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1. True Love

Top 10 Advantages of Getting Married


Most people are not aware of the advantages of marriage due to their weak perspective. But once you perceive the positive aspects of marriage then you will definitely change your pessimistic views about it. In fact marriage comes with many benefits and it will make a satisfactory difference in your…

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Top 10 Tips for New Parents

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Ask a couple who has children that what it was like to become a parent for the first time? What you will get is a mischievous smile which explains it all. Parenting is a life time transition. First-time parents are surprised to find that the addition of a one small…

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10 Awesome Foods To Battle Depression

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It’s the twenty first century and lifestyles are undergoing a massive change – changes in clothes, habits, customs, levels of physical activity and food habits can be seen everywhere. Fast food joints are mushrooming all over and unhealthy junk food seems to rule our lives. In such a scenario, it…

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World


Sports and games give us a sense of thrill and pleasure. But this had a different purpose altogether in the earlier times. Ever since the concept of sports have evolved, it has witnessed many transitions in the sense that during those times, games such as sword fighting and archery were…

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