Eye Color and Everything it tells us about our Personality

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“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.”-Charlotte Bronte.

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul of a person. Our innermost thoughts, emotions, feelings and the truest desires of our heart are reflected in the eyes. Smiles are believed to be true and heart warming only when they reach our eyes. Love at first sight would not have been possible without looking into ones beloved’s eyes. Relationships can start and end by the depth of the feelings conveyed through just a glance. Eyes are a reflection of our personality and character and just by looking into the eyes one can tell what kind of a person you are. It is a much debated question whether our eye colour have some role to play with our attitudes and personality traits. Scientific credence of this notion is doubted and debated, but some recent psychological studies have established a relation between eye colour and agreeableness. Empirical research has shown that those with lighter coloured eyes tended to be more competitive and less agreeable than people with dark irises. Blue and green eyed people were also found to be more egocentric with a sceptical frame of mind while those with brown eyes were observed to be more altruistic, sympathetic and helpful. Eye colour is scientifically determined through genetics and the amount of pigments present in our eyes. Psychologists have connected eye colour to some personality traits. Here is a brief casual description about all the eye colours and what they could mean about your personality. Take a look and see if they match yours.

1. Black

black eyes

Black is an eye colour associated with mystery, secrecy and magic. People with black eyes are often reckoned to be secretive. They are not able to open up to others as easily and they keep to themselves most of the time. They feel uncomfortable around new faces and it takes a fair amount of time for them to adjust to new surroundings. They do not trust someone easily with their feelings. Therefore falling in love takes a bit of time and lots of self convincing. But once they do fall in love they prove to be very faithful, loyal and trustworthy. Black eyes colour is found very rarely. People who have black coloured eyes actually have extremely dark brown eyes. They are very passionate and loyal especially to their friends and will never let you down. Bearing responsibility comes easy to them and they can be relied upon completely. Their commitment to their work is true and they will not abandon any project they have started, till it is finished and all done to their satisfaction. People with black eyes are very lively and full of passion. They are deeply intuitive and often have psychic tendencies. They are optimists and know how to prove their worth to others. They generally have strong spiritual beliefs are often tend to be argumentative, even when they know themselves to be wrong. They are also not very patient and dislike standing in queues.

2. Blue

blue eyes

Blue eye colour is very attractive and popular. Most find blue eyed people to be more attractive and desirable compared to others. Babies are born with blue coloured eyes due to low amounts of eye pigment just after birth and therefore blue eye colour is often associated with eternal youth, liveliness and beauty. Blue eyes indicate a rational thought process of the individual. Blue eyed people are known to be forceful and direct with immense vitality and a gift for insight and observation. Through research it has been observed that blue eyed people are sweet, sexy and kind. It has also been noted that blue eyed people have long lasting relationships and are pretty, peaceful, kind and smart. They tend to be charming, attractive, and friendly and open with their feelings. Generally not shy, they are very outgoing and bubbly. They are spontaneous and energetic and love to live life to its fullest. They like making others happy and try to help people as much as they can. They expect a satisfying love life and total commitment from their partners. They observe everything in depth.

3. Brown

brown eyes

One of the most common eye colours all over the world, brown eye colour indicates intelligence and kindness. Brown eyed people have large amounts of melanin pigments in their eyes. Brown is a rich and earthy colour and people having brown eyes are believed to be very warm and kind. It represents trust, energy and simplicity. Brown eyed people generally tend to be at the centre of a social gathering. They have strong eye contact skills as they don’t anticipate being looked at as much as blue eyed people. They are very close to nature and being very simplistic, they generally do not have a penchant for materialistic possessions. They are very independent and tend to be self-confident and determined. They can work very hard and are quite grounded. Known to be trustworthy, they are looked upon by others in their lives as a sign of stability and security. Being great lovers, they know how to make their partners feel special and can cheer up someone easily with their great sense of humour. They love making new friends and are generally known to be extroverts. They are polite and caring and very much affectionate about their family. However they can be a bit strong headed at times. Attractive, confident and adorable, they are also very wise and an expert in meting out great advice. Brown eyed people are quite creative and generally possess a great fashion sense.

4. Grey

gray eyes

Grey eyed people are observed to be wise and gentle individuals possessing clarity of mind and a rational and analytical thought process. They are sensitive but possess great inner strength and can easily adapt to the situation at hand. As a result they are sought for resolving disputes as they can understand the problems of both sides and come up with a sensible solution. They are natural leaders though they are the least aggressive. They have a unique personality and love to be busy. They dislike spending time doing nothing and tend to be smart and witty, with a great sense of business. They are not very adventurous and are calm and quiet in nature. They like to be neat and clean though they are not obsessive about it. They prove to be very good secret keepers. With their wise decisions and a practical bent of mind, they easily manage their lives. Gray eyed people are faithful lovers and look for a permanent relationship in their lives. Once they find their soul mates, they love them deeply and can be very romantic.

5. Green

green eyes

People with green eyes are considered to be very mysterious and sexy. Green eyes are very rare. Green eyed people are believed to be vibrant and creative. They can be a little devious sometimes and getting into their bad books may not be a wise decision. They are great speakers and often tend to be very intelligent. They have an incredible zest for life and will not tolerate anyone standing in their way of living life to its fullest. They are passionate lovers and tend to have long relationships. Jealousy is a major characteristic of green eyed people. They tend to get jealous in relationships but can love with more passion than others. They love cheering up people but be ready for a clever retort before saying anything mean to them.

6. Hazel

hazel eyes

Hazel eyed people are spontaneous and will accept a challenge as soon as they see one. Hazel eyes are a mixture of colours-mostly green and brown. More green in the eyes indicates that the person loves being mischievous and more brown indicates that he/she is more approachable to others. They are often observed to be elegant and adventurous. They are adorable, kind and empathetic as long as things go their way. They are courageous and outgoing and prefer to have diversity in their lives. They tend to get mad easily and have a short temper. In their love lives, they tend to keep their relationships brief but can easily woo a person on account of their romantic personalities.


Contributor: Rajasee Chatterjee


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