10 Ways you can Help People Suffering from Depression

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Depression is an acute state of mental unrest which is further aggravated by our uneven living and working conditions. A feeling of loneliness, sadness, emptiness, irritation, worthless, guilt and much more comes with depression.’Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being’. Everyone of us must have experienced this sort of feeling and we all know that it is really hard to get out of it. But of course we all just cannot stay with it , one has to throw this feeling out of their lives, only then they can live in a peaceful state of mind and thus carry on with their daily lives. Depression can come because of anything. Bad relationships, family problems, money matters, career issue  or any sort of social pressure can cause depression. A depressed person is not in a good state and can hardly think good for himself, in that case its the people around him who have to take an initiative to bring the victim from a depressed to a happy state. It is not easy to control a depressed person but it is always advised that a person should always deal in a calm and composite way. Here are some of the ways through which you can help your dear ones to come out of a depressed state of mind.




Depression is deadly but one can overcome it easily. All of us are well aware with books. Some of us love to read a lot while some do not. But books are indeed our best friends. An excellent book always has a salutary effect on the mind of a reader. It elevates spirit and thoughts. If you really want to help a depressed person then it becomes very important for you to indulge that person into something. And that something should be reading. Choose a good novel and try to coax that person to read at least for a minimum of ten minutes on a daily basis. There are a lot of variety of novels available in the market these days, try to get the most interesting fiction keeping in mind the taste of the person for whom you are purchasing. If that person is unable to read books then you should try to narrate so that the interest does not break.



Depression is not just limited to head but it also affects your whole body..Chinese Medicine has recognized the connection between mind and body for thousands of years.  Addressing both mind and body can create immediate changes for people who may have been struggling with some issues for years. Ayurveda is an ancient form of medication and treatment originated in India , that makes use of natural herbal medicines along with exercises and meditation to treat several diseases conditions. Modern day treatments for depression are not a permanent solution as they give temporary relief and further have many health disadvantages also. In that case Ayurveda provides a natural and effective way of treatment of depression  and also prevents re occurrences to a larger extent thus you can take your dear ones for a herbal massage as it would give them a sort of relaxation not only to the mind but also to the whole body.



Sunshine is one of the best remedy for patients of depression. Vitamin D is known for its ability to combat mood swings and depression. Our body naturally produces vitamin D, when our skin is exposed to the sun.’This is why some counselors prescribe sunlight lamps for depression patients who are allergic to sun rays or live in cold regions as it stimulates the same effect as going outside and standing under bright sunshine. 20-25 minutes of sunbath for a depressed person is always beneficial’. If you are not able to divert the mind of someone who is depressed then just try to take that person out of the house for a while in the afternoon or you can even take that person for a small walk during the sunrise or sunset as it would give a soothing view to the eyes as well as the mind.




When a person is not responding to his or her social surroundings then it is always advisable to consult a doctor. A doctor can understand the depressed person in a better way. Psychiatrist treats the person in a very friendly manner further making it more comfortable for the other person. Antidepressants and some sessions with a counselor is something which every doctor suggests as a counselor can understand the problems the person is going through in full depth meantime when the medicines are doing their work by providing complete rest. In case your dear ones are not able to sleep properly at night or due to some reason they are unable to overcome their stress then in such severe cases you should visit a psychiatrist so that he can take care of the person medically whereas the counselor will try to dig out the actual problem and may give the solution too.



Depressed people feel very lonely as they think that no one understands them or it seems to them as if everything has ended and there is nothing left in their life, everything seems hopeless to them and thus they further alienated themselves from everybody. In such a situation the best thing will be to indulge these people in some sort of activity so that instead of focusing on their depressed life they will pay attention somewhere else. Playing games like football ,badminton, tennis, basketball or even chess will be of great use. One can even go for small walks in evening to beautiful places like garden or any where else. The main motive should be to make the person happy by diverting his mind in different directions. So do not worry if someone is depressed you just have to treat that person as a small kid, take extra care in terms of health and make sure you never leave them alone. try to keep them engage in one or the other thing.



The word “exercise” stands for a wide range of activities that boost your activity level to help you feel better.’ When a person exercise, the body releases chemicals. These chemicals interact with the receptors in the brain that reduce the perception of pain’. Besides this it helps in reducing chemicals that worsen depression by increasing body temperature giving calming effects. Exercise is something which mas multiple benefits and if we humans do any sort of exercise for at least half hour a day on a daily basis we  will be able to defeat negative thoughts of our lives. Yoga, aerobics, running, etc… there are infinite ways to do exercise. If your near one is not showing interest in reading or anything else , in that case just try and force that person to do simple exercises, I know things will not work at once but just try multiple times at different intervals. And I am sure you will get success, just do not loose hope.



Depression is nothing but just a an illusion. Just imagine if there would have been no word like depression in dictionary, I am sure hardly anyone of us would ever be depressed. If a person is not well and the people around are treating in a very sympathetic manner , in that case the will power of the person slowly dies and the mind starts thinking that he or  is actually ill and thus becomes dependent on others for help. Depression is something which can be best handled on a personal level. All this does not mean that one should leave a depressed person but the idea is to make him realize hat there is nothing like depression in this beautiful world. So if you are concerned regarding the person do not let the concern come at your face , act as if everything is perfectly fine. by doing this you will give a positive enviroment to the depressed one and with this positivity it will become very easy for that person to defeat the depression.




Some research suggests that certain dietary guidelines can help people suffering from depression.” Providing the body the correct chemical tools it needs to heal the chemical imbalances that often cause depression”. nutrients like  folate, vitamin B 12, vitamin D, selenium, and Omega-3 are proven to lower the rates of depression. One should serve food rich in these nutrients to a depressed person. Even antioxidants are very beneficial for such people. Green tea, red wine, grapes vitamin c and many more things are highly rich in antioxidants. When someone is depressed the first and the main thing which gets effected the most is the health as that person do not feel like eating anything. So the main thing you should do if you want to help someone who is depressed is to take proper care of that person. Give lots of raw fruits and if he/she do not feel like eating you should yourself feed.



Meditation has evolved as one of the most efficacious antidote to this lethal scourge of depression. Meditation encompasses the activities that help relax our brain by keeping the stress inducing concerns at bay. Meditative techniques are bred on the potency of yoga and involves certain breathing exercises that regulate the flow of air within our biological systems maintaining a physiological equilibrium and ultimately the equanimity. I know it is not really easy for a depressed person to meditate but meditation is really important for them as due to stress their nervous cells gets effected a lot. If you want to indulge a person into meditation then you should try that early in the morning with lots of people, elderly people will be of help to you in terms of engaging a person into meditation.



A true friend is the best remedy for any sort of illness. The happiness which friendship brings in life cannot be explained. If a person is depressed one of the main reason behind it could be loneliness. When you are having nobody around you with whom you can chill, party, gossip, share your crazy secrets or major problems then it is for sure that you will be depressed. So the easiest way to help people suffering from depression is to be their friend so that they can talk freely to you and can share everything or whatever is disturbing them. After all a friend in need is a friend in deed.


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