10 Famous Celebrities that don’t seem to age

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When it comes to Hollywood, red carpets, all the glitz and glamour, constant photo-shoots, stars do have to maintain their looks or they get criticized and slammed by the media for looking haggard or bleary eyed even on an off day. Age or growing never seems to have been accepted by a lot of folks in Hollywood. Everyday we see Celebs getting a little nip and tuck here and a little body reconstruction there, botoxed faces, cat eyes and trout pouts. Is it vanity? Well, we certainly can’t judge. However, there are some celebrities that keep defying their age and have managed to retain their good looks. Good doctors or good genes? Whether it’s a bucket load of money or just great surgeons, some celebs seem to have been drinking from the fountain of youth. It seems spooky sometimes how certain celebrities never seem to age. Look at Gillian Anderson, she seems to have gotten younger after her X files days, Julianne Moore is about 52, yet she looks only 30, a lot of male celebs too, seem to have been frozen in time. If you look at their then and now pictures, you won’t see a difference. Some celebs are just like fine wine, they seem to be getting better with age. Here’s a list of celebrities who are leading the pack when it comes to anti-aging.

10. Mary-Louise Parker

   Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker1

She shot to fame playing the straitlaced, prim and proper Ruth Jamison in the much loved movie, Fried Green Tomatoes and since then it’s been almost 20 years, yet Mary-Louise Parker keeps getting better and better. Now forty six years old, she plays the lead role on Showtime’s Weeds, where she plays a hot mom suburban mom who sells weed to maintain her upper, middle class lifestyle. I defy you to find a better looking 46 year old celebrity. In addition to that, she has appeared in numerous other critically acclaimed movies and just recently she was the subject of a career exhibition at Boston University. The hard working mother credits her good looks to working hard at the gym and a good diet. Well, whatever it is, it seems to be working as she could easily pass for being in her late twenties.

9. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

Best known for playing Sam Seaborn in the television series West Wing and as Sodapop Curtis in The Outsiders, Rob Lowe is one celeb who is getting more and more gorgeous by the day. Mention his name anywhere and women will blurt out, ‘oh he’s gorgeous,’ ‘he never seems to get old.’ He has seen it all, his career took off, then stalled, a few scandals, a sex tape controversy, a nanny lawsuit and now he’s back to his game. Almost 50 years old, he seems to have wrinkle free baby face and a sculpted body. His trainer recently declared that he made huge chances in his lifestyle to attain what women call, perfection. He’s back on the acting scene, playing one of America’s most iconic presidents, John F Kennedy in National Geographic Channel’s “Killing Kennedy”. Apart from that, he does a lot of charity work, becoming a spokesperson for Lee National Denim day fundraiser which raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research and education.

8. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

The epitome of agelessness, Halle Berry has successfully defied age and baffled all of us. In fact, she looks younger than ever before. The 45 year old actress in one of the highest paid celebs in Hollywood and is remembered for that orange bikini, instantly becoming a household name. The former beauty queen and Golden Globe, Emmy and Oscar winning actress recently revealed that is diabetic, which is why she made certain changes in her lifestyles and keeps herself looking young by taking a good diet of fresh fruits and having five meals a day. What’s great is that she hasn’t simply acted in movies for her looks but also became an advocate for women of color. When she received an Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball, she famously accepted it on behalf of, “every nameless, faceless woman of color who now has a chance, because the door tonight has been opened. “Her personal life might be full of drama and controversy, but Halle Berry is constantly lauded for her acting skills and talent.

7. John Stamos

John Stamos

He is best known for playing Jesse Katsopolis on ABC sitcom, Full House and occasionally performed with The Beach Boys playing drums and even appearing in numerous Beach Boys videos. As if that wasn’t cool enough, John Stamos looks just the same he did when he played Uncle Jessie on TV. He has since then exhibited minimal signs of aging, making a lot of people speculate whether he had plastic surgery to keep his looks. The yogurt toting guy actually looks better now, although he is almost 50 years old. A very talented actor, he has appeared in several made- for-television films, stage productions, televisions series and commercials. He has actually spoken out a number of times against plastic surgery so we’ll just have to face the fact that, John Stamos still looks so handsome, probably because of good genes, exercise, a good diet and just plain old luck.

6. Will Smith

Will Smith

No ageless celeb lists can be complete without mentioning Will Smith. The ageless Mr. Will Smith seems to be a cyborg; he hasn’t looked different in 10 years, and looks just the same he did when he played Captain Steven Hiller in Independence Day. Not only that, he is a very successful rapper, actor and producer, having appeared in various Hollywood blockbusters making him a household name. What exactly keeps this 44 year old actor looking so young? Well, according to him, “the key to living a healthy, happy life is running and reading.” He also changes his fitness workout regularly according each movie he does. Well whatever it is, it’s working, either he has a very good plastic surgeon or he’s immortal. Notwithstanding, Will Smith has come a long, ,long way  since playing the punk cousin from the east coast on The fresh Prince of Bel-air. From Fresh prince to King of the box office, Will Smith’s acting roles may have matured but his face certainly hasn’t.

5. George Clooney

George Clooney

Everyone remembers George Clooney as Dr.Doug Ross on the popular show ER. George Clooney, better known as the silver fox and having won ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ title twice, is one ageless wonder. Like fine wine, he seems to be getting better and finer by the age. He is almost 52 and we have seen him as a leading man for decades now, He is also a successful producer, director, having directed Oscar awarded and critically acclaimed movies like, The Ides of March and Syriana. No wonder, women still drool over him. His self-deprecating humor, acting talent, intelligence, a strong imposing face and chiseled jaw is what makes him still attractive to so many women. He has perhaps barely aged at all, sometimes rocking the grey beard, and the gorgeous salt and pepper look. He is also one of the only actors to be nominated for Academy Awards in six different categories. Oh and he is also a humanitarian! Take that, Bono.

4. Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood

He delighted us all as the adorable kid in The adventures of Huck Finn and who can forget his blink and miss appearance in Back to the future? Albeit a small role, he went on to act in several great movies, becoming a successful child actor at 9. However, most of the people know him from his high profile leading role as Frodo Baggins in the grim and ghostly, Lord of the Rings trilogy and its prequel The Hobbit. He has managed to keep his baby face right into adulthood. He has looked the same for the last ten years; the only different thing about him would probably be his haircut. The 32 year old actor regularly works out, perhaps to keep his youthful kooks .He is set to appear as Iggy Pop in a biopic, so let’s hope he nails it.

3. Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci Monica Bellucci1

Ageless in the truest sense of the world, Monica Bellucci is the quintessential Drop Dead Gorgeous Italian Actress. She doesn’t seem to have aged a day, still looking seductive, beautiful and glamorous. Bellucci can perhaps be called a true Hollywood star and icon, having acted in movies from all over the world, from Malena to The Passion of Christ and Tears of the Sun. If you look at her now, you wouldn’t believe this gorgeous Italian beauty is almost going to be 50. She is the epitome of elegance, exuding sophistication and timelessness, appearing in countless fashion magazines and publications and proved just recently in the mesmerizing Dolce and Gabbanna campaign that she is only get sexier by the day. Well, after all she is an Italian just like Sophia Loren, timeless, gorgeous and pure class. Easily, the best looking woman in the world.

2. Bo Derek

It’s been three decades since the lovely Bo Derek rocked that golden swimsuit and a headful of cornrows in the 1979 movie, 10. But Bo Derek, now 56 still seems to be defying time. I mean who hasn’t seen that poster of her romping on the beach in locker rooms and bedrooms? Her hairstyle was so iconic that so many celebs still try to imitate it. In a recent appearance at the MGM HD Hollywood Party in Munich, she still looked just as stunning and beautiful. A natural beauty, you won’t find any duck lips or cat eyes or pillow cheeks on her and Growing old gracefully without any Botox or fillers. Now that is truly timeless.

1. Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter

The beautiful Lynda carter, known for her role as wonder woman in The new adventures of wonder woman is probably the best example when it comes to celebs that don’t age. It’s actually been over 40 years since she played the bullet proof superhero on television and she probably never even realized that her poster would be tacked up on men’s bathrooms. In a series of appearances Lynda Carter looks ageless and stunning, with not a single grey hair in sight. The 62 year old beauty is also a recovering alcoholic so one wonders, however does she still manage to look so good? For many girls growing up in the 70, s she was a superhero, timeless, both powerful and pretty. So I don’t know what she has done but it is worth every single penny. Not to forget that iconic suit in which she deflected bullets with her bracelet, pretty bad-ass!


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