Top 10 Best PC Media Players 2013


A media player was earlier a term denoted to any computer software that played multimedia files but with the advent of portable device it has even come to encompass the wide variety of android and other open source media players. The media files generally include Audio and Video files with…

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Top 10 Best FPS Games 2013


RPG! Fire in the hole! There’s nothing like a good old gun shooting game. Armed with guns that sling bullets in fictionally insane trajectories and the seriously amazing game universes, First Person Shooter games have evolved like a million folds from the classic shooter video games. From customizing appearances to…

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Mozilla Firefox

Top 10 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons 2013


An ‘add-on’ is termed to be a product that is used to enhance the features of another product. In case of a browser like Mozilla Firefox, an add-on turns out to be a piece of software that customizes Firefox according to our requirements. These requirements can be adding new features…

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Google Chrome

Top 10 Best Windows Browsers 2013

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Web browser is the software which is required to access the web pages on the Internet. With the advancement in the technology everyday new features are being added to the web browsers. There was a time when the majority of the people were using the Internet Explorer for accessing the…

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