All You Need To Know About Constipation

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Constipation basically refers to inability of emptying the large bowel. A person who faces difficulty in pooping less than three times a week is said to be having constipation. Constipation can occur due to many reasons such as when the stool passes slowly through the colon. The slower the food gets past the digestive tract the colon will tend to absorb more water as a result the feces will become very hard. Sometimes a certain kind of blockage in the large intestine can result in constipation. This can happen due to lack of water or fiber. But if the condition is severe then the person must seek professional help.


Constipation : Symptoms

If you come across below given symptoms then there might be chances that you are suffering from constipation. Let’s have a closer look at those symptoms:

  • Stool passing becomes a difficult process: If you feel any difficulty or discomfort while passing stool then there might be chances that you have constipation. Whenever you come across complications while stool passing then consider seeking professional help.
  • The amount of stool declines: If you feel that the amount of stool you usually pass has declined then there may be chances that it is happening due to constipation.
  • Dry stool: Incase your stool has become unusually dry and you feel difficulty passing it then it might be a sign of constipation.
  • Pain while pooping: If you feel pain while pooping and your whole stool release process has become a difficult task then you might consider seeking medical help.
  • Appetite loss: Appetite loss is another symptom of constipation. If you face constant appetite loss then it might be due to constipation.

If you come across any of the aforementioned symptoms then there might be chances that it is happening due to constipation. It is better to get medical help for a better understanding of it.


Constipation : Causes

There are various causes of constipation. Every individual has a different body type and they tend to experience different symptoms.

Below given are some commonly noticed constipation causes:

  • No physical activity: If a person does not indulge in any kind of physical activity then there are chances that he might suffer from constipation. Studies have found that a perfectly fit person who engages in various physical activities as part of their everyday process is less likely to experience constipation.
  • Low fiber diet: Having a low fiber diet can result in constipation. Fiber assists in regular bowel movement specifically when combined with adequate hydrating. Fruits, wholegrain, nuts, vegetables and lentils fall in the category of high fiber food. Meat, eggs, chips, cheese and white bread are included in low fiber food.
  • Certain medications: Certain medications can hamper your bowel movement and result in constipation. Pain relief medicines, antacids and iron supplements are some of the medicines that lead to constipation.


Constipation : Treatment

Bringing certain changes in your lifestyle, eating high fiber food, engaging in some good physical activity on regular basis and staying hydrated are some of steps to get rid of constipation. Keep a record of your bowel movement and if you feel the need to consult a doctor then do not wait unnecessarily and do it right away. Even there are certain hydrotherapies present which help you with constipation. They basically unblock the constipation, improve your digestion process and thoroughly detoxify.




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