10 Wedding Errand that will Spin your Mind

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Wedding is the most awaited and important event of life, everybody wants their wedding to be perfect. Despite the fact that the wedding takes 2 or 3 months to plan there are always some chores which are left for the last days. Planning a wedding isn’t an easy job, it includes hundreds of things, from the nail polish of the bride to the lunch for the DJ; everything is to be taken care off. Wedding itself lasts for a couple of hours but its planning can take several weeks. There are some wedding errands that can spin your mind completely, the top 10 are:

10. Playlist:

Preparing a playlist in normal days is easy because that playlist has no meaning. But the playlist which is supposed to be played at your wedding is special; you can’t let any DJ make it. The playlist should contain all the songs close to yours and your spouse’s heart, picking few songs out of hundreds is a very difficult job.

9. Honeymoon:

Every couple goes to a honeymoon after getting married, most couple leave immediately after the wedding or the next day. The couple is supposed to do all the packing in advance, keeping the passports and tickets somewhere within the reach so they won’t have to find the essentials at the last minute. With the rush going on during the wedding preparation, it becomes really hectic to do the preparation of the honeymoon.

8. Final payments:

During the wedding half of the payment is given before the wedding as the advance and the rest is given either during the wedding or after it. The caterers and hall management usually takes the whole payment in advance but other  people like the car driver, DJ, etc these people take half the payment during or after the wedding. Then there are the tips of the vendors, workers, etc. it become really difficult to keep track of the money during the wedding.

7. Bride’s makeover:

All the preparation of the wedding can be finalized days earlier expect for few, which include stuff like the pedicure & manicure, facial, getting the nails done etc. these things are to be done either on the day of the wedding or the day before it. The irony here is that it is not only the bride whose make over is pending but also all the over female guests staying.

6. Photography session:

Usually the wedding day is about the bride and the groom and they try to capture these moments by taking a lot of photos. Each close relative and family member is supposed to be in the photo so for that purpose a photo session is arranged where all the guests get their turn to take the picture with the couple. Arranging that photo session is one hell of a difficult job.

5. Menu / Food:

No matter how marvelous the venue is or how great the bride and groom look together, people won’t remember it for long. The things for which people come to weddings is food and if the food is not good then consider the wedding a disaster. While organization a wedding special heed should be paid to catering and the menu. The menu should not hold things which you like but the things which are liked by everyone.

4. Bride sitting:

On their wedding the bride and the groom wants to look perfect, especially the bride. The brides want everything to be perfect, the perfect shade of nail polish, the perfect lipstick, it does not matter for how long the wedding was being planned because at the wedding day the bride will either not be satisfied with her hairstyle or with the eye liner.

3. The family members getting ready for wedding:

it is a very difficult job to make sure that all the family members get ready on time for the wedding, the father gets up to take a shower when everyone is about to leave and the mother is never able to put enough makeup on. There is your best friend who turns up the last at your wedding.

2. Guest list:

Preparing a guest list can be a really tough job, deciding whom to invite & whom to ignore, then sending out invitations to everyone, conforming from each guest weather they would be attending the wedding or not. If any of them cancels at the last moment then finding someone else to fill the space. Sometimes the people you love have some conflicts going on between them and it becomes quite difficult to gather them all under one roof.

1. Guests staying at home:

If there is a wedding then there are definitely going to be some guest coming over from different cities, among those guest are going to be your sister with her husband and kids, your brother with his wife and kids, your aunts and uncles, your close friends. Many of these guests are going to be staying at your place which would mean arranging food for all of them, cleaning the toilets after every few hours, freshening up the house. Handling all these guests will surely spin off your mind.


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