11 Super Hilarious Reasons to Resign

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A typical portrayal of resignation is when the “hate” for the job starts engulfing the “love” for it, but it is not so!People across the globe resign for all sorts of reasons- raising their professional standards, a family urgency that need to be addresses or even due to the dissatisfaction in working for the organization. Howsoever practical they may sound, they all seem gloomy too!

But quitting a job is not always supposed to end with a sorry statement and at a teary note! People can be so funny while citing their reasons to quit that their employer is left in wonder whether that was a prank or a hard fact !…and so, here are the 11 Super Hilarious Reasons to Resign. (Beware, these might tickle you into fits of laughter!)

11. I Can’t Get Up too Early

i cant get up early

Sometimes, getting up early becomes even more irritating than actually working in the office! People in the recent times have been kn own to have said that the reason they are quitting their job is that they HATE TO BE AN EARLY RISER. They wish to sleep till late and get up at their will, go to the office when they like and come back home without being pin-pointed for the coming late!

Unfortunately, this goes beyond the permitted flexibility of “work ethics” and thus, this is a common reason for those who wish to doze off in their beds rather than taking secret naps at work!


10. I Hate My Job

 i hate my job


There are times  when people may feel that they are over-qualified for the job they are being made to do. They feel that the job does not give them any form of satisfaction or the sense of dignity for which they joined the organization, in the first place!

The truth is they might actually hate to do the work they are being made to do not because they think they could do better but because they take pride in the illusion that the job is sub-standard and they are made for better and higher works! This factoid may lead into believing that they can not take it anymore  and they hate their job. So they quit !


9. My Boss is a Jerk

my boss is a jerk

Perhaps it takes a great deal of courage to admit it, but the fact remains that most people feel that they know more than their boss! This is a common yet BIG reason why people quit their jobs. They feel that their boss makes them nod at everything he wants them to agree to. Either the boss threatens to fire or the boss makes you pay for disagreeing with him in his own fancy ways.

Its a torture when you feel a jerk would lead you through and when you have to comply with “The Boss is Always Right” cliche.The suffocation ends with a resignation letter from a brave heart clearly stating that  he wishes to quit because his Boss is a JERK.


8. This Company Stinks!

 this company stinks

Believe it or not, this has come up several times as a reason why someone would wish to quit their job !

It is either  “the place smells bad, I cant stand it”, “The cafeteria is poor” or “I hate the color of my office walls” or, to cap it all, “I feel my office building is unattractive”. Funny as it may sound, but people resign because their dull office atmosphere makes them melancholy and mundane. There is nothing refreshing about the job if your workspace smells and there is no way you could work if you hate being inside the very building!


7. I Don’t Know What I am Doing

its a sub standard job


Most people, when they begin, do not know how their job relates to what they had been made to learn in schools or colleges before the day comes when eventually things start falling into place… unfortunately the day does not seem to come for all ! The numbers are on a rise of people complaining that they do not understand what they are being expected to do! They feel hopelessly bored with their work and feel the same for any work at every job! A few are even honest enough to admit that they feel like switching jobs every sex months to bring freshness into their routine!


6. Eye (I) Spy

eye I spy

As the instances of cheating and lying have crept into the modern busy lifestyles, people are getting lesser and lesser time to spend at home. This feeds suspicion in the minds of people who increasingly begin to spy on their partners. This spirals up to the extent that many have quit their jobs to be a full-time spy and uncover what their partner does while they are busy hacking brains in the office. Silly as it may seem, yet all is fair in Love and War !


5. Holiday Time

 holiday time


You may have cancelled a holiday for your job, but this generation dares to quit the job for Holiday Time!. “I cannot continue with my job because I have to go on a holiday” has increasingly been cited as a reason, or should we call it, an excuse to quit the job. The dull, tiring days in a row leave the mind and body tattered.

Rejuvenation could come from a break, a long break and a dream holiday. Adventure sports for those who would love to, have gained so much popularity over the years that recently, a youth working in a Bank said, “I am resigning because I desperately need to go for mountaineering, at least climbing a mountain will give me some sense of achievement!”


4. Money Matters

money matters

Imagine your Boss comes to congratulate you for a promotion and loads you with more work, would you ever dare to look him in the eye and say you don’t care because you were only working for the money?

Well, honestly there have been cases where people have coolly walked up to their boss and handed him resignation letters stating that “I am quitting because I was only working for the money, which does not seem to be pouring in, in the way I had expected  it to, so Goodbye!”

Though its not a recommended way to quit (however true it might be) yet few lucky ones who tried got an instant offer of raise in salary!


3. Office Politics

office politics

Men may Come and Men may Go, But POLITICS remains Forever ! Admit it or not, but workplace is a hub of thriving politics. The live drama always unfolds with suspense, accusations, back-biting, gossiping and conspiring !

Although some may enjoy the whole process and my love to be in control at some point of time, yet it may get to the nerves of those who hate get their hands ‘dirty’ in it. For them, Office politics arouses in them clear loathe for co-workers due to which they may decide to quit (only to realize that they may change jobs, but they can not change human nature!).


2. So UN-Fashionable !

so unfashionable

‘Workplace Attire’ may be directly synonymous with ‘Formal’ but this may prove to be a problem for those who wish to ostensibly dress up in the latest fashion trend and come to the office without being commented at! (Only praises, if you please!)

Fashion fever seems to have gone to the minds when people quit because their office wear is too formal and boring ! The troubles and complaints double when their idea of spicing up the attire with trendy clothing is entirely scrapped. Seems to be more of a ‘girl’ problem, yet it figures out as one of the BIG reasons why people want to quit working in their “UNCOOL” organizations!


1. My Astrologer Feels…

My Astrologer feels...

This one definitely deserves to be take into consideration because it concerns not just matters of the heart and mind, but also of fate and destiny! It might be a laughing matter to those who flinch from the sound of the word ‘Astrologer’ yet for those who believe in signs and whims, the word of the astrologer is the Warning of the Destiny and Will of the God!

As a matter of fact, for those who believe, astrological signs going against a particular work might raise a psychological alarm and lead the die-hard believer into quitting the job!

The above mentioned reasons are a true reflection of the beliefs and wishes of the society. Hilarious though they are, nevertheless, the reasons for quitting a job project that the times have changed; what people seek in a job is not just Work but Satisfaction.Believe it or not, strange are the ways of the World, and so are we Earthlings!


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