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office zombie

Top 10 Best Zombie Costume Ideas

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Are you fascinated with zombies? Those weird dead beings that lurk for human blood. Zombies are basically corpses who are dead but have got just one part of their brain alive, the part which is associated with hunger, the hunger for blood. They can’t think anything, are too slow while…

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10 Countries in the World that have No Military

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The military is a government funded organization that consists of primarily the Navy, Army and Air-force. The role of this group is to ensure national security of the country from perceived or actual internal or external threats. They are also a vital part of establishing control. This is however technically…

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Top 10 World’s Fastest Cars 2013

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The Need for Speed has been a bait for all the sports car manufacturer in the world. The reigning beauty is Bugatti Veyron although many new releases are in the pipeline which claims to swish past it. Volkswagen owned Tran star is targeting 500 km/h with its Dagger GT roadster…

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Top 10 Best PC Media Players 2013


A media player was earlier a term denoted to any computer software that played multimedia files but with the advent of portable device it has even come to encompass the wide variety of android and other open source media players. The media files generally include Audio and Video files with…

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top 10 energy drinks

Top 10 Healthy Energy Drinks


Feeling tired? Don’t feel like working? Many people get exhausted soon after continuous exercise of working or studying. They are in no mood of working anymore but the reason behind it is that they are left with no more energy within them. So keeping in mind, there have been lots…

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Aileen Wuornos

Top 10 Female Serial Killers List


Many people genuinely believe that women cannot commit crimes which are as violent and heinous as some committed by their male counterparts, because of all that females are natural nurturers bullshit theory. Women are capable of being violent, vicious and cruel. There were several female Nazi officers involved in torturing…

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