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Use the proper charts

Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint


Do you want to know how Wikipedia defines Microsoft PowerPoint? It is a proprietary commercial program developed by Microsoft. Definitely we can say that usage of PowerPoint cannot be limited within this definition. PowerPoint is the software used to create or form slide shows in a meeting held at business…

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Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Twitter

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Twitter is one amazing micro-blogging site that lets you connect with the people you love and worship. Yes, you can connect directly with your favorite celebrities whom you adore! Celebrities on twitter have something known as a verified account, which is indicated by a prominent blue tick mark alongside their…

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Top 10 Best Colleges of Delhi University 2013

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With college admissions around the corner and most of the students keen on seeking admission in Delhi University, we make an attempt to list the top colleges of Delhi University. Just check it out: 10. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies The college was established as ‘College of Business Studies’…

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Top 10 Most Painful Diseases


A diseased existence is worse than non-existence. It’d be highly unjustified to rate diseases as every suffering is impalpable by anyone other than the sufferer himself. The researchers devised scales to actually rate the amount of pain one suffers from and it’s solely on that basis that we have come…

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Top 10 America’s Allies 2013


Ever since America became the world’s major superpower it has emphasized a lot in making allies. In order to prove its dominance in the world, it needs the help of the allies who can be trusted to stand by them. Having a good relationship with so many nations has given…

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intro wedding

Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings Ever

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Worldwide for majority of people wedding is a time to celebrate the happiness and joy of togetherness. We share these moments with close family, relatives and friends. It is not only a memorable occasion for the couple but also for the close ones. Rich businessmen and the royals have gone…

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10 things Women Absolutely Love to Have


Women are a question mark to a lot of men. Men never understood what a woman actually wants. This is may be because women do not express their desires openly. They simply expect their partner to understand them and their wishes. But I think, some men do not have any…

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if she's worthy, never quit!

10 Ways to Deal with Sulking Girlfriend


Sulking for long hours, silent treatments by your partner, the irrational mood swings, the “poor me” behavior and throwing adult tantrums are completely natural responses which are often confused with immaturity. Especially when it comes to girls – your girlfriends are naturally susceptible to sulking, not because they are immature…

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