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How to Get Tension Free Life: 10 Simple Tips

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Heart diseases, blood pressure, emotional imbalance, diabetes, mental disorders and many other health problems are an effect of constant tension. What goes on in your mind ultimately shows its results on your body. The brain is undoubtedly the most important organ of the body. This amazing organ controls every function…

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kids hate

Top 10 Things Children Absolutely Hate

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There’s no sight which will melt your heart more than that of a child smiling happily. Transformer toys, superhero figures, little monster trucks (yes, you’ll find them in a toy store) and other robust toys will make a little boy jump up and down wildly in utter joy. Give a…

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Top 10 Dangerous Ways Internet is Misused


The internet has been a blessing to humanity. It has made life easy and helped technology improve. We can’t imagine living without e-mails and video calls and not to forget Facebook! It’s really amazing how much we rely on Google to search information. School work, research, study material and what…

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