that you can hardly meet them. Visit your long distance partner any day and surprise him/her. Drop- by to see an old friend suddenly someday. With this simple idea, there are so many people you can make happy. There are many relationships we share. But not all of them can be contacted every day. This communication gap often leads to distances. Try taking subtle steps and reduce these gaps. Little surprises often help this. Surprise visits are an amazing way for the same.

3. Buy them gifts

buy them gifts

Thinking of a surprise, the first thing that comes to mind is a gift. But it doesn’t needs to be materialistic always. Make a simple handmade card, or write a poem, bake a cake, or other similar things can also serve as beautiful gifts. Material gifts though are ofcourse good too. The whole purpose is to make someone’s day, by giving them a surprise. So, prepare something for them, or buy a gift that is actually of their taste. Gifting is a superb way to give a surprise to someone you cherish.

2. Do what they always wanted from you

do what they always wanted you to do

None of us are free of expectations, it is human nature. And the most expectations that we have are not from ourselves, but those we love. But it is not possible to live up to every expectation that people have from us. There are big and then those small expectations. Like girls naturally want to be pampered by their guys, mothers expect their daughters to be more involved in kitchen, friends expect to have fun and hang-out. We may not be able to serve any big expectations sometimes, but we surely can look after the small ones. Give a whole day caring and pampering your girl, participate in the kitchen for a day and dedicate a day to your best friend. Try doing these things for a day that they always expect from you and you can’t deliver them and give them an adorable surprise.

1. Cook for them

cook for them

Make a loved one happy with your culinary skills they need not be the likes of a master -chef, but it’s about the gesture. Let your food touch their taste buds and create magic. Use you cooking to make someone’s day. It is always a great way to impress. Food can’t be escaped. It is the most important thing. The world revolves around it. No one can miss it even a single day. So certainly you can delight someone’s day and really make them happy with satiating their palates. Call some other close ones too and brighten your surprise even more.


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