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6. Drama

Top 10 Film Genres List

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If asked “What kind of movies do you like?” Some of the answers that can be expected are “I’m totally into romantic comedies”, “I enjoy action adventure a lot”, “I love courtroom drama”, “Horror movies give me creeps but I like them”, “Science fiction movies are so cool”, “It’s lot…

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movie comp

Top 10 Best Film Schools in the World

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“I think one of the privileges of being a filmmaker is the opportunity to remain a kind of perpetual student.” – Edward Zwick Millions of people dream for a bright career in the spectacular world of film industry. What could be better than to turn this dream into reality under…

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Top 10 TV Series we Wish Didn’t End

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Day by day the entertainment industry is becoming better and better in terms of scripts, direction, acting and composition and as is increasing the viewer’s love towards movies and TV shows. With new writers these TV shows are being made more creatively and with growing number of seasons they are increasingly…

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Top 10 Best Black Actors of all time


As the years have passed, the human race has split itself into many components; depending on cultures, traditions, customs and religions, humans have now formed thousands of separate nations. Despite so many foundation stone, the biggest difference that exists is of the color, which is having black skin or white…

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Top 10 Best Sports Related Movies

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Movies are something that almost everyone loves to watch. May it be a comedy, a romance, a horror. It engages us for 3 hours that it lasts and leaves us feeling happy or sad or sometimes frustrated that we spent so much money on such a bad movie. Movies are…

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10 Must Watch English Animation Movies


“I am home!”The house is eerily silent. “ Mom?” I close the door behind me and the sound of the door shutting echoes around the hall. “ Mom, where are you?” I await a reply, but the house remains unstirred.  I proceed to the kitchen, trying hard not to make…

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