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Do you ever feel relaxed in the presence of nature- in a garden or a park? Most of us have felt that way. The calmness that nature provides us boosts our moods, decreases our stress level, and makes us healthier.

Does this answer your query to include plants in your home, office? Indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space- home or office, eliminating air pollutants. Just like having snacks, plants provide an effective way to lighten your mood and help you relax. There are multiple benefits of including plants in your office space-


  1. Plants are natural filters- they filter out the toxins from the air. This ensures the place is filled with fresh air. Poor ventilation might result in your teammates getting sick. Headache, nauseous, difficulty in concentration are a few noticeable problems that indicate the need for fresh air. Plants can help you relax when there is stress around the office for meeting deadlines.
  2. Research shows that indoor plants increase productivity. As well as boost creativity. Stress is inevitable and unavoidable in any office. Green- as a color has a soothing effect and can help us relax.
  3. With the modern- contemporary office styles being designed, plants are included in the interior design. Plants help in absorbing excess noise from surrounding.
  4. It not only helps you boost your overall appeal of the office. A glance at the plant around the edges.
  5. In this era of fast growing world where technology and humans walk hand in hand, multiple offices have no natural light. Such office spaces have no appeal and it is quite tricky to work in such places- plants can be considered in such conditions.


Adding a touch of green has proved to be a benefit to wealth as well as mental health. Here’s a list of few plants which will help you choose one for your office desk-


  1. Peace Lily- Also known as Spathiphyllum, is one of the common classic indoor plants. They can be commonly seen at places like hotels, malls, etc. This plant can live under indirect light and needs only little water to thrive. Do not overwater your plan!
  2. Air plants- Also called Tillandsia, is an easy going plant. They do not need soil at all to live. They are considered to be the trendiest home decor plants. You can put the plant in a jar, on rocks, even hang them on a wall with little water.
  3. Jade plants- Crassula ovata is a succulent. These types of plants require less light to survive than other plants.
  4. Lucky bamboo- Bamboo plants when given as gifts are considered to bring luck and fortune. They can survive in any light condition and can thrive in little soil or water.
  5. Cactus- You can always trust a cactus when you are not sure of choosing your desk plant.
  6. Philodendron- The lush, bushy leaves are proven to have a good effect on your health.
  7. Pothos- You can fill your file cabinets, cubicle walls, and shelves with this beautiful vine. You can trim the vines when they get long. They can easily survive in low light.
  8. Spider plants- They are a good room decor. Requiring low maintenance and the capability to grow and thrive in a low lite area makes it one of the office plants.


If you are not satisfied with the list of plants here, you can always look for a plant nursery to help you out. They provide a wide range of plant types. The staff members can help you pick your most desired plant and will also provide you with tips to maintain the plant.


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