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Tristate tornado2

10 Most Dangerous Tornadoes in the World

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Day by day we, the Humans, are advancing in various fields. Technologies, we had discovered, makes our life simple. Despite of all these technological advancements we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Natural calamities like tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanic eruption etc . proves this statement. Tornado, also known as…

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Top 10 Most Active Volcanoes in the Worlds


“We, the humans, are at Mother Nature’s mercy” again proved by Volcanoes. In the initial years, they were thought to be the punishment of God for indulging in wrong doings. With today’s technology, we are able to understand that Volcanic eruption was the result of movement of tectonic plates present…

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Top 10 Big Stock Exchanges in the World

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Most of us always have a query about stock market. It will be: What is the need of issuing the shares for a company? Let us assume that you are running a jewelry shop in a metropolitan city. You have been running the business successfully for 10 years and now…

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Use the proper charts

Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint


Do you want to know how Wikipedia defines Microsoft PowerPoint? It is a proprietary commercial program developed by Microsoft. Definitely we can say that usage of PowerPoint cannot be limited within this definition. PowerPoint is the software used to create or form slide shows in a meeting held at business…

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Top 10 Cheapest Cars in the World

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Few decades before cars were considered to be one of the expensive assets. But today car market is expanding more rapidly especially in the South Asian countries. More and more people are able to buy a car, for most of them priorities when choosing a car are that it is…

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