Five Tips for Easy and Quick After-Party Cleaning

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The best part of hosting a house party is spending quality time with your loved ones. And the worst part is tackling those stains, grease, and grime post-celebration. Well, you can relate if you are a frequent party host. You know the struggles during preparation and the hassle later.

So, what should you do to make the de-cluttering process as easy and fast as possible? First of all, keep your calm. Don’t be impatient trying to do the cleaning in one go. Focus on one area at a time and leave a few jobs for the next day.

Here are some tips to have the proper kick-start and finish off the clean-up without wearing out –

  1. Prepare in Advance

If you have dealt with troublesome after-party cleaning tasks, you must have realized how the tools required for the job are never found in your home on time. That is because they are not kept together in one storage space. Remember, every house and party type is unique, so you need to ensure the cleaning products are arranged sensibly for easy access. Microfiber cloth, paper towels, furniture cleanser, garbage bags, brooms, mops, and a few more items come in handy.

  1. Host it Outside

An outdoor post-party cleanup is always easier to deal with than an indoor one. There are no worries about beverages spilling over your expensive carpets or kids breaking your costly decorative items. Most of the outdoor spills don’t even require any cleanup, and even if there are any, you just need a water hose to wash it all off.

  1. Set Up Multiple Trash Cans

Keeping separate bins for different types of items such as used paper plates and napkins, empty bottles, and food leftovers is a no-effort move for the segregation of waste. Doing that encourages your guests to throw garbage in the right bin without having to overflow a single one. This, in turn, saves your time collecting and disposing of the litter from around the house. For a large-scale party, you can consider placing a dumpster.

  1. Use Table Cloths

It is better to rent table linens and napkins, and if you don’t, take one out from your closet and use it. This is going to ensure that your center tables aren’t stained with messy eating and drinking. You can just wipe them and toss the reusable tablecloths in the washing machine for rigorous cleaning. Disposable covers can straightaway go into the trash bin, and you are free of cleaning struggles.

  1. Put Your Dishwasher to Work

If you are too tired to wash dishes by hand, don’t keep the task for the next day. The food bits and gravy stains dry up overnight and become difficult to remove later. And not to forget the stinking smell that spreads throughout the kitchen due to it. So, have your dishwasher resolve this for you. Stack as much dirty dinnerware, bowls, glasses, and crockery items as possible in it and leave them for cleaning inside while you look into the rest of the house.


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