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Top 10 Must Watch Movies from the 90’s

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There is a peculiar nostalgia for 90s in the popular culture today, a nostalgia which is unlike anything our parents or their parents experienced. We are the potter generation; we are the crazy anime and manga lovers, we think it’s completely okay to ask someone you have just met “Did…

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happy woman

10 Tips to Feel Great all Day

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Life has its ups and downs. You can either work on the situation or your reaction. However, changing your reaction isn’t just about snapping out of the bleak mood that slowly engulfs you over a series of mismatches. Its about working on your overall style of “feeling good”. That may…

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read a book

Top 10 Books that Shaped History


Imagine a world free of books or any other type of manuscripts. And think of all those ignorant sapiens that are no less than our ancestor-the ape. We live in a world where although technology has surpassed the traditional form of learning but it will never be able to replace…

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oprah winfrey

Top 10 Famous Stories of ‘Rags-to-Riches’

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“Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” Who doesn’t want to be successful? While some inherit enormous wealth, others start ahead by being born into opportunity. But here we talk about people who created their own opportunities. These are the people who started with nothing and through hard work, talent, grit…

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dawood ibrahim

10 Most Wanted Criminals Alive


It is bizarre that we now have to create a top ten list for criminals. Our entire nation is filled with crimes and criminals all around. People get engaged in wrong ways for their greed and satisfaction. We have now lost counts on the number of criminals that are laundering…

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