Top 10 Best Gifts you can give your Family this Diwali

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The twinkling lights in the sky, the faint smell of the firecrackers, the Illuminated faces of the family members and the children all shouting and enjoying their time watching the sparks coming out from their firecracker, is what all Diwali is about. One cannot just spend the times of Diwali, without gifts or to be more specific without sharing the love. There is something about the air of this time, which makes you feel generous and wants you to get back to your home to make your family the happiest people on the planet. Now, gifting for Diwali every year can be a little bit tricky, because not every time can you gift the same thing to the same person. So here are some tips that might come handy.

10. The old, nutty situation

The old, nutty situation

I don’t know how many agree with me, but I am that person, who used to absolutely sit back at home and wait for my dad to come back from his office, just to see him bring those nicely wrapped boxes of dried fruits and nuts. It is more like a tradition in many cultures, to gift an assorted array of dried fruits and nuts during this time of the year. The most interesting part of the whole thing was the very fact that you would be left anticipating as to what you will discover below the wrappers. So tearing open, and at some times, carefully trying to open the really gorgeous wrappers, just to keep it as a token, was my favorite part and then there was surely, discovering the whole nutty situations. Pistachio, cashews, almonds, sometimes they were the salted ones and raisins are the very common things in this assorted box of delight.

9. Something something for the sweet tooth’s

Something something for the sweet tooth’s

See, we are all born a sweet tooth. The very first thing that a Hindu child tastes after they are born, is the sweet nectar of the honey and about the rest of the population of the children, the only thing that can convince us, after a bad day at home or school is chocolate or ice-cream. Although, some of us had to unfortunately leave the craving of this sweet delight, just to maintain the weight and keep the illnesses at bay, we still crave for just one bite from the sweets. So here is your chance to make things right, simply buy people sweets on Diwali, and make the poor starving souls happy for one day. They will never deny this opportunity of having the sweet. Also to add to this, gifting sweets is actually a tradition in such times.

8. Idols that bring luck

Idols that bring luck

It is a belief of many people that when you gift idols of Gods and Goddesses during the Diwali, you are actually wishing that person with all the good luck and wealth from the deepest corner of your heart. Now, you would always want that for your loved and dear ones, so here is another traditional idea, if you have not already gifted anything like this to your friends or family.

6. Well, who doesn’t like some ‘cha ching?’

who doesnt like

Money is something, whose importance, none of us can deny and so in such auspicious times, why not gift someone some cash just like that. See, it is not possible for someone to always think innovative and buy people things so unique at all times. So simply, go ahead, get a nice envelope, with those idols painted on them or the ones have a currency attached to it, just to make sure that you are out of the trouble of buying gifts for once at least. And believe me; this gift will be loved by all, no doubt about that.

5. Small tokens of appreciations and lots and lots of love

Small tokens of appreciations and lots and lots of love

These are for the bosses. Yes, although we have covered the money matters, and how it comes handy during these times, but for those hard working employees, when you give a bonus it just adds to their happiness. This is something that every boss must do, at least show some sort of appreciation for the poor employees who work day in and day out, and just to make your company maintain the status, which it is currently holding. Even, if you don’t want to give anything in the form of bonuses, well, you may always opt for another option. That is for instance, you are planning to give your employee a laptop for his use, for his office work or may be a mobile just for the office work, well, this is the time. Simply give them something, make them feel wanted. Because for those living away from their parents or family so to say, these are really a very hard time, so where is the harm in sharing some love?

4. Silver is what brings good luck

Silver is what brings good luck

Silver has always been considered as a token of good luck. So, I remember my mother buying silver coins and getting the idols of Ganesha and Laxmi inscribed on them just to make sure that the luck is always with us. Well, I don’t really want to comment on the luck part, but they were truly beautiful to look at. So, anything that is made of silver is something that you can gift your family.

3. Decorate the house, here is my gift

Decorate the house, here is my gift

What better to give someone, than something with which he/she can decorate the house? The most common things that are being gifted, that ranking the house decoration parts, are usually something related to light. For instance, some might combine their interest and gift someone a silver candle stand. So it is not only made of silver, which brings good luck as mentioned earlier but it can also be used as a home decorating object, and since Diwali is the time for lights, one may simply light a candle in it. So, these sorts of things come really handy.

2. Gadgets of some sort may be…

Gadgets of some sort may be

There are few things that you can gift someone at any point of time. And one of them is gadgets.  See mobiles are the best and the most ranked option to gift someone, but it may vary with someone’s need. For instance, let’s just consider that a guy needs a good shaving kit or a razor, buy him the automated one, and so on and so forth. With women, you may really experiment a lot, all you have to do is buy something that she needs and simply say that, “oh! Honey, I knew you needed this… so here it is”. Now you might be thinking that how on earth would one know what exactly a girl needs, so here is the trick, which I have been applying for a long time now. All you have to do is meet that girl a week or even a month earlier and ask random stuff and slip in the question as to what she needs the most for now. It works as a magic, to be honest, we girls know that why you are asking the question and hence we are very accurate with the answer, as to what we specifically need. So it not much of a hassle and is the best way to buy gifts for anyone as well.

1. Diamonds, come one, its good at all times…

Diamonds, come one, its good at all times

Diamonds are timeless, ageless and are always a better idea. See, even if it is a guy or a woman, diamonds make them feel special. It does not mean that you have to buy the guy a diamond ring or anything like that, but may be buy him a diamond studded cuff-links or something of that sort, that does not overpower their manliness, yet is classy. That is all they want. And as for women, even if you simply get her the stone, she will be jumping with joy. A diamond has its own power over the women mentality and it is really cool. This is surely not for the lovers, who are still in a dilemma as to marry the girl or not, but this is for the matured people, who have already tied the knot or for those family members who mean a lot to you.


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