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10 Reasons to be an Atheist


People have several beliefs and notions and most of these are embedded in their mind with the course of time by constant interaction with the social surroundings. Among the various kinds of belief, the one is the belief in God. The concept of religion is rooted deep into the beliefs…

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Top 10 Best Cricket Umpires of all Time

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The Decision Review System (DRS) has been the hot topic of late in international cricket. The prospect of keeping in place adequate technology to correct umpiring verdicts from time to time. But let’s not take everything from the umpire shall we? Cricket has given birth to some prolific umpires’ overtime….

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Top 10 Multi-talented Actors and Actresses


Most of us are always struck by how these accomplished actor and actresses are multi-talented and active in more than one area of creative expression. A billion dollar question would be how they realize their talents in multiple forms and areas of creative expression, and to help others more fully…

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