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Top 10 Most Expensive Champagnes

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Champagnes are considered as to be the luxury icons. Its association with the royal families has given it lots of fame. There was a time when champagnes were produced for the elites but now it is available in the every corner of the world and so people love to have…

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Top 10 Costliest Pens in the World

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Luxury items can be anything ranging from ships, yacht, cars, to hotels. However to go with these luxury items and to posses what is known as “luxury persona”, one has to has a pen that suits these accessories. Yes you heard it right! Pens are no longer considered as only…

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Top 10 World’s Fastest Cars 2013

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The Need for Speed has been a bait for all the sports car manufacturer in the world. The reigning beauty is Bugatti Veyron although many new releases are in the pipeline which claims to swish past it. Volkswagen owned Tran star is targeting 500 km/h with its Dagger GT roadster…

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Top 10 Elements of Film Making


Film is a colloid art of storytelling. Visuals play an important role in our lives. Films can also be considered for social change. Film is the biggest and best mass medium which reaches to all the masses. Films are something which is remembered, recalled and relished! Film industry provides employment…

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