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1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Top 10 Child Prodigies

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Some children show astounding intelligence and remarkable skill in a field at a very tender age and prove themselves superior even to adults. These child prodigies are gifted and have achieved things impossible to others their age. Their talent and intellect is so humbling. It was very difficult to come…

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Asians are mathematics brainpans

Top 10 Common Asian Stereotypes


Stereotypes are the beliefs and thoughts about a particular group of people , which may be factious or fictional. There are a lot of stereotypical views about Asian people . Here are a few most common as well as popular Asian stereotypes. 10.¬†Asian males are Chauvinistic Asian males are stereotyped…

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Top 10 Beautiful yet very Deadly Things


Over the years of evolution, nature has witnessed the nexus and extinction of many of its own creations. Some pretty, some not very beautiful and some are simply dangerous. However there is a class which includes the beautiful yet deadly beings. They can be animals, carnivorous plants, simple plants and…

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