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Top 10 Most Emotional Movie Endings

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What makes us sad-break-ups, failed relationships, mishaps, loss of one’s dearies, movies? Movies are a great way of entertainment, watching the heroes fight for their lives, kicking some bad-rear people, fulfilling duties, enjoying a quiet rendezvous with his love and many more. Then why do some movies leave the audience…

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10 Things we Can Learn from Children

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Childhood is unarguably the best part of one’s life. We always look back and smile at our childhood and ponder how we have grown up and changed over the years.  Childhood is the most beautiful of all seasons.  It is like the spring season in one’s life. The cradle is…

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2. Adolf Hitler

Top 10 Dictators in the World


All through history we can see power hungry leaders who have imposed their rule on fearful populations and committed great atrocities. The methods of dictatorship are ruthless and have caused the deaths of millions of people. To maintain their power dictators use violent and forceful actions. Dictators are driven by…

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