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Texas City Disaster, USA

Top 10 Worst Industrial Disasters in the World

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Natural disasters have claimed innumerable innocent human lives throughout history. There’s no escape from their unexpected waves of destruction. When it comes to Mother Nature, there is no way to escape her fury. But there still exists something equally terrifying. There is a unique terror about industrial disasters when our…

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10 Ways the British Rule Affected India


Whenever this topic shows itself in any debate, India is always condemned for giving a warm welcome to the British. People mostly air their view that if India had never agreed to trade with the foreigners, then we would have been economically very strong till now. It’s hard to argue…

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Top 10 Best Headphones Brands 2013


If we consider man as the best creation of God then undoubtedly, music is the best creation of man. Music is the universal language. Music has been portraying its presence since time immemorial. All the people in the world, including the most isolated tribes in every nook and corner of…

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