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Top 10 Rainiest Places on Earth

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Rains!  Every person has an exclusive relation with rains. Some love them, some hate them. More than half of us have a love-hate relation with Rains. Boys can call for a crazy football game during rains and for girls it might just be another excuse to buy florid or jazzy Umbrellas…

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Top 10 India’s Most Haunted Places


Ghosts, spirits, djinns and other paranormal entities while some believe in them others rubbishes them as something that science hasn’t proven yet. But there are places which offers an eerie experience that definitely reinstate our belief in such things. Listed below are some of the haunted places in India. 10)…

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10 Traits of a Sagittarius Person

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Many cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Mayans believe in astrological prediction which is the study of the influence of cosmic bodies like planets and stars, on human lives. Many believe that it is possible to predict terrestrial happenings on the basis of cosmic movements.There are 12 sun signs according to…

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Spare Time

10 Ways How one can Spend Spare Time

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Spending spare time effectively is as much as an art as is a habit. Most of us spend our spare time wasting our resources and doing stuff that leads to more tension (the thing that we wish to avoid in our spare time). Simple things, when practiced over a long…

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

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Speed thrills but it kills. Vehicular accidents see a rise every year. Every year in India, majority of transportation accidents go in the kitty of Road Accidents. The world has numerous twisted, thrilling and enigmatic roads with have tempted many  to explore them. This list throws light on one of…

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10 reasons to marry a Chef

10 Reasons to Marry a Chef


Marriage is a great experience, an exhilarating one. It takes you through the highs and lows of life. Now being married to a working man, let’s day a regular Joe or a blue collar is a wonderful experience but if you’re married to a person who is in a different…

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